May 1943 Popular Mechanics

May 1943 Popular Mechanics
May 1943 Popular Mechanics - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early mechanics and electronics. See articles from Popular Mechanics, published continuously since 1902. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Dubiously attributed to carnival showman P.T. Barnum, the saying that "There's a sucker born every minute" seems to have been the case since the beginning of time. Recall that Adam ate of the apple pitched by Eve, shortly after she had been beguiled by the serpent. Things went downhill from there. Spies engaged in espionage have also been in plentiful supply throughout the history of mankind. Amongst other things, they procure ideas conjured up by other men's minds by hook or by crook, then use that knowledge themselves or sell it to interested parties - who often solicited the services of the spy in the first place. Most acts of deceit and trickery are carried out in secret, out of public view; however, sometimes the perpetrators of cunning and wile boldly exercise their craft in the open. Such was (is) the case of many (maybe most) offers to assist garage, basement, backyard, attic, etc., inventors in obtaining a patent for their inventions. Promises of fame and/or fortune are purchased for the paltry sum of a few hundred dollars (thousands, today). Magazines such as Popular Mechanics (to wit this May 1943 issue), Science and Mechanics, and Mechanix Illustrated, all of which appeal(ed) to fathers, husbands, sons, boyfriends - and even some girls - were loaded with advertisements by companies making such offers. Stories abound of poor saps yielding up details of their inventions to total strangers, only to later learn that, son-of-a-gun, somebody else must have thought of the same thing and got the item patented before theirs could be submitted to the patent office. Darn bad luck.

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2100 Needed Inventions (May 1943 Popular Mechanics) - RF Cafe2100 Needed Inventions

The secret of successful inventing is in knowing what to invent! That's why this remarkable new book by Raymond yates, noted science editor and inventor, should be yours. It not only proves you don't have to be a genius to be an inventor. It shows how some of the simplest ideas like the paper clip and clamp fruit jar top made huge fortunes. Mr. Yates gets you started by describing 2100 needed inventions - practical money-making suggestions that are crying to be invented - each group neatly classified, such as Radio, Electrical. Aviation, Chemical. Also describes 10 most needed inventions - 39 inventions U. S. needs most to win war. Order 2100 needed inventions now and know what manufacturers want before you waste time on impractical inventions! Special chapters included on Uncle Sam's call for wartime inventors. Also shows how to develop and protect ideas! Send No Money. On delivery pay postman $2.00, plus C.O.D. postage. Money back if not satisfied. Order today from Wilfred Funk, Inc., Dept. 15, 354 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. **** Inventors Get Free Copy

Patent and Sell Your InventionNow Is the Time to Patent and Sell Your Invention

Now, more than ever before, is the right time to patent your invention. Why? Because manufacturers everywhere presently engaged in war production are looking ahead to the future by buying up patent rights now, so they will have new and attractive items to make and sell for civilian consumption as soon s the war is over. This is what happened during and after the last war. Hence, the smart thing for you to do is to look ahead to the future too. Protect your invention by applying for a patent now, so you will be in position to cash in on an outright sale, or on the royalties your invention will bring.

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Our "Patent Guide for the Inventor" answers many important questions concerning Patents that inventors constantly ask. It tells what facts, details, drawings, sketches, etc. are necessary to apply for a Patent; how to protect your invention through dated and witnessed disclosure; how to do this at once to safeguard your rights; how Patent Office Records can be checked to determine whether the invention is probably patentable before filing fees need be paid; discusses costs involved and a practical way these can be paid as the application progresses. It tells how some inventors secured financial backing; how many simple inventions have proved large commercial successes; how Patents covering improvements also can be profitably utilized and marketed; tells countless other facts of interest.

Why You Need Expert Assistance

The Patent Laws were enacted for your benefit - to give you protection for the features of your invention which are Patentable. But these features must be legally and concisely set forth in the form of "claims." This phase of the procedure is so complex that the Patent Office advises the Inventor to engage a competent Registered Patent Attorney. We maintain a large staff - carefully trained registered patent attorneys - expert draftsmen - experienced searchers - to serve you. We have been serving inventors for more than 20 years.

