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Engineering Education, Bulletin Boards, Tutorials, & Courses

Engineering Education Bulletin Boards, Tutorials, & Courses Websites - RF CafeIn good times and bad, keeping your technical skills honed is essential to advancement and even survival. There is a lot of competition for your position. It is not a sign of paranoia to constantly watch your back for people looking for their own opportunities to advance. Engineering careers are getting to be more and more a game of survival of the fittest... and strongest.

Your best defense against aggressors is keeping abreast of new technology and engaging in college coursework, attending workshops and seminars, and participating in the online forums. Social networking on sites like LinkedIn help provide inroads for applying your skills.

The companies listed here provide exactly the types of services needed to help ensure your survival.


3G Tutorial

120+ slide tutorial on 3rd Generation Mobile Wireless Systems, in

PDF (2 MB)




*(6 MB) formats by Brough Turner and Marc Orange, NMS Communications.

AM Fundamentals


Give your students a head start on learning about modulation index, sidebands, frequency and time domain, and all the underpinnings necessary for a good grounding in communications from Agilent Technologies.

Analog Design Fundamentals


An introduction to analog circuit design Part 1: Transistors and Elementary Circuits, by PlanetAnalog

Analog University


22 archived and even live seminars, absolutely FREE!by National Semiconductor.

Applying S-Parameters to Amplifier Design


Part 1 of an 8-part series by Joseph F. White (JFW) in Microwaves & RF magazine.

Audio Courses


+442078714760 / London, UK

AudioCourses is the world's largest Distance Learning Audio Recording School for Sound Engineering & Music Production. With sound engineers, audio recording addicts and music producers from all four corners of the World and bases in both London and Milan, our school graduates have gone on to work in every corner of the sound engineering.

Aveta Business Solutions


Cleveland, OH

Six Sigma Online Black Belt, Six Sigma Online Green Belt, and Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt certifications are becoming an expectation in the business world. Six Sigma Online unlocks the door for those whose schedule demands a self-paced approach, rather than that of an on-site curriculum.

Bakken Museum


Located in Minneapolis, MN, the Bakken Museum hosts an amazing collection of early gadgetry & wizardry. Working models of Franklin's Bells (lightning detector) Leyden Jars, Tesla Coils, all with simple explanations of the phenomena.

Besser Associates


415-949-3300 / Los Altos, CA

Seminars on RF/Wireless technologies presented in San Diego, San Jose, Boston, Dallas, or your company facility. We offer significant discounts to unemployed IEEE members (we have no affiliation with IEEE). Reflectometer, Butterworth Filter Designer, and Smith Chart applets.

CDMA University


Our goal is to provide relevant CDMA technical training solutions by leading experts in the field. Currently, we are associated with Qualcomm to deliver courses that cover a broad range of topics including foundational, advanced topics, network planning, characterization and optimization.

CDMA Tutorial


On the UMTS World website.

Cellular Communications


International Engineering Consortium online tutorial.

Very extensive database of schools with wizards for finding the right college and for scholarships.

College of Engineering - University of Illinois - Online


800-252-1360 / Urbana-Champaign

Engineering and computer science online - Our distance learning program offers you not only complete online Master's degrees and certificates in Engineering and Computer Science, but also the opportunity to take online classes as a non-degree student for credit or non-credit. You do not have to be admitted to graduate school to enroll in our distance learning courses.



A global online study community (bulletin board) comprised of students and teachers helping each other understand how to solve problems for mathematically-based subjects (e.g. Physics, Calculus, Stats, Chemistry, ME, EE, CS, etc). Cramster provides access to various types of study material (e.g. textbook solutions, topic notes, sample problems, practice exams) created by us, indexed from the web, or contributed by our members.

Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Dual-Polarized Antennas - Basics of


International Engineering Consortium online tutorial.

EDGE Tutorial


3G Americas website

Electrical Engineering Training Series


A host of EE training material available in print, CD, or free download in PDF format - courtesy of Integrated Publishing.

EE Tutorials


Huge array of Java applets from Johns Hopkins University.

Education Online


International Engineering Consortium online tutorials.

Explore RF


RF / microwave webinars.

