June 21, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe - Science & Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle


1. Capacitor manufacturer in Huntington Station, NY

4. _______ Engineering, sheet metal enclosure manufacturer in the U.K.

10. Push To Talk

13. Line of Sight; Linux Operating System

15. Small representative graphics

16. Multiplexer, abbr.

18. Chemical symbol for nickel

20. Negation prefix

22. Special diode that can be switched, abbr.

23. Digital Subscriber Line

24. Unit of capacitance, abbr.

25. Unit of temperature

28. French mathematician Siméon-Denis _______

30. End Of Transmission

31. An array of 12 or 16 numbered keys that generate the standard telephone dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) dialing signals, 2 wds.

34. Unit of current

36. One state of matter

38. Surge protector vendor in Miami, FL

39. Error checking scheme, abbr.

41. Related to FM by a differential

43. Type of logic gate

45. Type of memory

46. Chemical symbol for holmium

47. Method used to sell off wireless spectrum to corporations

48. Produced an equation from empirical data

49. Part of this website's title

50. Imaging device, abbr.

53. Relative power level unit, abbr.

54. Chemical symbol for xenon

55. Data transmission pathway

56. Moves from cell to cell

59. Automatic repeat request used in AMTOR

61. Specialized mobile radio

62. Ham radio operator

64. Exponent that returns the original number

66. Apply (as a voltage)

68. Collection of access points

71. Chemical symbol for niobium

72. A keyboard key

73. Cooling device

75. Amateur Radio Association

76. Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo

77. Last statement in a BASIC program

78. 1/1000000 prefix

80. Common plastic, abbr.

82. Describes the action of cleaving a crystal plane

83. Point placed on a scope or analyzer display for noting a specific value, pl.

84. Electromagnetic compatibility, abbr.


2. Chemical symbol for thallium

3. Type of source used by a Norton equivalent circuit

5. Opposite of a LO

6. Applied Computational Sciences, abbr.

7. Sounding device vehicle

8. Signal-to-noise ratio, abbr.

9. Unit of time, abbr.

10. Passive RF component manufacturer in Clifton, NJ

11. Mate to an RX

12. RF connector type

14. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.

16. Degree of IC sophistication, abbr.

17. Circuit for firing a magnetron, abbr.

19. U.K. equivalent of the IEEE

21. Mate to a bolt

23. U.S. military organization, abbr.

24. Type of e-mail address system

26. Basis for decibels, abbr.

27. System On Chip

28. Programmable logic device, abbr.

29. Miniature RF connector

32. Networks International Corporation, abbr., manufacturer of custom RF & microwave filters, Overland Park, KS

33. Peak Envelope Power

35. Electric coronal discharge

37. Small DIP package, abbr., pl.

39. Common Object Request Broker Service

40. The "C" in BCD

42. Maximum Usable Frequency

44. Unit of length equal to 5.5 yards

45. Positive voltage lead color

46. Base 16 number system, abbr.

51. Voice of America

52. Using the moon as a passive reflector to establish a signal path; moonbounce, abbr.

55. Graphics file extension

56. Common average used for sinewaves, abbr.

57. Capture leading edge of a signal

58. Archaic Japanese unit of length equal to 30.3 mm

60. Ham's code for "Station is leaving the net."

61. Miniature RF connector

62. Amplifier Solutions Corporation, abbr.

63. Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.

65. Unit of energy

66. Indium phosphide

67. IC killer

69. Total radiated power, abbr.

70. Send Morse Code

73. Type of digital filter, abbr.

74. The design component of total product cost, abbr.

77. Chemical symbol for europium

78. 1/000 of an amp

79. Type of logic gate

81. Centimeter, abbr.

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RF Cafe - Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle