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RCA Electron Tubes
November 1951 Radio & Television News

November 1951 Radio & TV News
November 1951 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

I like the tag line RCA (Radio Corporation of America) chose for this 1951 advertisement pitching their vacuum tubes: "Electron tube with a military mind." However, what really caught my attention was the illustration that borrows the "ship in a bottle" (see example) theme. A lot of younger people might have no idea what is being alluded to given easy access to cheaply manufactured faux examples. Modern manufacturing techniques makes it relatively simple to form a bottle (especially a plastic one) around a pre-built ship model. The original technique required preparing much of the model as possible ahead of time, and then inserting the individual pieces through the narrow bottle neck and performing assembly using long nosed pliers and/or tweezers. A lot of preparation, patience, and skill is required to make a fine looking model. Maybe the advertisement creators stumbled upon this appropriate analogy to the challenging job it was to supply America's war machine with high performance and reliable tubes, and their intention was merely a juxtaposition of its vacuum tube product line with the myriad kinds of equipment that they helped the Allies ultimately secure victory over Axis powers.

RCA Electron Tubes Advertisement

RCA Electron Tubes, November 1951 Radio & Television News - RF CafeElectron tubes are the nerve ends of military intelligence - in systems set up and maintained by RCA Service Company field engineers.

Electron Tube with a military mind

With the rapid advance of airplanes, tanks, fast ships, and mechanized weapons of war, a swift, sure means of communication and detection is as important as are the new weapons themselves. It is provided - by electron tubes and electronics.

So important is this area of military intelligence that RCA Service field engineers - here and abroad - have lifted their efforts to new peaks. Working with our Armed Forces, they install and maintain such communications systems as short-wave radio and portable radiotelephones. They work with systems of detection, such as radar. They help ships and planes navigate with loran and shoran. These engineers are the link between research developments made at RCA Laboratories - and America's military strength.

The number of RCA field engineers has tripled since World War II. And they serve where needed, wherever an electron tube's "military mind" can be of military use.

See the latest wonders of radio, television, and electronics at RCA Exhibit-ion Hall, 36 West 49th Street, N.Y. Admission is free. Radio Corporation of America, RCA Building, Radio City, N. Y. 20, N Y.

Practical training of military personnel - in classes, factory, and the field - is a basic part of RCA Service Company's work with our Armed Forces.

Radio Corporation of America

World Leader in Radio - First in Television



Posted September 21, 2020

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