FM Fundamentals


presented in seven interactive modules covering basic modulation concepts, narrowband frequency modulation, frequency modulation versus phase modulation, basic frequency modulation parameters, and demodulation techniques by Agilent Technologies.

Frank Potter's Science Gems


Great links to great science resources. For students, parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians. More than 14,000 science resources sorted by category, subcategory, and grade level.



My goal is to make Fourier series and other difficult technical subjects come to life with interactive programs. By manipulating these programs, the equations in the textbooks become easier to understand. Also included are tutorials on Smith Chart, complex numbers, Fourier transforms, VSWR, and more.

Georgia Institute of Technology


Engineering Short Courses. Antenna Engineering, Electronic Warfare, Modeling & Simulation, Radar, Wireless, Infrared Technology - all taught by leading industry and academic professionals.

GreenWave Scientific


919-876-6220 / Raleigh, NC

Develops unique form, fit and function antennas for unique applications and requirements. Very simply, we design and manufacture antennas unlike any other antennas in the world. Custom designs available.

GSM Basics


International Engineering Consortium online tutorials.

Heathkit Educational Systems


Heathkit of yesteryear no longer offers electronics kits, but they do offer electronics training in many areas from basic electronics to wireless communications to computer networking.

Homework Help


Welcome to BrainMass, the global community of graduate-level students, teachers and professionals. 1400+ Master's/PhD experts offer 24/7 instant expert homework help, tutoring, essay editing help, and study guides in over 40 other subjects.

IEEE Communications Society Tutorials


This Enhanced Conference Tutorial Program presents a collection of recent tutorials given at ComSoc sponsored conferences -- INFOCOM, IEEE GLOBECOM, ICC, IM, NOMS, WCNC and ENTNET, SECON, PIMRC, CCNC . Each tutorial reviews currents communications topics in network management and computer and wireless communications, is 2.5 to 5 hours in length, and contains the original visuals and voice-over by the presenter.

Impedance Matching Tutorial


By Analog Devices.

INTERLLIGENT RF & Microwave Solutions


+972-3-5160763 / Tel Aviv, Israel

Established in the year 2000 by a group of former army RF & Microwave engineers that served in the Israeli military Intelligence corps, in order to provide advanced high quality solutions, information and services to the RF and Microwave Industry in Israel & worldwide. We are the leading provider of RF solutions in the Israeli RF & microwave industry for training, test equipment trading and RF development services.

Java Applets for Engineering Education


A project funded by the National Science Foundation William Devenport, Rakesh Kapania, Kamal Rojiani, Kusum Singh (PIs).

LBA Group, Inc


252-757-0279 / Greenville, NC

RF and wireless telecommunications industry infrastructure products and services, resources, tools, and connections to the dynamic wireless industry and radio frequency communities worldwide;

RF Awareness & Antenna Co-Location Training.

Learning Measure


Las Vegas, NV

Started by owner, Dr. David Archer, due to his experience with new engineers and technicians who required more training beyond that provided by colleges and universities to be useful in the precision measurement field. Basic technical subjects are covered that any engineer or technician should benefit from. DC Circuit Theory, AC Circuit Theory, RF/Microwave concepts, Digital Circuit Elements, Semiconductor Devices, RF and Microwave Devices and Instrumentation, Passive Waveguide Components, RF and Microwave Attenuators, Circulators, Isolators, and Directional Couplers, Math Courses, Measurement Concepts, RF and Microwave Power and Noise Measurements, Antenna Measurement Concepts, Far-Field Antenna Measurement, Anechoic Chamber, Near-Field and Outdoor Ranges, Open Source Software, Programming Courses, Introduction to Radar, Radar Displays, Uncertainty, World Wide Web. FREE trial!

Learning RF/Wireless Production Testing


Over 2+ hours of video tutorials. More than 30 software applications. All the basic & advanced math important to test and production engineers. Testing secrets for linear and nonlinear amplifiers, mixers & oscillators. All the basic and advanced modulation schemes overcoming tester limitations How to test important wireless protocols RF/Wireless Production Testing Manual: Step-by-step to becoming a top RF/Wireless engineer Secrets every test engineer wants to know Simple yet easy to understand and implement RF matching techniques.

