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April 1954 Radio & Television News

April 1954 Radio & TV News
April 1954 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

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You wouldn't know it from the lineup of Crosley Corporation radios and turntables appearing in department stores, but the company also manufactures dishwashers, ranges and freezers, clothes washers and dryers, and air conditioners. That is still a small chunk of what Crosley, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, made back in the middle of the last century, including cars and trucks, a small private airplane (the Moonbeam), television sets and even had a television broadcast station, as well as other items that were part of the mainstream of American life. Take a look at their About Crosley webpage for more insight. Amazingly, along with the extensive line of retro radios and turntables, they still also make a few models of full-size jukeboxes. This full-page advertisement for Crosley TVs appeared in a 1954 issue of Radio & Television New magazine. BTW, that $139.95 price in 1954 is the equivalent of $1,350 in 2020 dollars (per the BLS) - for a 17" black and white low-resolution (525 scan lines) set! 

Crosley TV Ad

Crosley TV, April 1954 Radio & Televsion News - RF CafeNow you can say "Nuts" to the usual TV summer sales slump! Revolutionary New Crosley Super-V Means Sales Action Now!

Here's the set the industry said couldn't be built. Crosley's gone ahead and built it!

Crosley Super-V is Different Outside!

It's the most compact EV set ever designed. Fits in places you couldn't think of putting other set, makes it possible to have TV in any room!

Crosley Super-V is Different Inside!

The chassis is designed so you can replace every tube from the back. Or you can easily slide the cabinet off to expose the whole works.

A triumph of Crosley's 33 years' electronic research (walnut-finished)

Featured on "Your Hit Parade" starting in March on NBC-TV Network

17-Inch Super V

Retail prices start at $139.95 (walnut finished) Coast to Coast

• Portable - light enough to carry, small enough to handle. Take it anywhere.

• Takes up to 1/3 less space than other 17" TVs - fits where other sets won't. /p>

• Super-Vertical Circuit pulls in brilliant picture - is easier to service.

• Front all screen-controls on the side.

• Choice of 3 finishes (mahogany, walnut, blond).

• Full-Year Warranty on picture tube - 90 days on chassis parts.

• Rolling off Crosley production line in volume-priced for profit and action now!

You Make a Good Profit on Every One - And You Can Have All You Want! Call Your Crosley Distributor Now!

You can sell them better on a Crosley



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