Sprague Trading Post
August 1945 Radio-Craft

August 1945 Radio-Craft

August 1945 Radio Craft Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Craft, published 1929 - 1953. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Have you been looking for a Zenith Radio Nurse, a Superior Speedometer Multitester, or maybe a Clough Brengle 3" Oscilloscope? Perhaps you happen to have a wireless phono oscillator, a Weston 722 radio, or a Dumont 3" model 164E oscilloscope for sale. In either case, the Sprague Trading Post would have been the place to go in the mid 1940s, when the company paid good money in Radio-Craft magazine to host a swap shop for electronics hobbyists and professionals. Vacuum tubes, radios, test equipment, and related items were offered and requested. Sprague was/is a major manufacturer of capacitors, so they probably figured some of the equipment would need replacement capacitors which traders would buy from them out of appreciation for the venue. Nowadays, we just go to eBay.

Sprague Trading Post

Sprague Trading Post, August 1945 Radio-Craft - RF CafeA Free Buy-Exchange-Sell Service for Radio Men

Sprague TC Tubulars

The most famous, most widely used bypass capacitors in the entire history of Radio. Ask for them by name!

"Not a Failure in a Million!"

Your Own Ad Run Free!

This is Sprague's special wartime advertising service to help radio men get needed parts and equipment, or dispose of radio materials they do not need. Send your ad today. Write plainly or pring - hold it to 40 words or less. Due to the large number received, ads may be delayed a month or two, but will be published as rapidly as possible.

Sprague reserves the right to reject ads which do not fit in with the spirit of this service.

Harry Kalker, Sales Manager

Dept. RC-85, Sprague Products Col, North Adams, Mass.

Jobbing Sales Organization for Products of the Sprague Electric Co.

Sprague Condensers

Koolohm Resistors

Obviously, Sprague cannot assume any responsibility, or-guarantee goods, services, etc., which might be exchanged through the above advertisements



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