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Natural Rubber Bureau Advertisement
February 18, 1950 - The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post
February 18, 1950February 18, 1950 The Saturday Evening Post Cover - RF Cafe

[Table of Contents]  These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the The Saturday Evening Post magazine. Here is a list of the The Saturday Evening Post articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged. 

I don't read contemporary magazines equivalent to The Saturday Evening Post, so I don't know if advertisements like this one by the Natural Rubber Bureau still appear. It was quite common in the post-World War II era for resource companies to promote products used in manufacturing of end-item production - Alcoa aluminum, Bethlehem Steel, Du Pont cellophane, Anaconda brass and bronze, American Gas Association natural gas. What caught my eye in this ad was the right-most picture in the bottom strip. The caption reads, "Flying Squads Fight Bandits - Communist-led gangs of bandits are still a daily menace in some of the more remote parts of Malaya. Here a Flying Squad sets up its Bren gun during a patrol of a rubber plantation." Communist forces have been trying to thwart Capitalism all around the globe for a long time, just as it is today. The difference is that today the Communists adopt a form of Capitalism in order to finance their endeavors. China is a prime example. Remember that Mao Zedong (aka Chairman Mao by his Western admirers), who ruled in China until 1976, ordered the execution of more than 30 million dissidents. The 1989 Tiananmen Square incident where Red Army tanks, caught on film, ran over protestors resulted in an official pronouncement by the government that no one was flattened by tanks. Recently, a U.S. presidential candidate praised China thusly, "If I'm not mistaken, China has made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in history." Let the records show that the dude is, in fact, seriously mistaken. Any "progress" has been the result of Capitalism providing jobs in slave-labor conditions in all but the Potemkin-style showcase locations where The Press is allowed.

More Natural Rubber Means Better Cushioning

Natural Rubber Bureau Advertisement, February 18, 1950, The Saturday Evening Post - RF CafeA new era of comfort is here-thanks to natural rubber! Wherever man rests his weary bones- at home, at work, or going places in cars, trains, planes or busses- he can now be cushioned by an amazing new product of natural rubber - LATEX FOAM! Latex foam is America's No. 1 Cushioning Material - for mattress and all kinds of upholstered furniture.

A new era of comfort is here - thanks to natural rubber! Wherever man rests his weary bones - at home, at work, or going places in cars, trains, planes or busses - he can now be cushioned by an amazing new product of natural rubber - LATEX FOAM! Latex foam is America's No.1 Cushioning Material-for mattresses and all kinds of upholstered furniture. Now used in nearly all trains, planes, busses and automobiles-latex foam is made up of millions of tiny, interconnecting air cells of pure rubber latex. It never sags, mats or gets bumpy - and you can't wear it out! Today - wherever you look for cushion comfort - you'll find latex foam - made from natural rubber.

Natural Rubber - Nature and Science Serving Mankind

Write for Free Booklet - "Convert To Comfort - With Latex Foam". This picture book let tells about this amazing new cushioning material and how you, can use it to reupholster furniture in your home. Write for your free copy to Dept. 502, NATURAL RUBBER BUREAU, 1631 K St., N.W., Wash. 6, D.C.



Posted August 29, 2019

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