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Today in Science History

Thanks to BBTLine for Continued Support!

BBTLine - BroadBand Transmission Line Products - RF CafeBBTLine offers a unique patented combiner / splitter design that allows for more compact devices while maintaining low insertion loss, excellent return loss and excellent amplitude/phase balance. These are not standard Wilkinson-style RF splitters. 2- and 4-way, broadband 0.5 - 6 GHz, low loss (0.7 dB @ 6 GHz), excellent amplitude / θ balance (±0.1 dB, ±1°), high power (20 W as splitter), surface mount & connectorized. Please visit BBTLine today to see how they can help your project ...

The Puzzle of RF Cosite Interference

The Puzzle of RF Cosite Interference - RF CafeMilitary & Aerospace Electronics magazine recently published an interesting article titled The Puzzle of RF Cosite Interference. "The military relies increasingly on the RF spectrum for information throughput, sensors, and electronic warfare, yet growing demands on RF technology can cause systems in close proximity to degrade each other's signals. The modern military battlespace is overwhelmed with radio-frequency (RF) signals vying for spectrum. Even without overt RF interference from enemy jamming, radio stations nearby, or even from civilian cell ..."

China to Standardize Use of English on Public Signs - 'Chinglish'

China to Standardize Use of English on Public Signs - RF CafeNope, this is not a racial slur or tasteless joke. "Chinese authorities on June 20 issued a national standard for the use of English in the public domain, eradicating poor translations that damage the country's image. The standard, jointly issued by China's Standardization Administration and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, aims to improve the quality of English translations in 13 public arenas, including transportation, entertainment, medicine and financial services. It will take effect on Dec. 1, 2017 ..."

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for June 2017

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for June 2017 - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its June newsletter. As always, it includes both company news and some tidbits about relevant industry happenings. In it, Sam Benzacar discusses, among other topics, the ever-increasing occurrence of RF interference in the IoT device population. Both long-occupied and new areas of the electromagnetic spectrum are experiencing a rise in noise floors, necessitating challenging filter designs. Anatech's business is to make certain that system ...

Stretchy Silver Nanowires Key to Next Generation of Flexible Devices

Stretchy Silver Nanowires Key to Next Generation of Flexible Devices - RF CafeMy alma mater is in the news! "A new use of silver at the nanoscale could be the key to developing stretchable electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Researchers at the University of Vermont have discovered that working with silver at the nanoscale allows them to create nanowires that have significant strength and the ability to stretch. Frederic Sansoz, a professor of mechanical engineering at the university, said he and his research team have been working with gold nanowires for several ..."

The Rise of Disposable Drones

The Rise of Disposable Drones - RF Cafe"As air-launched munitions get smarter, the Air Force is creating a new class of weapon—a combination of drones and missiles. But can they be advanced enough to work, yet cheap enough that it's okay to lose a few in battle? It has advanced radar, forward-looking infrared cameras, and laser rangefinders—all used to help the 13-man crew direct a barrage of lethal fire to the ground from 12,000 feet. But for all of this advanced technology, the vision of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command gunships can be thwarted by the threatening adversary known as a cloudy sky. The USAF has a solution ..."

ConductRF Intros VNA RF Test Cables for 18, 27, 40, 50 & 70 GHz

ConductRF Intros VNA RF Test Cables for 18, 27, 40, 50 & 70 GHz - RF CafeRugged VNA RF Test Cables to 18, 27 and 40 GHz. 18 GHz options include SMA, Type-N and TNC Higher Frequency solutions include; 3.5mm, 2.92mm and 2.4mm. Also offered is ConductRF's Hi-Flex VNA Series to 50 and 70 GHz phase stable & low loss professional series with light armor protection and NMD head options. In-stock at Newark. Visit ConductRF today for these and many other cabling options ...

Career Tips for June

Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for June 2017 - RF CafeVisitors to RF Cafe cover a very broad spectrum of engineers, technicians, students, managers, hobbyists, and researchers. That is why I included one particular career story titled "10 High-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs." Having begun my lifelong pursuit of all things involving controlled movement of electrons as an electrician, I know firsthand that you do not have to earn a college degree in order to work in a high paying, technically challenging job. Another article addresses a topic of growing interest - changing careers in your 50s (and beyond). Per the author: "...about 40% of Americans who were still working when they turned 62 had moved to a new ...

Accubend Has Been Added to the Waveguide Vendor Page

Accubend Waveguide - RF CafeAccubend, of Plantsville, Connecticut, is a manufacturer of precision waveguide bends in sizes ranging from WR22 to WR137 and can form thin wall waveguide in sizes ranging from WR28 to WR75. Also double-ridged waveguide sizes WRD475, WRD750, WRD650, and WRD580. They stock many of these in aluminum and OFHC for quick turnaround. Please contact Accubend at 860 378-0303. They have been added to the Waveguide Vendors page on RF Cafe.

