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National Schools - Television & Radio Electronics Servicing
October 1945 Radio News

October 1945 Radio News
October 1945 Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Many of the technically-oriented magazines in the pre-post-war era were going all out with advertisements promising training for careers for servicemen in the post-war era. This one by National Schools in a 1945 issue of Radio News is a good example. By January of 1945, the attitude of people in America and Europe was that the end of World War II was imminent, and life would soon return to a peacetime normal state. There would be a lot of rebuilding to do in Europe that would drain tech companies of some desperately needed engineers, technicians, and assembly workers. In America, labor markets were flooded with workers hoping to exploit the skills learned and practiced while beating back the forces of Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, and other "isms." Institutions like National Schools offered opportunities for at-home training courses while others provided fully equipped campus facilities, including living arrangements.

National Schools Ad

National Schools - Television & Radio Electronics Servicing, October 1945 Radio News - RF CafeGet Ready for Postwar Radio Electronics and Television Now!

Great strides of. progress have been made during the war. New equipment, methods, uses have been developed. Keep in the lead yourself with modern

Shop Method Home Training

By A Great Established Resident School

Take your place in the forefront of Radio, Television and Electronic progress. Get your share of the new business. War inventions and improvements - walkie-talkies, radar, aircraft control and communications - will quickly be adapted to civilian use. F.M. is winning almost universal acceptance and use.

Everywhere you turn new and important changes in the field of Radio are being put into operation every day. Television is rapidly being perfected. Electronics is being applied to industry and better living. The successful technician must keep up with progress if he is going to be sure of his job - Get ahead in business.

National Schools presents a Radio and Electronic training system geared to the rapid advancement of the industry itself. Here is an exclusive home training system based on the shop methods as practiced in one of the World's foremost vocational education centers - the actual shops and experimental laboratories of this National institution. Send the coupon on the next page for complete details. Only National can bring you this type of training for only National has the shops, equipment and experimental laboratories for the development and extension of the system.

National Schools has been bringing opportunity to ambitious men fo more than a third of a century. Above and to the right are two departments in this great school where modern developments are analyzed to provide National students with first-hand knowledge of short cuts and trade secrets. For full details fill out the coupon.

Use This Modern Electronic Laboratory

The very essence of National Shop Method Home Training is experience. You get to know Radio and Television circuits by building them yourself. You get first-hand knowledge of how instruments work by a sound analysis and construction system.

You build a beautifully toned, high fidelity. long distance modern superheterodyne receiver from the parts furnished with your course. In this way you have a thorough understanding of the super-heterodyne principle.

You learn modulation, beat frequency and signal generation by building yourself a small, operating radio transmitter with National parts. You get to know and understand the process of creating audible signals by electronic means by conducting experiments with a National Audio Oscillator.

You conduct cathode ray experiments to gain a first-hand knowledge of the operation, repair and maintenance of Television equipment. Hundreds of experiments may be performed to g a i n first-hand experience with your National laboratory equipment.

New Equipment

Every day you learn of new types of radios and improved television - new electronic devices. Facsimile, F.M., Radar, Sonor - all present new problems of manufacture, operation and maintenance that demand training and experience. Consider your advantages if you have the necessary preparation to tackle this work.

New Fields

Electronics is already a most important factor in industry. Many manufacturing processes depend on electronic controls - employ electronic processes. In medicine and agriculture too, electronics is being used extensively. Are you ready to cash in on this development in a field that is so close to radio?

New Hook-Ups

The relatively simple wiring of the radio receiver of a few years ago is as out-of-date today as one of the first automobiles. The new Radio and Television sets, and Electronic devices demand a thorough knowledge of new principles. National brings its students the results of continuous research and improved methods.

New Opportunities

Think what all this great progress in Radio, Electronic power and control and Television means to you personally - you who are already in Radio or have a natural inclination toward it. The greatest opportunity of a lifetime is right within your grasp.

Compare the job you now have or expect to get when you are out of service or your present war job with the great future presented you by the broad field of Electronics.

Literally tens-of-thousands of technicians are needed in Radio and Television stations and communications companies all over the country - to operate, maintain and repair equipment. The man who knows modern methods and equipment is welcome almost at his own price.

Latest figures show that Radio represents a 5-billion dollar industry and, in the opinion of experts, it is a secure, well established basic type of business offering steady employment. Television, according to authorities offers half a million openings right at the start. The man trained in modern Electronics can choose the kind of industry he wants - the part of the country he prefers and the kind of position most suitable.

You Want Action

With this amazing speed-up training you can progress just as quickly as you wish - start taking advantage of your new found knowledge and experience in a very short time. Send the coupon below and learn the facts about this great educational development. Tryout the Free Sample Lesson and see for yourself what you can accomplish so quickly and easily with the remarkable Shop Method Home Training.

In a few months-perhaps only weeks - you may start making good money; maybe accept a Big Pay Job in industry - Get into a Profitable Lifetime Business of Your Own, with little or no capital investment.

Take the first step now, Fill out and mail the coupon below.

Get this Book

Here is an interesting forecast of the future of Radio and the opportunities present for you in this, and allied fields right now. It is profusely illustrated and describes the jobs waiting for trained men everywhere. Send the coupon below for your copy.

Here Are Some Samples of Success in Radio by National Graduates

National Shop Method Home Training wins good jobs, independence and security quickly. Take the word of National men who have established records in their favorite Radio, Television, or other branches of Electronics:

Joseph Grumich, Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey writes: "My latest offer was $5,800.00 as Radio Photo Engineer ... but I'm doing well where I am now engaged. I am deeply indebted to National."

Here's a statement from R. R. Wright, Blackfoot, Idaho: "Due to my training at National I was selected to instruct in the laboratory work of Navy and Marines."

From O. K. Ivey, Washington, . D. C . comes this endorsement: "I believe National offers the best course to be had ... Keep up the good work."

Ruben Adamsen, Kearney, Nebraska, National graduate, has two radio jobs - makes double pay as a radio instructor and as engineer at Station KGFW. He writes: "I am proud of my National training and appreciate the cooperative spirit."

Read what hundreds of other enthusiastic students have written about National Training. Send in your coupon today.

National Schools, Dept.

Los Angeles 37, California Est. 1905

National Schools, 10-RN 

4000 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 17, California

(Mail in envelope or paste on penny post card)

Mail me Free the two books mentioned in your ad including a sample lesson of your course. I understand no salesman will call on me.






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Posted December 3, 2021

everythingRF RF & Microwave Parts Database (h1)
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