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Power Distribution Equipment
Manufacturers & Services

Companies listed here provide commercial, industrial, and residential equipment and services for power distribution including electrical switchgear, transformers, switchboards, switches & fuses, power & lighting installation, power supplies, and more.

Central Electric (an AZZ Incorporated Company) | 573-642-6811 | Fulton, MO

Manufactures electrical switchgear which distributes electrical power within industrial and commercial facilities.

Controlled Power Company | 800-521-4792 | Troy, MI

Uninterruptible power systems (UPS), voltage regulators, power line conditioners, transformers, distribution systems, rectifiers.

Duraline | 631-234-2002 | Islandia NY

Highway lighting systems, camera lowering systems, fixture lowering systems, GFCI distribution blocks, NEMA distribution blocks, weather-proof power distribution blocks, multi-pin plugs and connectors, power distribution panels, multi-gang 5000v connectors, single/multi-gang 600V connectors, preheat welding systems, temporary lighting systems, firepower systems, specialty molded products.

Easter-Owens | 303-431-0111 | Arvada, CO

Power distribution equipment ranging from customized switchgear to simple copper ground bars and engineering & design services.

Electro National Corp | 601-859-5511 | Canton, MS

Manufactures pressure, rotary stepping & reed switches armature & reed relays, mini & drireeds, current sensors, power distribution panels.

Industrial Motor Power | 800-965-0994 | Los Angeles, CA

Global buyer and supplier of engines, generator sets, power plants, and power equipment accessories. The company locates, identifies, and assesses the current market value of new-surplus and secondary market power generation equipment available. IMP's proprietary database that provides a direct source to products with real-time market intelligence.

Leader Corporation of Indiana | 317-545-4833 | Indianapolis, IN

Power and lighting installation, production and assembly line installation, power distribution | UPS systems, grounding | surge suppression, light commercial, automatic gate | door controls, fire | security system installation, telecommunication cabling systems, fiber optic cabling systems.

Mainstream Electric | 718-519-6961 | Bronx, NY

Provides residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in New York City including receptacles & surge outlets, circuit breakers | fuses, wiring & services, outlets & fixtures, power distribution, generators, security lighting & maintenance, 220 Volts wiring, new commercial, construction, violation correction or removal.

Marathon Special Products | 419-352-8441 | Bowling Green, OH

Manufactures a complete line of terminal blocks and fuse holders.

MPHusky | 864-234-4800 | Greenville, SC

Manufacturer of cable support systems and cable bus power distribution systems.

National Switchgear Systems | 800-322-0149 | Lewisville, TX

Specializes in the service & supply of electrical power distribution equipment in the 600V through 345KV application including circuit breakers and power transformers.

Neeltran | 860-350-5964 | New Milford, CT

Manufactures power distribution transformers, power supplies.

PACS Industries | 516-829-9060 | Great Neck, NY

Manufactures metalclad switchgear, switches & fuses, and offers complete, packaged outdoor substations including as required, transformers, switches, apparatus, etc.

Power Temp Systems | 800-472-1158 | Houston, TX

Power distribution panels & accessories, temporary power centers (TPC's), portable transformers (PT's and GFT's), portable lighting (hazardous and non-hazardous locations), cable assemblies/wire and cable products.

Pulizzi Engineering (now Eaton) | 800-870-2248 | Santa Ana, CA

Manufacturer of AC power distribution and control products.

S&C Electric Company | 800-621-5546 | Chicago, IL

Designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution.

Siemens | Switching devices for load feeders, components for energy distribution, control and signaling devices, complete cubicles systems.

Unipower Corp | 954-346-2442 | Coral Springs, FL

Provides high-density, hot-swap, power solutions to the OEM electronics industry.

VTI | 302-738 0500 | Newark, DE

Specializing in customized industrial control and power distribution applications including low voltage power distribution equipment and electric heating control equipment (including heat tracing and process heat control systems).

everythingRF RF & Microwave Parts Database (h1)
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