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Electrical Constants

This list of electrical constants represent the most common values used in engineering, physics, and chemistry.

If you know of others that should be added, please send me an e-mail.

Visit NIST for all constants, units, and uncertainties. This is their Extensive Listing of constants.

Here is a list of electrical units.

Name Symbol Value
Boltzmann k 8.617 343 x 10-5 eV (molecule·K)

1.380 650 5 x 10-23  J/K

Charge Density   1.081 202 317 x 1012  C/m3
Conductance Quantum G0 7.748 091 733 x 10-5  S
Current   6.623 617 82 x 10-3  Ω
Electron Charge/Mass Ratio e/me 1.758 820 12 x 1011  C/kg
Electric Dipole Moment   8.478 353 09 x 10-30  C·m
Electric Field   5.142 206 42 x 1011  V/m
Electric Field Gradient   9.717 361 82 x 1021  V/m2
Electric Potential   27.211 384 5  V
Electric Quadrupole Moment   4.486 551 24 x 10-40  m2
Electron Volt eV 1.602 176 53 x 10-19  J
Elementary Charge e 1.602 176 53 x 10-19  C
Impedance of Free Space Z0 376.730 313 461 (120·π)  Ω
Josephson KJ 2.350 517 42 x 105  T
Magnetic Flux Quantum Φ0 2.067 833 72 x 10-15  Wb
Magnetic Flux Density   4.486 551 24 x 10-40  C·m2
Magnetizability   7.891 036 60 x 10-29  J/T2
Magnetic Flux Dipole Moment   1.854 801 90 x 10-23  J/T
Permeability of Free Space μ0 1.256 637 061 4 x 10-6  H/m (N/A2)
Permittivity of Free Space ε0 8.854 187 817 x 10-12  F/m
Planck * h 4.135 667 43 x 10-15  eV·s

6.626 069 3 x 10-34  J·s

von Klitzing RK 25 812.807 449  Ω

* : Reduced Planck constant, = h/2π

† : Atomic Units

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