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September 1968 Radio-Electronics

September 1968 Radio-Electronics

September 1968 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

I checked out the printed circuit board maze and, as implied, all those beginning paths lead to $. RCA (Radio Corporation of America), along with other companies like NRI (National Radio Institute), and CIE (Cleveland Institute of Electronics, all had a unique angle. Every company attempts to pique interest in its products and/or service by creating buzzwords such as, in RCA's case, AUTOTEXT. AUTOTEXT is "a system of programmed instructions, a method of learning provided with thousands of students. This beginning source in electronics is accurately planned so that as you read a series of statements, questions, and answers, you learn almost without realizing it. It's fast! It's easy! It's fun!" Learning by osmosis. What more could an aspiring technician ask for?

See also How to Become a 'Non-Degree Engineer in the May 1966 Electronics World, Cleveland Electronics Institute Electronics Slide Rule Advertisement in the August 1967 Electronics World, RCA Institutes Advertisement in the June 1969 Electronics World, and Engineering Level Opportunities for You in the February 1970 Popular Electronics.

RCA Institutes Advertisement

RCA Institute AUTOTEXT - RF CafeThere's more than one road to success.

An integrated circuit enlarged several thousand times

RCA Institutes can help find the one best for you!

Are you trying to find your way through a maze of career possibilities? Find out how RCA Institutes can start you on your way toward a well paying job in electronics. Send the attached card today!

Learn electronics at home faster, easier, almost automatically - with RCA AUTOTEXT

Are you just a beginner with an interest in the exciting field of electronics? Or, are you already earning a living in electronics and want to brush-up or expand your knowledge in a more rewarding field of electronics? In either case, AUTOTEXT, RCA Institutes' own method of Home Training will help you learn electronics more quickly and with less effort, even if you've had trouble with conventional learning methods in the past.

RCA Institute Advertisement Maze - RF CafeThousands of Well Paid Jobs Are Open Now to Men Skilled in Electronics!

Thousands of well paid jobs in electronics go unfilled every year because not enough men have taken the opportunity to train themselves for these openings. RCA Institutes has done something positive to help men with an aptitude and interest in electronics to qualify for these jobs.

Home Study can Train You for Rewarding Career Opportunities

To help fill the "manpower gap" in the electronics field, RCA Institutes has developed a broad scope of Home Training courses, all designed to lead to a well paying career in electronics in the least possible time. You also have the opportunity to enroll in an RCA "Career Program" exclusively created to train you quickly for the job you want! Each "Career Program" starts with the amazing AUTOTEXT Programmed Instruction Method. And, all along the way, your program is supervised by RCA Institutes experts who become personally involved in your training and help you over any "rough spots" that may develop.

Variety of Kits Are Yours to Keep

To give practical application to your studies, a variety of valuable RCA Institutes engineered kits are included in your program. Each kit is complete in itself, and yours to keep at no extra cost. You get the new Programmed Electronics Breadboard for limitless experiments, including building a working signal generator, multimeter, and a fully transistorized superheterodyne AM receiver.

Only from RCA Institutes - Transistorized TV Kit - Valuable Oscilloscope

All students receive a valuable oscilloscope. Those enrolled in the Television program receive the all-new transistorized TV Kit. Both at no extra cost and only from RCA Institutes.

RCA Institute AUTOTEXT - RF CafeChoose the "Career Program" That Appeals Most to You

Start today on the electronics career of your choice. Pick the one. that suits you best and mark it off on. the attached card.

• Television Servicing

• Telecommunications

• FCC License Preparation

• Automation Electronics

• Automatic Controls

• Digital Techniques

• Industrial Electronics

• Nuclear Instrumentation

• Solid State Electronics

• Electronics Drafting

Advanced Training

For those already working in electronics, RCA Institutes offers advanced courses. You can start on a higher level without wasting time on work you already know.

Unique Tuition Plan

With RCA Institutes Training, you progress at your own pace. You only pay for lessons as you order them. You don't sign a long-term contract. There's no large down-payment to lose if you decide not to continue. You're never badgered for monthly payments. Even if you decide to interrupt your training at any time, you don't pay a single cent more.

Classroom Training Also Available

If you prefer, you can attend classes at RCA Institutes Resident School, one of the largest of its kind in New York City. Coeducational classroom and laboratory training, day and evening sessions, start four times a year. Simply check "Classroom Training" on the attached card for full information.

Job Placement Service, Too!

Companies like. IBM, Bell Telephone Labs, GE, RCA, Xerox, Honeywell, Grumman, Westinghouse, and major Radio and TV Networks have regularly employed graduates through RCA Institutes' own placement service.

Send Attached Postage Paid Card Today. Free Descriptive Book Yours Without Obligation. No Saleman Will Call. .

All RCA Institutes courses and programs are approved for veterans under the New G.I. Bill.

RCA Institutes, Dept. RE-98

320 West 31 st Street,

New York, N. Y. 10001

Accredited Member National Home Study Council




Posted August 31, 2018


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