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Scott Transformer Company Ad
March 1930 Radio News

March 1930 Radio News

March 1930 Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

1931 Scott All-Wave Superheterodyne Console Radio (RadiolaGuy photo) - RF Cafe

1931 Scott All-Wave Superheterodyne Console Radio (RadiolaGuy.com)

"Art Combines with Precision Engineering," proclaims the Scott Transformer Company advertisement that appeared in a 1930 edition of Radio News magazine. I'm not sure how many radios Scott sold, but a fairly extensive Google and eBay searches turned up only one restored model of the fancy "artistic" cabinet type. Based on the prices in the ad, most people probably could not afford to buy them. According to the BLS* Inflation Calculator, the $703 "Cortez" radio would cost $12,555 in 2023 money. Even the $334 "Cavalier" at an equivalent of $5965 would cost more than many houses in 1930! Black Tuesday had precipitated just a few months prior to this March edition, so all the design and manufacturing accommodations had already been put in place. Plus, publishing lead times were many months in advance so this promotion likely was arranged and paid for before the Stock Market crash in October of 1929. "No station tunes at more than one point on the dial and local stations do not interfere, even to the slightest degree, with distant reception. Four Screen Grid tubes are used in this new Scott Model. Think of it! Four Screen Grid tubes!" Evidently affordable, crappy reception was good enough for the times.

Scott Transformer Company Ad

Scott Custom Built Receivers Advertisement - RF CafeArt combines with Precision Engineering to add laurels of magnificent dignity to those of world-record achievement now held by Scott.

The Scott Custom-Built World Record Receiver is the precision instrument of radio. It is a handmade product of the micrometer, the microscope, the oscillograph, other of the most infinitely accurate measuring and testing devices known to science, and of an inflexible determination that nothing short of absolute perfection in building can ever be productive of complete owner-satisfaction.

The physical and electrical dimensions and characteristics of every part and piece of wire in each individual Scott receiver are determined one by one - not to a tolerance - but to exactness, and made to match one another so perfectly that each completed Scott receiver will stand as a thoroughly qualified example of Scott precision, and as a symbol of the world record prowess which distinguishes Scott Custom-Built Radio from the ordinary.

Scott Transformer Art Combines with Precision Engineering - RF CafeScott Custom-Built World's Record Radio has always been purchased for the sterling qualities of performance its precision engineering has made possible - Bare-nerve sensitivity! Seemingly unlimited power! Ability to bring in the greatest number of far distant stations! Superb, perfectly realistic tone! Positive selectivity! And for its absolute, unfailing dependability!

Scott Custom Built Receivers

Art Combines with Precision Engineering

Now, however, Scott Custom-Built Radio is more than the perfect answer to the prayer of the radio-minded man. It is also the' most beautifully clothed radio in the world. It comes in consoles as fine as the chassis itself; Consoles designed especially for Scott Radio by great artists - consoles such as you have never seen before! Some of them are illustrated on the following pages, where more of the story of Scott Custom-Built Radio is told.

E. H. Scott, designer of World Record Radio - and the laboratory in which all Scott Receivers are handmade to laboratory standards.

There is nothing else in radio like Scott Custom Built Receivers

To bring in 117 programs consistently from 19 stations 6000 to 8000 miles away - all within a period of 13 weeks, is not an ordinary accomplishment. An ordinary receiver could not do it. A Scott Receiver, custom-built to Scott standards of engineering precision did do it, and Scott owners are constantly reporting equally remarkable reception.

The New Scott A-C Shield-Grid 10

This, we believe, is the most powerful broadcast receiver ever designed. It is considerably more powerful than the original Scott World Record Receiver. It brings in most of the distant stations with greater volume than can be used - even in the largest home, and reproduces all stations in a manner that is nothing short of realism itself.

The new Scott A-C Shield-Grid 10 is likewise perfectly selective. No station tunes at more than one point on the dial and local stations do not interfere, even to the slightest degree, with distant reception. Four Screen Grid tubes are used in this new Scott Model. Think of it! Four Screen Grid tubes! The resulting amplification is far, far greater than that obtained in any other receiver we know of. This means sensitivity, power and tone such as you have never experienced before. Everything worth listening to is within easy reach of the new Scott A-C Shield-Grid 10, and so it is in all truth that we say, "There is nothing else in radio like Scott Custom-Built Receivers."