More Sensitivity from Your Transistor Radio

More Sensitivity from Your Transistor Radio, January 1969 Electronics World - RF CafeWhere else on the Internet other than RF Cafe can you go for a daily helping of electronics-related material that ranges from the very beginnings of our chosen vocation through to the latest leading edge developments? That Q is rhetorical of course - and self-serving to boot ;-)  This handy-dandy trick for enhancing the signal on your AM radio appeared in a 1969 issue of Electronics World. I remember doing this magnet 'tuning' technique on my small, el cheapo pocket transistor radio that I carried with me when wiring houses and buildings while working as an electrician many moons ...

EDI CON USA 2017 Announces Short Courses

EDI CON USA 2017 Announces Short Courses - RF Cafe
The Electronic Design Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EDI CON) USA, the first industry event to bring together RF/microwave and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators, announced today the addition of a full day of training to its conference program at the Hynes Convention Center, September 11-13 in Boston, MA. Organizers of EDI CON have invited industry experts to teach 3-hour short courses on relevant topics necessary for success in today's high-speed and high-frequency designs. The day also includes sponsored 3-hour training ...

Notable Tech Quote: Tom Gallagher

Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, CEO of ARRL - RF Cafe"Its catalog was the Boys' Life of electronics." - Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, CEO of ARRL, regarding the second bankruptcy filing for Radio Shack (May 2017 QST, p81) ...

Espey Manufacturing Company Advertisement

Espey Manufacturing Company Advertisement, February 1948 Radio News - RF CafeThere is not much chance you will see an advertisement from Espey Manufacturing & Electronics now like this one from a 1948 issue of Radio News magazine. Espey is still in the business of defense electronics, but their advertising / public relations group would be hauled into court if they produced copy like that today. In fact, I hope as a result of my bringing up the subject that some overly sensitive snowflake won't try to sue them for past offenses. Does this documented instance of former official company policy suffice as legal proof of a corporate history ...

Triad RF Systems Intros 4.4 to 4.7 GHz, 10 W Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros 4.4 to 4.7 GHz, 10 W Bi-Directional Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems announces the availability of their TTRM1109 - a Bi-Directional SSPA for domestic and foreign military and public safety wireless links. It can handle any modulation and outputs 10 W typical BPSK and 3 W typical 64QAM OFDM. This class A GaAs module is designed for both military and commercial applications. It is capable of supporting any signal type and modulation format, including but not limited to 3-4G telecom, WLAN, OFDM, DVB ...

Life and Death in Apple's Forbidden City

Life and Death in Apple's Forbidden City - RF Cafe"In an extract from his new book, Brian Merchant reveals how he gained access to Longhua, the vast complex where iPhones are made and where, in 2010, unhappy workers started killing themselves. The sprawling factory compound, all grey dormitories and weather-beaten warehouses, blends seamlessly into the outskirts of the Shenzhen megalopolis. Foxconn's enormous Longhua plant is a major manufacturer of Apple products. It might be the best-known factory in the world; it might also might be among the most secretive ..."

Engineering Level Opportunities for You

Engineering Level Opportunities for You, February 1970 Popular Electronics - RF CafeThis article from a 1970 issue of Popular Electronics is a timely mate to the monthly list of career-related resources I posted today since it discusses jobs in electronics not necessarily at the degreed engineer level. Along with both diploma and certificate programs by local colleges, home study courses in electronics have been around since the early part of the last century. Cleveland Institute of Electronics began offering courses by mail in 1934, and has been running advertisements in trade and technology magazines for as long as I can remember. It is still in business today ...

GaN's Share of RF High-Power Semi Revenues to Double by 2022

GaN's Share of RF High-Power Semiconductor Revenues to More than Double by 2022 - RF Cafe"Spending on RF high-power semiconductors for the wireless infrastructure markets continues to flatten out this year, despite the fact that the overall market hit well over $1.4B in 2016. While certain market and sub-market segments are showing moderate growth, Gallium Nitride (GaN) is capturing meaningful market share of RF high-power semiconductors, especially in wireless infrastructure. The technology will drive Gallium Nitride's share of RF Power semiconductor revenues to more than double between 2016 and 2022. According to a research ..."

Sparton Models 566 '"Bluebird' Radio, et al

Sparton Models 566 ("Bluebird" Mirror), 506 and 594 A.C.-D.C. 5-Tube 2-Band Midget Super. Radio Service Data Sheet, June 1936 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThis 'Bluebird' radio from Sparton has to be one of the most unique models of its era. It is one of six vintage vacuum tube radios featured in a 1936 issue of Radio-Craft magazine. These schematics, tuning instructions, and other data are reproduced from my collection of vintage radio and electronics magazines. There are 199 Radio Service Data Sheets ...

