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Howard W. Sams & Co. Photofact
April 1962 Radio-Electronics

April 1962 Radio-Electronics

April 1962 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This Sams Photofact (founded in 1946) advertisement from a 1962 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine is a good example of why the company's electronics product service packets were so highly regarded. A couple other competitors came and went in the decades of the twentieth century, but Sams kept on because of their reputation. In fact, Sams Technical Publishing is still in business today! By 1962, the electronics industry was in the beginning stages of transitioning from vacuum tube amplifiers and rectifiers to solid state equivalents, and from point-to-point wiring to printed circuits. The illustrations created by Sams artists for point-to-point component hookups were very high quality (as were the ones created by Popular Electronics magazine), and as can be seen here, those for printed circuits were equally good. One and two sided printed circuit boards (PCBs) were the rule in the day, and sweeping curvy trace lines with big round soldering pads were used - partly because they were easy to create, and because the absence of sharp points eliminated peeling points. The adhesion of the metal foil to the PCB substrate material was not all that great, and a combination of excessive heat and pressure applied to the traces during the soldering process (using a soldering iron or gun) routinely caused separation. Trace repair kits were always on-hand for repairmen and hobbyists building a kit.

BTW, if you happen to know anything about the "PEET" program mentioned at the bottom of the page, please let me know. I cannot find information about it anywhere.

Howard W. Sams & Co. Photofact Ad

Howard W. Sams & Co. Photofact, April 1962 Radio-Electronics - RF Cafeexclusive in Photofact the world's finest electronic service data

famous Howard W. Sams CircuitTrace® and Servicing Aids!

handiest, most-complete data ever published to speed and simplify servicing - equally useful for troubleshooting in the home or on the bench ...


exclusive Sams standardized, uniform system for fastest, easiest printed board trouble-shooting ...

Here's how CircuitTrace® works: All test points are clearly shown on the schematic and each is plainly coded (see illustration at left). The same test points are similarly coded on the printed board photo (see illustration at right) so you instantly know where to make your measurement! No more costly hunting for test points ... no more guesswork ... no need to look at both sides of the board - identifies tubes, transistors, and foil connections of parts throughout circuits. CircuitTrace® makes printed board servicing a breeze!

Time-Saving Service Aids for field or shop

Valuable instructions for making all necessary adjustments in the home, locating fuses, removing safety glass, etc.

Tube layouts of top and bottom of chassis show sync and sound paths, tube keyways, fuses, rectifiers, etc. Helps you trace signal path to localize the trouble.

Points out probable causes of common troubles, tells you which tubes to replace to correct the symptom. Also shows series-string filament connections.

You get step-by-step procedure for removing chassis, CRT, speakers, knobs, hidden bolts and connections. Avoids parts damage - saves valuable time.

Detailed instructions help you solve the troublesome problem of adjusting the horizontal circuits (oscillator, linearity, and width) - avoids guesswork!

These are just a few of the dozens of great features in Photofact for fastest, easiest, most profitable servicing.

See your Sams Distributor for full details on an Easy Buy Library or Standing Order subscription!

Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Membership in "PEET"?

Join the thousands who have qualified and profited by membership in the "PEET" Program. If you now own a Photofact Library or plan to own one, you can apply for membership. It's the only program designed to build powerful public acceptance for you, which means increased business and profits. You get dozens of free promotional aids. Benefits cost you absolutely nothing if you qualify. Ask your Sams Distributor for the "PEET" details or mail coupon today.

Powerful national advertising monthly in TV Guide now carries the  "PEET" message to over 8,000,000 TV families. building dynamic support and demand for the services of "PEET" members. Now more than ever it pays to qualify as a "PEET" member!

Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., Dept. 6-D2

1724 E. 38th St., Indianapolis 6, Ind.

_ Send me full details on how I can qualify as a member in the "PEET" Program.

_ Send Free Photofact Cumulative Index

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Zone ____ State _______________

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Posted June 17, 2024

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