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Tektronix Oscilloscope Advertisement
February 28, 1964 Electronics Magazine

February 28, 1964 Electronics

February 28, 1964 Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics, published 1930 - 1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

As with a lot of things, when you have been around test equipment for a long time and new equipment with new features evolve over time, you might forget how things used to be as you come to take the modern stuff for granted. Displaying more than one channel's trace at a time is a good example. When Tektronix introduced the "Automated Display Switching" feature on their model 547 oscilloscope with the 1A1 time base plug-in, its ability to show two sweeps simultaneously was ground-breaking. Prior to that, the user needed to manually switch between input time base units to get the waveform displayed. Monitoring two waveforms at a time required separate oscilloscopes, which, given the massive size of their vacuum tube-based electronics, meant occupying a lot of lab space. Compare that with the Signstek DSO203 Pocket Portable 8 MHz Digital Oscilloscope shown above.

Tektronix Oscilloscope Advertisement

Tektronix 547 Oscilloscope, February 28, 1964 Electronics Magazine - RF CafeTektronix 547 Oscilloscope (thevalvepage.com) - RF CafeHere's a new Tektronix Oscilloscope with Automatic Display Switching

... essentially 2 high-performance instruments combined into one compact package  

Dual-trace display shows the lower trace as an expanded presentation of the intensified portion of the upper trace. Note the bright display of small spot size and uniform focus over the full viewing area.

Automatic Display Switching

With a Type 547 Oscilloscope - and Type 1A1 Plug-In Unit - you can control either or both traces with either time-base generator. You can operate one time-base unit as a delay generator - hold off the start of any sweep generated by the other for a precise interval from one-tenth microsecond to 50 seconds - and observe both the original display and the delayed display.

Used with the normal sweep, this mode allows an alternate presentation of the same signal at different sweep rates - Channel 1 can be locked to Time Base A and Channel 2 can be locked to Time Base B. In many applications, this provides the equivalent of a dual-beam oscilloscope.

Used with the delayed sweep, as illustrated, this mode allows an alternate presentation of a waveform brightened over a selected portion, and the selected portion expanded to fill the full display area.

With its facility for displaying both time bases alternately or separately, the Type 547 provides high adaptability in displaying waveform phenomena not only in dc-to-50 Mc, 50 mv/cm applications, and in dc-to-28 Mc, 5 mv/cm applications, but also in other specialized applications, when using "letter-series" plug-in units.

For a demonstration, call your Tektronix Field Engineer.

New Type 547 with 1A1 Unit

DC-to-50 MC Dual-Trace 50 mv/cm

DC-TO-28 MC, 5 mv/cm

The Type 547 also uses 17 "letter-series" plug-in units

With Automatic Display Switching, the Type 547 provides two independent oscilloscope systems in one cabinet, time-sharing a single-beam crt. This feature alone should speed up and simplify a wide range of oscilloscope applications. But this unique capability is only one of many technological advancements of the Type 547.

Using the new dual-trace unit, the Type 547 adds new convenience and performance characteristics to display and measurement of high-sensitivity, wideband applications - even under difficult environments of temperature, shock, altitude, and vibration.

And for increased signal-handling versatility, the Type 547 can accept any of the established, up-to-30 Mc passband, "letter-series" units for a wide variety of special-purpose applications.

Some of the Type 547/1A1 Unit Features

No-Parallax Crt - which assures measurement accuracy over the full 6 cm by 10 cm display area.

2 Independent Triggering Systems - which simplify set-up procedures, provide stable displays over the full passband and to beyond 50 Mc, and include bright-line automatic modes for- convenience.

2 Independent Sweep Systems - which provide 24 calibrated time-base rates from 5 sec/cm to 0.1 μsec/cm and three magnified positions of 2X, 5X, and 10X, with the 10X magnifier increasing the maximum sweep rate to 10 nsec/cm.

Calibrated Sweep-Delay - which extends continuously from 0.1 microsecond to 50 seconds, provides jitter-free operation for delayed-sweep presentations.

Single-Sweep Operation - which enables one-shot displays for photography of either normal or delayed sweeps. Horizontal Display Modes - See Horizontal Display Switch, illustrated.

Type 547 Oscilloscope (without plug-in unit) ... $1875

Type 1 A 1 Dual-Trace Unit ... $ 600

Rack-Mount Model - Type RM547 will also be available

U.S. Sales Prices f.o.b. Beaverton, Oregon

Tektronix, Inc.

P. O. Box 500 • Beaverton, Oregon 97005 • Phone: (Area Code 503) Mitchell 4-0161 • Telex: 036-691 • TWX: 503-291-6B05 • Cable: Tektronix Overseas Distributors in 25 Countries Tektronix Field Offices in principal cities in United States. Consult Telephone Directory. Tektronix Australia Pty., Ltd., Melbourne; Sydney • Tektronix Canada Ltd., Montreal; Toronto • Tektronix International A.G. Zug, Switzerland • Tektronix Ltd., Guernsey, C. I. • Tektronix U. K. Ltd., Harpenden, Herts



Posted September 17, 2018

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