Military Service Photos of RF Cafe Visitors

As a tribute to the military service of RF Cafe visitors, this space is being provided for you to have photos of you and your equipment and/or buddies displayed in a public place. To begin with, everyone will be lumped together on this page. As it (hopefully) grows, I will separate them into logical groups. Visitors from the armed services of all countries are welcome and encouraged to submit photos and a short bit of text. My own USAF radar days are documented here.

Please send me your photo and a brief service history.

RF Cafe Visitor Service Member Photos - Tom Eastlake, USS Nimitz, circa 1984

Tom Eastlake

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U.S. Navy Technician

USS Nimitz (circa 1984)

Univac 129 in background

Earned BSEE after separation

RF Cafe Visitor Service Member Photos - PV2 Matt Schultz in front of a PATRIOT launcher circa 1999

Matt Schultz

PV2, U.S. Army

 Patriot Launcher (circa 1999)

B Battery, first Battalion,

first Air Defense Artillery, 3first ADA Brigade

Ft. Bliss, TX

Currently an Engineering Technician

Telemetry Systems, Nova Engineering

RF Cafe Visitor Service Member Photos - J. Leon Robinson

J. Leon Robinson (2nd from right)

U.S. Navy Technician

USS Gyatt (circa 1964)


RF Cafe Visitor Service Member Photos - USS Gyatt

USS Gyatt