Lightwave Fundamentals


This interactive tutor discusses the types of fibers, modes of transmission, light sources, and more from Agilent Technologies.

RF Microwave YouTube Channel


Dr. Francesco Fornetti has posted a very nice collection of tutorials on his RFMicrowave channel on YouTube. AWR's Microwave Office and Mathworks' Matlab serve as the simulation and calculation platforms. If you are relatively new to using Microwave Office, these videos are a great way to quickly learn where to find a lot of the parameter setting screens for building schematics and for making measurements. Presentation are narrated and real-time annotations added on the workspace to aid in understanding the material - much like being in a college classroom. Topics include Microstrip Line, Coaxial Line, Basics of RF Simulations, and Introduction to AWR Microwave Office.

Maxwell's Equations Primer

By Conformity magazine - follow the six links at the top of the page.

Mentoring, The Many Faces of - IEEE


Everyone benefits when engineers teach and counsel their younger (and older) colleagues.

MIT Open Courseware


A free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world.

Morse Code Tutorial

Online tutorial and interactive code test by 1728 Software Systems.


Online Seminars


Self-study training, free online seminars, symposiums & other events by Tektronix.

Professional Engineer Exam Prep


Study materials by Professional Publications, Inc.

Quadrature Modulation


Besser online tutorial by Richard Lyons.

R.A. Wood Associates


315-735-4217 / Utica, NY

Engineering consulting services, computer automated test design & development, engineering prototypes & low rate manufacturing, RF/Microwave system design & analysis, subcontract specifications, wireless system design, custom software program development, LabVIEW software development, lectures & training classes, computer consulting services. Software: SpurFinder®, TunerHelper®, RFSpecTest®, PathLossSolver®, Painless Extraction®. Equalizers on Demand - amplitude flatteners.

Radio & Electronics School


This place has an incredible collection of useful items that includes video and audio lessons, calculators and articles.

Rate My Professor


Comments on instructors. Posts range from highly comical to downright scary. As of this writing, here are the stats on the site:

   Total Ratings   Total Professors   Total Schools

    6,750,000+       1,000,000+           6,000+

Resistor Guide


This is the world's most complete collection of information on resistors. It has info on tolerances, circuit configurations, resistor composition, physical configurations, color and alphanumerical codes, calculations, and just about everything else related to resistors.



Cadence's free courses for helping unemployed engineers learn CAD tools - held at their training centers.

RF Cafe Quizzes

A few multiple choice quizzes on RF engineering topics.

RF and Communications Fundamentals: Testing RFID Technology Part I


Online webcast from National Instruments

Satellite Communications History


From the NASA website.

SHF Communication Technologies


Many tutorials.

Smart Antenna Systems


International Engineering Consortium online tutorial.

Tapping America's Potential


"Our goal: Double the number of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduates with bachelor's degrees by 2015.

TDMA Tutorial


From 3G Americas.



"World's first and largest rich media source on technology." More than 2,672 tutorials on seemingly every aspect of technology - RF, microwaves, antennas, optics, data transmission, mathematics, chemistry, physics. All presentations are done in on. This is an incredibly extensive and well-done work.

TNT (TechNote Time) Electrical Trades Gift Store


352-522-0415 / Dunnellon, FL

Th premier Ohm's law and novelty gift store for electricians, the power lineman, electrical engineers, electrical contractors, apprentices/students and ham radio operators! - Hundreds of electrical themed gifts!

Top Online Colleges Website


The schools listed on this site are the top online colleges and online universities in their respective fields. Just about every major course of study is covered.

Transmission Lines


Transmission-Line Fundamentals download by Agilent Technologies.

University of Oxford


Department of Continuing Education

A programme of technical electronics courses taught by leading industry and academic specialists, which vary in length from one to five days. For electronics design engineers, antenna engineers, RF designers, PCB designers, applications engineers, test engineers, wireless and radar system architects, signal processing designers and technical managers.

Unsolved Math Problems


Your chance for fame and fortune.

Waveguide Tutorial


Fast Neutron Research Facility's Ion Beam Technology Center.

World Lecture Hall


Online course material from University of Texas.

ZigBee Overview & Products


This course, compliments of Freescale (Motorola) discusses the ZigBee Alliance and its goals, target markets and applications.

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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