RCA Victor Model M109 "De Luxe"
Crosley Model 6625
International Model 77 'Kadette'
Sparton Models 566 '"Bluebird'
Atwater Kent 776 Auto Radio
Stromberg-Carlson No. 61

Tech Industry Headlines

Tech Industry Headlines - RF Cafe- Archive -

Foxconn, Sharp Considering Manufacturing in U.S.

LED Manufacturer to Pay $90k Fine for AM/FM Radio Interference

FCC Chairman to Appoint New Enforcement Bureau Chief

U.S. (now 4th) Slips in New TOP500 Supercomputer Ranking

Instantly Rechargeable Battery Drives New Electric Car Possibilities

1.4M Illegals Working Under Stolen Social Security Numbers

25 Global Electronics Distributors Win Revenue Wresting Match

Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, Wins Prestigious W.G. Cady Award

GE's Pension Shortfall Time Bomb: $31B and Rising

Are Left-Handed People More Gifted Than Others?

Are Left-Handed People More Gifted Than Others? - RF CafeHmmm... I'm a southpaw and I never received more gifts at Christmas or for my birthday than my four sisters did, so probably not ;-)  "The belief that there is a link between talent and left-handedness has a long history. Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed. So were Mark Twain, Mozart, Marie Curie, Nicola Tesla and Aristotle. It's no different today – former U.S. president Barack Obama is a left-hander, as is business leader Bill Gates and footballer Lionel Messi. But is it really true that left-handers are more likely to be geniuses? Let's take a look ..."

Electronics-Themed Comics, December 1958 Radio-Electronics

Electronics-Themed Comics December 1958 Radio-Electronics - RF CafeBeing a great appreciator of good humor, and especially technology-related humor, I made sure to scan these tech-themed comics from the pages of vintage Radio-Electronics magazines. Some of the same themes from half a century ago are still applicable today - like inventing a device that will block television commercials. There are a couple huge differences between then and now, though. For one thing, the percentage of each hour consumed by commercials has nearly doubled since 1958 ...

Webinar Today: Design for Substrates at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

Design Considerations and Tradeoffs for Microstrip, Coplanar and Stripline Structures at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies - RF Cafe
Title: "Design Considerations and Tradeoffs for Microstrip, Coplanar and Stripline Structures at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies"
When: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 11:00 am EDT
Info: "RF technology using Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) typically has several common basic structures which are manipulated to accommodate the intent of the design. Some common structures used for RF PCB applications are microstrip, coplanar and stripline circuit configurations. These ..."

Saelig Intros Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer

Saelig Introduces Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer with Type-C Connection - RF CafeSaelig Company announces the availability of the Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer that offers the newest USB Type-C connection. The Mercury T2C is a small and affordable hardware-based USB protocol analyzer. It is the industry's first ultra-portable, hardware-based, USB and Power Delivery protocol analyzer. It combines the de-facto standard CATC Trace™ display, comprehensive USB class decoding, and PD 2.0 protocol analysis. The pocket-sized, bus-powered Mercury T2C sits in-line between host ...

Salary Survey Points to Pay Increase for UK Engineers

Salary Survey Points to Pay Increase for UK Engineers - RF Cafe"Positivity over pay levels is tempered by concerns over skills, diversity and Brexit in The Engineer's 2017 salary survey. Salaries for UK engineers have increased by 6.6% on average over the last twelve months, according to The Engineer's 2017 salary survey, which is published today. Whilst the average salary for UK engineers stood at £45k in 2016, our 2017 report - which is based on responses from 2743 engineers working across a range of sectors - shows an increase to £48k. Despite general dissatisfaction amongst respondents with the levels of remuneration ..."

Mallory Carbon Controls Advertisement

Mallory Carbon Controls Advertisement, March 1948 Radio-Craft - RF CafeHere is another one of those advertisements that you would probably never see in today's electronics magazines, but its theme was fairly prevalent up through about the 1970s. There is fundamentally nothing offensive about it; men have always endeavored to gain the favor of women. However, society has since been bullied by name-calling, finger-pointing, full-of-themselves celebrities and media into being afraid to acknowledge innate, harmless propensities of everyday people. The natural has been ...

Free e-Book: Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Occupational Outlook

Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Occupational Outlook - RF CafeThis e-book probably applies to most RF Cafe visitors. "Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Occupational Outlook" is available as a free download. "Considering a career as an electrical and electronics engineer? These professionals design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment, including motors, communication systems and power generation equipment. This guide provides all the necessary information and resources to get started. Find out everything you ..."

Storing Data: A Moving Target

Martin Rowe, Storing Data: A Moving Target - RF CafeLong-time EDN columnist Martin Rowe just published a short piece about the issue of storing archival data. His example included family photos and movies as well as data files from vintage software. Mr. Rowe points out that most programs only open files from a couple generations back, so unless you are diligent about re-saving files in newer versions as they are released, you could find yourself having to keep or re-acquire (try eBay) older versions if you want to access your information. Go back into the 1990s and you'll need an OS that can run 16-bit software ...

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