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2017 Obamacare Cost for RF Cafe
Kirt's Cogitations™ #276

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Thanks, Fellow Citizens, for Obamacare! - RF Cafe

You might have heard that Obamacare rates are WAAAY up for 2017. Being self-employed in Pennsylvania, the cost for bottom-end (Bronze) plan for Melanie and me in 2017 is $772.28/mo. ($9,267.36/yr.) + $13,900 deductible. That's $23,167.36 out-of-pocket before Obamacare pays anything at all, and then only 60% of fees after full deductible has been paid. Check it out on healthcare.gov .

Oh, and if I want to keep my current doctor, that plan this year is $974.75/mo. + $13,900 deductible ($25,597.00/yr.). It does NOT pay for emergency room, diagnostic, x-ray, MRI, etc., until AFTER the deductible has been paid.

Our combined income is a little over the $64k/year cutoff for any subsidy. The subsidy qualification is not inclusive of personal exemption or deductions - it gets figured from the net earnings reported your IRS form 1040. Yay, we're screwed again!

Drug addicts, welfare queens, and Illegals still have it good, though - free again in 2017.

BTW, the Government health care system allows itself to engage in discrimination by only one criterion: AGE. That's right, you cannot be forced to pay more if you engage in known risky activities no matter how sever the consequences and how much treatment will cost taxpayers, but if you grow older, you will pay more - a lot more - for that uncontrollable act of Nature.

"...where preventive care is not something you have to pay a deductible for..."

"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." - Nancy Pelosi

If you voted for the people who imposed this wretched system on us and feel bad about doing so, please help 'we the victims' by either donating to RF Cafe or buying my software!

See also 2016 Obamacare Cost for RF Cafe

- Arizona Obamacare Plan to Jump by 116%, CBS News  10/25/2016

- A Quick Guide to Rising Obamacare Rates, NY Times  10/25/2016



Posted October 24, 2016

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