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Due to the very large number of listings in the Technical Services page, they have been broken into the following major categories.

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NOTICE: Most search engines do a really good job of locating useful data if your search terms are well thought out, so rather than me supposing I know what you are looking for, I have provided a Search box at the top of the page for you to use. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my Advertising information page. Thank you.

Click to visit Sunshine Design Engineering ServicesSunshine Design
Engineering Services

760-685-1126 / Ramona, CA
Joe Cahak has more than 25 years of design engineering and test engineering experience.

Specialties include hardware, CAD and software design with extensive capabilities in process automation, database programming, & graphics.

  ▪ Hardware
  ▪ Bench or Rack
  ▪ Environmental
  ▪ Special Fixturing
▪ Test Interfaces
▪ Signal Processing
▪ Project Management
▪ Device Control Functions
Software Packages & Support Available
PNA Capture© - Test automation tool for the Agilent ENA model Vector Network Analyzer with GPIB interface. Specify, run tests, and generate reports to Excel worksheets, ASCII, S2P, SQL Server/Server Express or Access formats.
ENA Capture© - Test automation tool for the Agilent ENA model Vector Network Analyzer with GPIB interface. Specify, run tests, and generate reports to Excel worksheets, ASCII, S2P, SQL Server/Server Express or Access formats.
- Customization available for PNA/ENA software -
RF Calculator© - Full-featured RF and Electronics computation tool. General electronics, RF and RF Test calculations for design and analysis.

Adrio Communications | adrio-communications.com
+44 (0) 1784 455511 | Staines, England
Expertise in technology from engineer and author Ian Poole. Technical journalism, training and electronics engineering services.

Besser Associates | besserassociates.com
415-949-3300 | Los Altos, CA
Seminars on RF/Wireless technologies presented in San Diego, San Jose, Boston, Dallas, or your company facility. We offer significant discounts to unemployed IEEE members (we have no affiliation with IEEE)

ComTrain | comtrainusa.com
608-329-4840 | Monroe, WI
Internationally recognized tower climbing safety & rescue certified training.

Gaddon Consultants | gaddon.co.uk
0044 (0)1226 766999 | Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
RF Training, RF ATE Specification and Design. Gaddon Consultants can help you in your RF, Avionics and ATE projects. Recently Gaddon Consultants have added a training aspect carrying out RF basic and specialist courses for engineers and management.

Gerotron Communications | gerotron.com
+49 89 8561072 | Graefelfing, Germany
Table top exhibitions and workshop on wireless, RF and microwave applications. Engineering consulting, classes, workshop and training. GEROTRON Communication GmbH organisiert und veranstaltet workshops, seminare und tagungen im Bereich Kommunikationstechnik. Speziell führen wir firmeninterne Schulungen und Training nach kundenspezifischen Forderungen durch.

Launch 3 Telecom | launch3telecom.com
877-878-9134 | Garfield, NJ
An international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment specializing in central office, switching, cellular wireless, fixed wireless, data networking, and other telecom equipment.

Micro-Contamination Consulting | micro-contamination.com
585-544-6488 | Rochester, NY
Provides advanced contamination free cleanroom manufacturing services including cleanroom operations, personnel training, and custom technology solutions.

NanoMEMS Research | nanomems-research.com
949-262-3258 | Irvine, CA
RF MEMS research, consulting and education.
Qualcad Semiconductors | qualcadsemiconductors.com
+91 9449017461 | Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Mask Design Services for design houses in India and abroad. The company boasts of experts in the field of Analog/RF layout design who have earned the reputation of being one of the best leaders in the industry in their respective area of expertise. Memory design, analog layout, RF layout, I/O ring layout, ESD protection scheme, full-chip layout, IP integration & verification, place & route. Corporate Training in Analog/RF layout design.

R.A. Wood Associates | rawood.com
315-735-4217 | Utica, NY
Engineering consulting services, computer automated test design & development, engineering prototypes & low rate manufacturing, RF/Microwave system design & analysis, subcontract specifications, wireless system design, custom software program development, LabVIEW software development, lectures & training classes, computer consulting services. Software: SpurFinder®, TunerHelper®, RFSpecTest®, PathLossSolver®, Painless Extraction®. Equalizers on Demand - amplitude flatteners.

RelQual Associates | relqual.com
707-793-1195 | Rohnert Park, CA
Offers product evaluation & qualification services and full-service environmental testing.

Radiofrequency Safety International Corporation (RSI) | rfcomply.com
888-830-5648 | Kiowa, KS
RF safety training and environmental, RF hazard assessments, noise studies, live and online training, safety programs, MPE analysis, contractor audits and RF/ FCC signage.

RfTek | rftek.net
919-622-4088 | Raleigh, NC
Consulting, training, and contracting services for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): design, test and compliance.

Scott Baxter & Associates | howcdmaworks.com
800-890-0829 | Nashville, TN
Scott Baxter is a CDMA2000 network and RF performance consultant and trainer. Consulting continuously since 1995, he has delivered CDMA training and performance optimization services in 40 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, and eleven other countries around the world.

Six Sigma | 6sigma.us
512-233-2721 | Austin, TX
Six Sigma training and lean process improvement resources for all organizations. Six Sigma has it's origins in manufacturing and service from Motorola, Allied Signal and GE.

Test Engineering Technologies | testengineeringtechnologies.com
91-9496276116 | Kochi, India
Electronics manufacturing and test engineering consultancy. Design validation, manufacturing including DFM /DFT C, test engineering, fixtures, test line and test time optimization in mass production. RF engineering including wireless systems, telecom, avionics. Technical training for general electronics, digital electronics, RF, and EMI.

Wave Technology | wavetechnology.org
513-265-5447 | Lebanon, OH
We do contract engineering in ALL phases of electronic engineering and electronic product development. We specialize in electronic product development... nearly anything! RF design, antenna design, antenna measurement, FCC consulting, microcontroller design (Atmel, Freescale, Microchip, Maxim, etc.), assembly & C software coding. Consumer, commercial and military electronics. