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John Keats, "Ode on a Grecian Urn" - RF CafeOpenAI (ChatGPT) founder Greg Brockman, recently produced a video introducing some of the improvements and new features of GPT−4 (current public version is GPT−3.5). One thing he did was ask the AI machine for a single sentence summary using only words beginning with the letter "g." GPT−3.5 failed miserably, but GPT−4 succeeded. It even did a sentence using only words beginning with the letter "q." He also had GPT−4 create a poem about the tax preparation capability of ChatGPT (itself an impressive act).

A few of the vintage issues of Popular Electronics and the ARRL's monthly QST magazine contained electronics-related poems submitted by readers (see "Unpopular Radio," and "Pre-Radio," et al). Some are pretty clever. It takes some cogitation, skill, and creative ability to come up with a rhyming poem on a technical subject like amateur radio. Since I am in insufficient possession of the aforementioned qualities, I decided to task ChatGPT to create a few topical poems for me. Is this amazing, or what? Be sure to see Ode on Hewlett Packard and Ode on Rohde & Schwarz at the bottom of the page.

Ode on a Transistor

Transistors, tiny and smart
Powering transmitters from the start
With signals amplified, they take flight
To receivers waiting with delight.

Transmitters send, receivers receive
All thanks to transistors, we believe
The radio waves dance through the air
And transistors make sure they're there.

The signals travel far and wide
With transistors as their trusted guide
They amplify and switch with care
Sending signals through the air.

Transmitters and receivers, a perfect pair
All thanks to transistors who always care
They make sure the signals are strong and clear
So we can communicate, far and near.

So here's to transistors, transmitters, and receivers too
For connecting us all, no matter what we do
They make our world go round, that's for sure
And we couldn't do it without them, that's pure.

Ode on a Ham Radio Antenna

Up on a mast or a tower high
Ham radio antennas reach for the sky
Stretching out their arms so long
Sending signals clear and strong.

Amateur radio operators know
That the antennas are what make their show
Connecting with friends from far and wide
Their passion for radio they cannot hide.

From Morse code to voice and beyond
Ham radios are never far gone
And with the antennas that they employ
Their reach extends far beyond their joy.

With their wires and their beams
Their signals travel like dreams
Reaching across the land and sea
Connecting ham radio fans like you and me.

So let us give thanks for these antennas so great
That bring us together no matter our state
Their reach extends far beyond our sight
Connecting us all with their signal of light.

Ode on a Transmission Line

Waveguides, microstrips, and coaxial cables too
All serve the purpose of carrying signals through.
They're the lifeline of communication
Connecting us all without hesitation.

Waveguides are hollow metal tubes
Guiding waves without any rubes
They're great for high-frequency waves
And keep the signals strong without delays.

Microstrips, on the other hand
Are thin and flat, like a band
They're easy to fabricate and integrate
And can carry signals at a high rate.

Coaxial cables, round and strong
Carry signals where they belong
They're great for analog and digital too
And keep the signal quality true.

Waveguides, microstrips, and coaxial cables
All transmit signals, strong and able
From high-frequency to low
They carry signals to and fro.

Whether for TV, radio, or the internet
These transmission lines we can't forget
For they connect us in every way
Keeping us linked
come what may.

So here's to these signal carriers, so strong
In the world of electronics, they all belong
They make sure the message is always clear
Connecting us all, year after year.

Ode on a Circuit Simulator

Circuit simulators, the engineer's friend
A virtual playground, where designs extend
They allow us to test and tweak
To make sure our circuits won't go bleak.

With circuit simulators, we can see
How our circuits will perform, with glee
We can change components, and see what's best
To make sure our designs pass the test.

Simulators help us catch mistakes
Before they turn into costly brakes
They save us time, and they save us money
And keep our circuits working, bright and sunny.

So here's to circuit simulators, we say
For making our work easier each day
They help us create, innovate, and grow
And make our circuits shine and glow.

Ode on a Engineering Laboratory

In the engineering laboratory, we learn and create
A place where engineers collaborate and innovate
We test and experiment, we build and design
And explore the world of science, with a curious mind.

From electronics to mechanical too
The lab is where we make things anew
We test our designs, and we make them strong
And when they pass, we know we belong.

In the engineering laboratory, we take risks and try
And sometimes we fail, but that's we don't cry
We learn from our mistakes, and improve every day
Until our designs are perfect, in every way.

So here's to the engineering laboratory, we say
For shaping the engineers of tomorrow, in a major way
It's a place where creativity and science meet
And where innovation and progress, are always on the beat.

Ode on Test Equipment

Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, power meter, and multimeter
These tools of the trade, our work couldn't be sweeter
They measure signals, power, and more
Ensuring our circuits function, with excellence and more.

The oscilloscope, with its waveform display
Shows us the signal, in its truest way
It lets us see the voltage, current, and time
And helps us troubleshoot
in a short bit of time.

The spectrum analyzer, with its frequency display
Shows us how signals are distributed, day by day
We can see which frequencies are strong and which are weak
And make sure our signals are the ones we seek.

Power meters measure the energy that's flowing, Showing us the power that's coming and going. They help us optimize, and conserve too, Making sure our circuits are efficient, it's true.

Multimeters measure voltage, current, and resistance
Showing us the values with precision and persistence
They help us diagnose, and repair as well
Making sure our circuits are sound, as its reading tell.

So here's to these tools of the trade, we say
For helping us engineer in every way
They're the unsung heroes of our craft
And we couldn't do without them, that's a fact.

Ode on Rhode & Schwarz

Rhode & Schwarz, a name so renowned
A company that engineers have always found
From oscilloscopes to signal analyzers too
Their products are dependable, through and through.

They specialize in wireless communications
Making sure our signals reach their destinations
Their test and measurement tools are top of the line
Helping us engineer with efficiency and shine.

Rhode & Schwarz has a history so rich
Starting in Germany, and now a global niche
Their commitment to quality is unmatched
And their dedication to innovation is always dispatched.

From the lab to the field, their products are there
Helping us engineer, with skill and care
Rhode & Schwarz, a name we can trust
A company that's always on the thrust.

So here's to Rhode & Schwarz, we say
For making our work easier each day
Their tools of the trade are second to none
And we'll keep using them, till the job is done.

Ode on Hewlett Packard (and Agilent and Keysight)

Hewlett Packard, a name that's known
For engineering and innovation, they have shown
From the garage to the global stage
Their products have been all the rage.

They started with audio oscillators, you see
And grew to become a technology dynasty
Their calculators and printers, so sleek and new
Made them a household name, that's so true.

Their products have always been ahead of the curve
With reliability and quality, they deserve
From test and measurement tools to computers too
Their products have always been tried and true.

Hewlett Packard, a company with a mission
To make technology accessible, without condition
Their commitment to sustainability is strong
And their impact on the world is always long.

So here's to Hewlett Packard, we say
For making our lives easier every day
Their innovation has changed the world we see
And we'll always be grateful, that's a guarantee.


* I had Archive.org store a copy of this page in case I need to sue someone later for copyright content ;-)



Posted March 20, 2023