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With the Patent Guide you will receive also Free a "Record of Invention" form which will enable you at once to establish the date of your invention, before you file your Patent application. This step costs you nothing yet may be vital to your success. Remember - in Patent Matters, action is important. Delay can be costly. Mail the coupon in an envelope, or paste it on a penny postcard now.

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Patent Guide Shows What to Do (May 1943 Popular Mechanics) - RF CafeWanted •• Ideas Inventions Patents

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Today's Patents Will Help to Shape Our Lives After Victory! (May 1943 Popular Mechanics) - RF CafeToday's Patents Will Help to Shape Our Lives After Victory!

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Things that men have dreamed of ... and figured might be achieved ten, twenty years hence ... are in the minds of inventors Now ... and will become realities when the War is won. Revolutionary developments in radio ... the miracles of the electronic tube ... will come into being, along with the host of those indispensable "little things" such as have in the past made fortunes for their originators. Today is the time to prepare for tomorrow!

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For nearly a half century, this great firm of Registered Patent Attorneys has been helping. men Just like you. They offer advice on just how to go about getting a United States Patent ... the valuable monopoly that gives you "exclusive right to make, use or sell" your invention. Professional inventors invariably secure their patents through a Registered Patent Attorney ... follow their example ... it's the surest, most successful way!

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64 pages of facts, illustrating and describing 115 mechanical movements, step-by-step procedure on how to get your patent ... and practical hints on how to market it. These books have set many inventors on the pathway to success in invention. Free offer also includes "Evidence of Invention" form.

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When the war is won and manufacturers push and shove to get new peacetime products into the hands of an eager buying public, your invention may be more valuable than you ever dreamed possible. Use this "priority-time recess" to prepare and prosecute your patent now so it will be ready when the great day dawns!

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Inventors This Book and Invention Record (Cost You Nothing) (May 1943 Popular Mechanics) - RF CafeInventors This Book and Invention Record (Cost You Nothing)

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How to Protect, Finance and Sell Your Invention

Our Free Book and other literature available to our clients - gives you complete details on how to "ready" your invention for money-making. It tells you bow others did it - who they went to for finances - how they arranged partnerships - how they made contacts with manufacturers - how they dictated royalty arrangements - how much money they made - how you can find a market. Our new Free Book discloses sources of quick revenue if your invention is patentable and saleable with profit possibilities.

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The first step in getting your invention ready for market is to make a dated record of it on our "Invention Record" Form. This Form properly filled out and witnessed will be invaluable to you later in establishing the date of your invention should need for such evidence arise. We will be glad to send you our "Invention Record" and have it witnessed in this office when you return it with disclosure of your device. This service costs you nothing - and it immediately puts you on record as the originator of your device.

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We have many letters in our files from manufacturers requesting inventions. Today's demand for new devices is tremendous - added to by emergency needs. Protect your invention now with a U. S. Patent. By acting promptly you may prevent another inventor getting in ahead of you at the Patent Office here in Washington. The first step is to make a sketch and description of your invention on our "Invention Record," have it witnessed and mail it to us. We will then make a Search of the U. S. Patent Office files to ascertain whether we can get patent protection for you. This is a step you should make Now - before another steps in ahead of you and walks away with a patent.

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Inventors (May 1943 Popular Mechanics) - RF CafeInventors

Perhaps you have an invention that can be developed or improved through application of oil hydraulics ... industry's new right hand for exact control of power and movement. You may have an idea which has not been fully developed for lack of trustworthy assistance or proper shop and engineering facilities.. If so, we will be glad to receive, by letter. a general idea of your invention. If it is something upon which we could work with you, arrangements will be made for discussions. If not, we will tell you promptly. In either event. the answer will be honest. (Personal audiences only by letter appointment.) For our financial stability and engineering qualifications refer to Dun & Bradstreet.

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Delay, are dangerous and may be very costly. My personal service assures prompt action, strict confidence, and a minimum of expense. I suggest that you send me a model or drawing. or sketch and description of your Invention, and $5.00. I will make a search and report promptly as to its patentability and send you a copy of my 72-page booklet. Or, if you prefer to read my booklet first, mail the attached coupon at once. I will also send my "Record of "Invention" form. (Over 40 years experience as a Registered Patent Attorney.)

A Personal Confidential Patent Service

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Patent Your Ideas

Send for Free Book

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