Now, add to Scott precision, performance and dependability, the originality, beauty, richness, fineness and genuineness of Scott Consoles and the last vestige of argument as to which receiver to buy, is gloriously swept away.

The Cortez - an original, authentic, artistic reproduction of 16th Century Spanish furniture. It is impossible to conceive of a more beautiful piece. The price of this model complete is $703.

Scott consoles are not mere cabinets of varied design. They are not merely things of wood, made to conceal a radio mechanism. Rather, they are studied creations, each designed to comply perfectly with a definite requirement of interior decoration. Nor are they made as ordinary consoles are made. Indeed not. They are handmade, like Scott Receivers, with just as much care and quality given to the unseen parts as to their fronts.

The five models illustrated on these two pages and the other shown on the next page are typical. The Cortez, shown at the left, is authentically Spanish. The romance and lavishness of the 16th Century Spanish Court is in every minute detail of its construction and finish. Its beautiful matched burls, its smooth, perfect inlays and carvings, its gorgeous hand-tooled leather panels and rich, genuine hand-wrought iron trim add to its fine construction to give the Cortez a proper place in a room suited to the introduction of a Spanish motif.

In sharp contrast to the Cortez there is the Scott Moderne, illustrated at the right. This model is very nearly futuristic and will exactly suit the requirements of living room or den stressing the modern note.

A Model for Every Requirement

In between the Cortez and the Moderne there are more than a dozen other equally original Scott consoles. Some that portray the early English, French and German trends and others that can be described only by saying that there is nothing else in radio quite like them. Whatever your requirements are - whatever your taste may be, there is a Scott Console - a genuine, individual, original work of art, to completely and perfectly suit that requirement or taste.

The next page contains a coupon which will bring you complete information and large photographs of all Scott Custom-Made Consoles. It also tells about another new Scott development - the final requisite of radio pleasure.

The Lancaster. at the left. is another typical example of Scott cabinet artistry. The price complete is $345.

This is the Moderne, a true interpretation of the ultra-modem in fine furniture design. Note its severe straight lines, yet how these lines are relieved to graceful softness thru cleverness in the panelling. The Moderne complete is $351.

The Orleans, at the left, is a Jacobean Cabinet which successfully catches the rich stateliness and sublime dignity of the Renaissance period. The price complete is $353.

The Cavalier, above. is authentically Puritan. The precious woods of which it is made, as well as its fine carvings, give the Cavalier an air of unusual distinction. The price complete is $334.

Above you see the Abbey, a glorious bit of Old English furniture work, thoroughly suggestive of the fine things which characterized the period it so faithfully represents. Massive carvings, deep design and sturdiness characterize the Scott Abbey. The price complete is $521.

Touch a Button - There's Your Station!

Only a thin cord connects the Scott Remote Control to the Scott Receiver. Yet what wonders go on inside this little cord. It carries the wish of the bridge-player, - the bed-ridden, or the reader from his place of quiet to the Scott Receiver and causes the receiver to instantly reproduce the chosen program at the mere touch of a button. You have never experienced the delights of real remote control until you see this one in operation.

The world record performance and the outstanding beauty of Scott Custom-Built Radio are sufficient in themselves to decide anyone's preference for these fine receivers. But Scott also offers you perfected, practical, positive remote control!

Sit at leisure, any distance from your Scott Receiver, push the button for the station you choose - and there it is, instantly! Regulate the volume with a tiny knob on the control case. Switch from station to station by simply pushing buttons.

Nothing Else Like It

The Scott Remote Control actually does the tuning itself. The condensers in the receiver do not move when the control is being used. There are no motors, no relays, nothing in fact to get out of order or to become inaccurate. The cord connecting the Remote Control to the receiver is no thicker than a lamp cord. Nor does the Scott Remote Control interfere with the regular dial-tuning of the receiver. Either the dial or the Control may be operated at will by turning a switch one way or the other.

Clip the coupon and mail it now for full particulars of this truly amazing new radio development.

(Exclusive Representative in Detroit - Scott Radio Salon, 306 Book B



Posted June 23, 2023
(updated from original post on 2/20/2014)

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