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QST Christmas Covers
Kirt's Cogitations™ #324

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As our traditions are besieged by malcontents determined to denigrate, impugn, and ultimately erase memories of holidays and events that have meant so much to families and friends, I feel compelled to resist the movement by documenting parts of the past that will allow us to wax nostalgic over our cherished traditions. Intimidation and violence is part of the strategic calculus; we have seen it in spades in 2020, and 2021 promises to be even worse. The Cancel Culture might eventually win out with the complicity of government agents both elected and unelected, but I'm not going down without a fight. Here is a collection of twentieth century, December issue QST magazine covers with Christmas themes that will no doubt be familiar to many of you. Finding them was more difficult than I thought it would be, and I was surprised to learn many years did not include a Christmas theme on the cover. As usual when looking for vintage items, eBay turned out to be the best source of images.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

QST December 1916 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1916 Cover

QST December 1953 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1953 Cover

QST December 1959 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1959 Cover

QST December 1978 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1978 Cover

QST December 1996 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1996 Cover

QST December 1925 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1925 Cover

QST December 1954 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1954 Cover

QST December 1973 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1973 Cover

QST December 1986 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1986 Cover

QST December 1998 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1998 Cover

QST December 1928 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1928 Cover

QST December 1956 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1956 Cover

QST December 1975 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1975 Cover

QST December 1987 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1987 Cover

QST December 1929 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1929 Cover

QST December 1957 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1957 Cover

QST December 1977 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1977 Cover

QST December 1988 Cover - RF Cafe

QST December 1988 Cover



Posted December 24, 2020

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