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National Schools Radio Television & Electronics Training Ad
September 1945 Radio-Craft

September 1945 Radio-Craft

September 1945 Radio Craft Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Craft, published 1929 - 1953. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

It wasn't all that long ago that deadlines for magazine printing cycles were measured in months - unlike today where electronics on-demand printing has cut lead times to weeks and even days. Accordingly, this National Schools advertisement pitching "after the war" training in electronics servicing that appeared in the September 1945 edition of Radio-Craft magazine was likely designed and submitted two or three months ahead of the publication month (e.g., in June or July). How could they be so sure that their scarce advertising dollars wouldn't be wasted? Simple. By that time, the entire country seemed to have a sense that World War II would come to an end soon since Hitler's, Mussolini's, Tojo's, and other Axis Powers' forces were under severe stress and suffering profound defeats in every theater. Surrender was deemed imminent. It was as if word had leaked earlier in the year that Little Boy and Fat Man were under construction and about to deliver the debilitating and psychologically devastating blow that would finally end the saga. It turns out they were correct.

Make More Money in Radio Television & Electronics

National Schools Radio Television & Electronics Training Ad, September 1945, Radio Craft - RF CafeGet These 2 Big Books Free!

You men already in Radio know how great the demand is for trained, experienced servicemen, operators and technicians. You know how fast the field is growing and how important it is to keep up with developments - F.M. Receivers, Electronics and Television. You know. too. a fellow cannot learn too much about any industry for Real Success. Whether you have experience or are merely interested in radio as an amateur, you must recognize the wonderful opportunity right within your grasp to cash in on your natural abilities. Make them pay dividends. Get into the expert radio service field. Be an F.M. and television specialist - own a business of your own, if you prefer. Fill out and mail the coupon below for all the details of our plan.

Here's Just a Few of the Interesting Facts you Learn with the FreeManual.

1. Routine for diagnosing Radio Troubles.

2. Preliminary Inspection of Receivers.

3. How to Check Power Supply.

4. How to Identify Various Stages of Receiver.

5. How to Trace the Circuit and Prepare Skeleton Diagram.

6. How to Test and Measure Voltages.

7. How to Test Speaker in Audio Stages.

8. How to Test Detector, I. F., R.F., and Mixer Stages.

9. Complete Reference Table for Locating Receiver Toubles.

Get the Latest Inside Information - Short-Cuts - Trade Secrets by

Shop Method Home Training

From a Real Established Resident School 

Now the famous National Schools brings its exclusive Shop-Method of training right into your own home. You can learn the most up-to-date, approved projects, systems and circuits step by step in your spare time. This is the sound practical training you want and need - the development of experienced instructors working with thousands of students right in shops, new F.M. broadcast studios and experimental laboratories of National Schools -

one of the most advanced trade educational centers in the world.

National Trained Men Now Making the Best Money in History

The real value of National training shows up on the quick progress our men make on the job.

Incomes. that seemed fantastic only a short time ago are now being reported by National graduates. And this is only a sample of what the future holds for the man who knows radio, electronics, F.M., television and allied subjects. National is proud of the progress its graduates are making all over the world. Read the facts - the actual proof in the books we send you free.

Be Sure of Your Success And Security After the War

Don't let your post-war ambitions lag. Don't let your future depend on others. Build a career for yourself. Never in all history has the .returning serviceman, or war worker been confronted with such a great future if he reaches out and grasps it now. Here is a new world opening before you. Get ready now while you are still in uniform - while you are on your war job. Then you can soon step into an essential, well paid position or, with little capital, get into business for yourself. It isn't a bit too soon to start now. Radio men are vitally needed. Fill out and mail the coupon immediately and examine the National Shop Method Home Training Course carefully, without obligation.

Learn by Doing

Work with Real Experimental Equipment Furnished without Extra Cost as Part of Your National Training

Experience is the best teacher. You learn by experience with the exclusive National Shop-Method of Home Training. In the course of your study you actually build various types of receivers - a powerful superheterodyne, a signal generator, an audio oscillator and others - You make tests and conduct experiments that show you the why and how of things. You understand what makes the various elements of electronics operate because you actually see them work for you. Not only do you gain marvelous experience by this method of learning but you receive valuable equipment you will use on the job in the practice of your profession as an electronics expert. Mail the coupon and learn what this means to you.

Free Lesson Included

Examine the exclusive National Shop Method of Home Training. See for yourself how sound and practical it is. Be convinced that you can learn Radio, Electronics Television - Quickly and easily in your spare time. You can't tell until you try. This trial is absolutely free. Fill out the coupon immediately while you are thinking about it and drop it in the mail at once.

Mail the coupon here for the books that tell you the complete story of the marvelous new system of training in Radio, Electronics and Television. Learn the facts of this exclusive shop-method of home training. See for yourself! Decide for yourself!

This is the modern system of training: it matches the rapid progress constantly being made in Radio, Television and Electronics. It is time tested, too. National Schools has been training men for more than a third of a century. It is the very same training that has helped thousands to more pay and greater opportunity ..

You owe it to yourself - your future - to read the book "Your Future in Radio. Electronics and Television" - Free to you when you send in the coupon.

National Schools

Los Angeles 37, California Est. 1905

Mail Opportunity Coupon for Quick Action

National Schools, Dept. 9-RC

4000 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 37, California.



Posted June 22, 2022
(updated from original post on 8/29/2014)

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