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Emerson Radio and Television Advertisement
November 6, 1948 - The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post
November 6, 1948November 6, 1948 The Saturday Evening Post Cover - RF Cafe

[Table of Contents]  These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the The Saturday Evening Post magazine. Here is a list of the The Saturday Evening Post articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Here is an advertisement by Emerson Radio and Television from the November 6, 1948, edition of the The Saturday Evening Post (p128). By 1948, America and the free world was well into the conversion of wartime production back into commercial and consumer products. After many long years of allocating factory space, personnel, and resources to beating back the forces of Communism, Marxism, Socialism, and other evil forms of 'isms," the good times were returning. FM radio broadcasting stations were increasing rapidly in number, providing static-free listening even in areas of weak reception. Television was still a relatively new phenomenon for most households. The tabletop Model 571 "Image Perfection" television carried a price of $299.50 in 1948, which is the equivalent of a whopping $3,186* in 2018!!! No wonder not many home had TV sets back then.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator.

Emerson Radio and Television Advertisement

Emerson Radio & Television Advertisement, November 6, 1948 Saturday Evening Post - RF Cafe

"Emersonize" Your Home ... and Wherever You Go

ROBERT CUMMINGS - Star of "LET'S LIVE A LITTLE" A United California Production Released' by Eagle-Lion Films

You see them "starred" in luxurious movie settings. They grace millions of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices throughout the world. They lighten the way of the traveler. Their exquisite beauty gives well kept promise of super power, unfailing performance, "miracle tone."

There are new 1949 Emerson Radio and Television models for every purpose and every purse. Each is an EXCLUSIVELY designed and marvelously en-gineered creation - mass-produced and sold to you at really economy prices. See them - hear them - and discover how easy it will be to "Emersonize" Your Home and Wherever You Go!

Emerson Radio and Television

For Example ... MODEL 595  $34.95

It is only one of the many new 1949 Emerson Radio compacts, but it is typical in style, tone, performance and value. Model 595 is an AC-DC Superheterodyne in a handsome "Sta Bent" construction walnut veneer cabinet. It employs a "Sealed Unit" Alnico5 PM speaker, enclosed "Super Loop" antenna, illuminated dial, automatic volume control and many other advance engineering features, As modern as tomorrow, it fits harmoniously into any home or office decor. You'll love the sight of it, the sound of it, the ALL RIGHTNESS of every part of it! Truly an IDEAL GIFT for any occasion.

FM-AM EMERSON Model 557 Sensational "noise-conquering" receiver. Embodies very latest of all FM and AM developments. One of several models in this radio class. Amazing value at only $49.95

"Image Perfection" TELEVISION With BIG '52-Square-Inch Screen. Emerson Model 571. "A Theatre in Your Home." Every television advance is here - FM Stati-Clear Circuit, "Miracle" Picture Lock and many other features. Handsome Honduras Mahogany $299.50 cabinet. (Plus Federal tax $1.65 - Installation and Service extra)

EMERSON Phonoradio Consolette Model 576. Radio and phonograph with slide-out automatic record changer. All latest engineering and performance features, Deep, rich tone: Hand rubbed mahogany cabinet. A sensation at only $109.95.

EMERSON PHONORADIO  Model 596. Superb radio and phonograph with automatic record changer, in handsome walnut veneer cabinet. One of several new types. $79.95

EMERSON Portable  Model 560. Self-powered in handsome plastic cabinet, 8½ in. wide. All modern features -with "Miracle Tone." Less batteries, $16.95.

EMERSON 3-Way Personal Portable Model 569. AC-DC and battery operation. Unusual power and tone. Choice of Ivory, Black or Green plastic cabinet. Complete with batteries. $39.95



Posted October 1, 2018

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