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Expert Witnesses

When the time comes to defend your claim in court, a good expert witness can make or break you case. Here are a few people and firms that specialize in technology issues. Patents Resources | RF Cafe Visitors' Patents

Due to the very large number of listings in the Technical Services page, they have been broken into the following major categories.

|Circuit & System Design Services | Expert Witness | Forensics | IC Design | Training |

| Assembly & Manufacturing | Installation, Test & Repair | Product Development | Everything Else |

Artzat Consulting | 504-837-3090 | Metairie, LA

Technical & commercial consulting and expert witness services - computerized & automated devices, equipment, & systems and industrial equipment for power, control, safety, and instrumentation systems.

Blue Streak | 985-893-1972 | Covington, LA

Have a difficult to zone antenna location, and need someone to analyze and argue your point as to why this is the best solution? Need an RF expert for wireless coverage analysis or technological limitations? We provide professional RF engineering consulting, network design, and expert witness services for wireless network operators and tower owners. Let us help you present your case in the most effective manner possible.

Brosz and Associates | 716-855-1515 | Buffalo, NY

Electrical experts providing a wide range of highly specialized forensic engineering, accident reconstruction, testing, commissioning, and technical and scientific services, including cause & origin investigations, loss prevention & mitigation, subrogation support for the insurance industry.

The Chatham Group | 650-948-1243 | Los Altos, CA

Specializes in assisting counsel in dealing with the complex problems involving the combined areas of technology, business and the law. We have provided expert witnesses, consulting, case management, technology tutorials, discovery support, trial aids and trial support and assistance in every phase of the litigation process in hundreds of matters to major law firms.

ChemTech Consultants | 412-220-4600 | Bridgeville, PA

Expert witness, legal support, engineering.

EMA Forensic Engineers | 859-420-1026 | Orlando, FL

EMA assists architects, the legal profession, and the insurance community in the investigation and redesign of structures. We solve design issues of already designed buildings and performing damage assessment. Damage assessment of roofs, hail damage inspections, forensic building damage inspections, forensic engineering, flood damage assessments, and hurricane damage assessment.

Engineering Partners Inc (EPI) | 800-821-2284 | Kingwood, TX

Consulting professional engineering, scientific & forensic services.

Fowler Associates | 864-574-6415 | Moore, SC

Provides technical guidance through consulting, marketing, expert witnesses, forensic engineering, auditing, training and laboratory services primarily to the packaging, electronics, electrostatics (ESD) and radiation industries.

Gerard G. Moulin P.E. | 714-283-7040 | Yorba Linda, CA

Provides expert witness services, has qualified and testified for more than twenty years in depositions, mediation, arbitration and trials including cases involving equipment failure analysis, electrical construction defects, electrical fire investigation, shock and electrocution investigation, and electrical damage cost evaluation.

Innotec | +44 (0) 1799 586 168 | UK

Providing professional services to the electronics industry, investment institutions, legal practices and government departments including due diligence and investment appraisal, expert witnesses for technically complex litigation, technical support for government departments.

IMS ExpertServices |877-838-8464 | Pensacola, Denver, Atlanta

Since its inception in 1992, IMS Expert Services has become the premier subject matter expert search firm in the legal industry, providing customized search services to 92 of the AmLaw 100, half of the Fortune 100 – and you. We locate and deliver hard-to-find experts across hundreds of practice areas and industries. We bring you needle-in-a-haystack subject matter experts fully vetted and free from conflict.

The search is commitment free – there is no fee unless and until you engage the expert. IMS ExpertServices™ is not a registry or a stable of self-designated experts. We are independent of any relationship and represent your interests.

Koral Associates | +44 149 183 1682 | South Oxfordshire, UK

Radio frequency heating and drying consultancy service. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) advice and solutions: assistance with EN55011 (Europe), AS2064 (Australia) and FCC Title 47 Part 18 (USA) compliance and measurement. Practical shielding and filtering solutions for RFI reduction for existing machines and new designs Health and Safety Advice and Solutions including OSHA CFR 1910-97 (USA) Physical Agents Directive requirements for Non Ionising Radiation (Europe) Safe Interlocking, design of protective systems. RF Awareness. Triode tube (Valve) calculations and replacement advice. Expert witness service.

Lindquist Systems Group | 831-457-9206 | Santa Cruz, CA

Provides a variety of intellectual property services for patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, including initial searches through licensing, infringement analysis, and lawsuit management.

Matrix Engineering | 850-864-1699 | Ft Walton Beach, FL

Full-service consulting and electrical engineering firm providing complete investigations, pre-trial reports, depositions and trial testimony for all actions, large or small are thoroughly documented and explained in laymans language.

Roger L. Boyell, Forensic Analyst | 856-234-5800 | Moorestown, NJ

Support lawyers, judges, and adjusters with extensive technical knowledge and with scientific discipline when electrical devices and electronic systems are the subject of civil litigation, criminal charges, patent disputes, or insurance claims ("forensic" matters).

Spencer Research Ltd | 01225 482604 | UK

Provides independent forensic scientific expertise to the police, HM customs & excise, the legal profession, commercial companies, private and public organizations, specializes in the fields of mobile telephones, video & sound recordings, radio and firearms.

TAEUS | 719-632-8441 | Colorado Springs, CO

TAEUS' combination of engineering and financial expertise facilitates intellectual property portfolio analysis, valuation, licensing due diligence, and litigation support. The company also advises IP owners regarding structured financial transactions for patent assets.

The Expert Institute | 888-858-9511 | New York, NY

Established in 2010, the initial focus was on designing a platform able to aggregate and filter today's unprecedented amount of publicly available professional information to maintain a detailed "live" record for each active expert in our system. As a result this allows us to quickly match your individual requirements with the most qualified and relevant expert.

Zeidman Consulting | 408-741-5809 | Cupertino, CA

Engineering consulting, legal consulting on patent and trade secret disputes.

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Copyright  1996 - 2026

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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