June 14, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe - Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle


1. RF IC manufacturer located in Dübendorf, Switzerland

6. Flash tube gas

10. Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.

11. Chemical symbol for polonium

12. A BPF spec

13. Chemical symbol for nobelium

14. Ham's code for "Are you busy?"

15. Degree of IC sophistication, abbr.

17. Opposite of I.D.

18. Type of flip-flop

20. Light ray

22. Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.

23. Open a fuse

26. Metric system, abbr.

29. Exponent that returns the original number

30. 10^1 numerical prefix

31. Duration of transmission

35. Chemical symbol for chromium

36. Aircraft navigation system

38. End Of Transmission

39. The design component of total product cost, abbr.

41. Long Range Aid to Navigation

43. Change connector type

45. Precision landing system, abbr.

46. International phonetic alphabet letter "O"

47. Elemental compound used for microwave frequency reference oscillators, abbr.

48. Foot, abbr.

49. Type of flip flop

50. Chemical symbol for erbium

52. Chemical symbol for tin

53. Instruments for Industry, Ronkonkoma, NY, abbr.

54. Colorado Springs military school, abbr.

56. Organization requiring 25 years of amateur service for membership, abbr.

57. One bit of a real number


1. Amateur Television, abbr.

2. Greek letter

3. Type of reconfigurable memory, abbr.

4. Form into a specific shape

5. RF connector company located in Merlin, OR

6. Transformer, abbr.

7. Exalted-Carrier Single Sideband, abbr.

8. Switch position

9. Logical negation operator

16. Kilovolt x 1000

19. Ideas

20. Binary Coded Decimal

21. Chemical symbol for arsenic

24. Local Oscillator

25. BER. 8 bits at a time

27. Chemical symbol for lithium

28. Surface mount, abbr.

31. Amateur Radio Association

32. One component of a complex number, abbr.

33. Network department, abbr.

34. Last statement in a BASIC program

37. Logic gates

40. Straight line emanating from a point source

41. Upward force generated by an airfoil

42. Cell phone manufacturer

43. Length times width, pl.

44. Unit of weight, pl.

49. RF switch & attenuator manufacturer located in Indianapolis, IN

51. Radio Frequency Interference, abbr.

53. Integrated circuit, abbr.

55. Chemical symbol for silver

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RF Cafe - Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle