RCA Test & Measuring Equipment Advertisement
December 1947 Radio News

December 1947 Radio News
December 1947 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]  These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the Radio & Television News magazine. Here is a list of the Radio & Television News articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Just as the test and measurement equipment manufactures scrambled to produce lines of spectrum, network and communications analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, electromagnetic field sensors, and many other types of products specifically for the cellphone and Wi-Fi industries, companies were scrambling to provide for the needs of FM radio and television development labs and production lines. This 1947 advertisement from Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Test & Measuring Equipment division is an example that appeared in a 1947 issue of Radio News magazine. In fact, TV was so new that just a few months later, in September of 1948, editor Hugo Gernsback changed the publication's name to Radio & Television News. BTW, did you even know RCA made test equipment? It shows up on eBay occasionally.

RCA Advertisement

RCA Test & Measurement Equipment Advertisement, December 1947 Radio News - RF Cafe

Designed for the Better Service Shop ...

RCA's New FM Sweep Generator ... third unit of a revolutionary new line

Provides every signal you need for fast, accurate FM alignment

The WR-53A removes the last element of doubt from FM receiver alignment ... regardless of bandwidth requirements. You bring the recognized advantages of the sweep method of alignment to every FM job - speed, accuracy, and reliability that add up to a perfect job every time, in less time.

It's packed with features to make your work easier. Here's a quick check list:

... i-f center frequency; 8.3 to 10.7 mc ... adjustable i-f sweep width ... internal and external frequency modulation ... rf range continuously variable from 85 to 110 mc ... provides AM or c-w signals ... includes step and fine attenuators ... a scope phase control permits centering of sweep patterns.

With the i-f sweep section, you can align i-f stages by the variable-frequency or visual method. When used with an oscilloscope or VoltOhmyst, you can quickly adjust an FM discriminator circuit by either the visual or single-frequency method. Alignment of r-f, local-oscillator, ratio-detector, and mixer circuits all become simple, routine jobs.

Here's an instrument that's comparable in performance yet half the price of similar laboratory-type equipment. It's a "natural" for the receiver manufacturer's laboratory as well as the radio service shop.

A new bulletin is yours for the asking. Keep in touch with your RCA Test Equipment Distributor.

On The Way - a superior line of test equipment that puts time-consuming service jobs on a profitable, production-line basis ... that anticipates all FM and television needs. Matched styling of all instruments permits attractive, convenient grouping. Watch for announcements of the other units in this new line.

Test and Measuring Equipment

Radio Corporation of America

Engineering Products Department, Camden, N.J.

In Canada: RCA Victor Company Limited, Montreal



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