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February 1953 Radio Electronics

February 1953 Radio-Electronics

February 1953 Radio-Electronics Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Electronics, published 1930-1988. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

These three electronics-themed comics appeared in the February 1953 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine. The first one showing the television repairman employing contortionist technique in order to tweak the picture is pretty good. I have seen an advertisement in one of these magazines offering a deflection coil alignment signal generator box that had a mirror mounted inside the cover specifically for doing the job that tech is doing in the comic. Another comic no doubt hit home with in-home servicemen of the day; at least the owner was honest. The other plays off a brand of humor common in the day that demonstrated the public's fascination with all the newfangled technology showing up every day.


Electroniics-themed comic TV repairman adjusting picture - RF Cafe

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Electronics-themed comic TV repairman - RF Cafe

"We didn't want to bother you with minor adjustments so we tinkered with it until now it just won't work at all!"

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Electronics-themed comic of lifeguard with a radar set - RF Cafe

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These Technically−Themed Comics Appeared in Vintage Electronics Magazines. I personally scanned and posted every one from copies I own (and even colorized some).