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Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

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Forensic Engineering Services

All the glory for forensic science is going to law enforcement officers thanks to popular television shows like CSI, but there is a lot of work being done in the technical arena as well. Forensic engineer covers everything from failure analysis to patent infringement to reverse engineering, and much more. There is big money in it for highly capable engineers and scientists.

Due to the very large number of listings in the Technical Services page, they have been broken into the following major categories.

|Circuit & System Design Services | Expert Witness | Forensics | IC Design | Training |

| Assembly & Manufacturing | Installation, Test & Repair | Product Development | Everything Else |

Aries Engineering | 770-972-2786 | Suwanee, GA

Our special expertise lies in our knowledge of wood frame construction, wooden trusses, conventional framing, engineered wood products and timber, in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.

Bison Engineering | 888-502-4766 | Kingwood, TX

Failure analysis, forensic engineering, forensic investigation, fire investigation and accident reconstruction.

Delta Engineering | 941-727-2600 | Sarasota, FL

forensic engineering and expert witness services including site investigation, testing, technical research, and analysis of the information.

Donan Engineering | 800-482-5611 | Louisville, KY

Provides full-service forensic engineering and fire investigation services.

EFI Global | A full-service forensic engineering, fire investigation, environmental, and specialty consulting services firm serving commercial, industrial, institutional, insurance, government, public, and private entities.

EMA Forensic Engineers | 859-420-1026 | Orlando, FL

EMA assists architects, the legal profession, and the insurance community in the investigation and redesign of structures. We solve design issues of already designed buildings and performing damage assessment. Damage assessment of roofs, hail damage inspections, forensic building damage inspections, forensic engineering, flood damage assessments, and hurricane damage assessment.

Florida Forensic Engineering | 800-966-1946 | Tampa, FL

Services include litigation support, investigation & reconstruction, engineering analysis, research & interpretation, modeling & simulation, documentation & reports, field & laboratory testing, scene & evidence preservation, testimony & exhibits.

IEC & Associates | 919-413-1290 | Raleigh, NC

Forensic electrical and electronic engineering, reverse engineering & patent infringement services.

Keystone Engineering Consultants | 866-344-7606 | McMurray, PA

A multi-discipline, broad-spectrum firm offering comprehensive and qualified forensic engineering, architecture and scientific expert services to the legal community, insurance industry, and the public and private sectors.

Knott Laboratory | 303-925-1900 | Centennial, CO

Provides forensic engineering and computer animation services to comprehensively reconstruct accidents.

Lange Technical Services | 631-667-6128 | Deer Park, NY

Expert forensic engineering and vehicle analysis for products liability, accident reconstruction, impact severity and occupant dynamics, verification of damage, vehicle fire origin and cause determination, stolen and recovered vehicle analysis, mechanical or electrical systems failure, restraint systems, certified black box downloads.

Massachusetts Materials Research | 508-835-6262 | West Boylston, MA

Specializes in the practical application of materials testing, materials engineering, failure analysis and forensic engineering.

McDowell Owens Engineering | 281-358-2876 | Kingwood, TX

A multi-disciplinary forensic engineering firm whose services include analyzing equipment, structural, component and electrical failures and human interactions.

Nelson Forensics | 877-850-8765

A forensic and technology group specializing in engineering & forensics, forensic architecture, industrial hygiene & safety, fire investigations and surety consulting.

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers | 771-874-0340 | Atlanta, GA

Forensic engineering services, engineering design & analysis.

Real-World Forensic Engineering | 806-368-9811 | Lubbock, TX

Provides accident investigation, failure analysis, product liability cases, engineering consulting mediation, litigation support materials, property characterization, metallurgical testing, optical and scanning electron microscopy services.

Rudick Forensic Engineering | 800-966-5392 | Youngstown, OH

An independent, full-service forensic engineering firm, focused on property damage.

Stress Engineering Services  | 281-955-2900 | Houston, TX

Provides forensic and engineering litigation support services in the areas of mechanical, civil, electrical, marine, chemical, metallurgical, materials engineering, and structural.

Structural Technology Corporation | 330-874-4117 | Zoar, OH

Forensic engineering consulting firm specializing in vibration troubleshooting and failure analysis. 

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Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

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