March 15, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe: Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle


1. Complex resistance

8. Degree of IC sophistication, abbr.

9. Positive voltage lead color

10. Amplifier manufacturer in Lane Colmar, PA (RF Cafe advertiser), abbr.

12. Megacycles, abbr.

13. Common plastic, abbr.

14. Chemical symbol for francium

16. Internet protocol, abbr.

18. Chemical symbol for silver

20. Chemical symbol for beryllium

21. Chemical symbol for krypton

22. British Aerospace Electronics

24. Column Grid Array, abbr.

25. Mr. Tesla's first name

26. ESD protective apparel

28. Common shortcut reference for a capacitor

30. Direct Memory Access

32. Centimeter, abbr.

33. Abbreviation for minimum voltage

34. Hamese for Young Lady

36. Electrical safety organization, abbr.

37. Chemical symbol for aluminum

38. Ham's code for "What is the correct time?"

40. PC follower

42. Common average used for sinewaves, abbr.

43. Negation prefix

44. CDMA Development Group, abbr.

45. State _______ - A type of drawing used in computer science and related fields to describe the behavior of systems, past tense


1. FCC Part 15 rules apply in this band

2. Type of capacitor dielectric

3. Effective Radiated Power

4. The "D" in RFID

5. Type of data conversion device, abbr.

6. RF ____, the world's best engineering website

7. Resistive component of a capacitor's lumped element model, abbr.

11. Number series that has each number equal to the sum of the two previous numbers

15. A series of achromatic tones having varying proportions of white and black

17. Last stage in a transmitter, abbr.

19. The "Ga" in GaAs

20. Energy storage cell

21. Mass unit, abbr.

23. Sporadic E-layer ionospheric propagation, hyph.

24. 4 GHz to 8 GHz

27. A number which divides another number without remainder

29. Modulation type, abbr.

31. Greek letter (micro)

33. Family of ICs with a certain component density level, abbr.

35. Tie a bundle of wires together

37. Stock symbol for Advanced Micro Devices

38. Ham's code for "Take over as net control station."

39. RĂ¡dio Nacional de Angola, abbr.

41. Time division duplex, abbr.

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RF Cafe: Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle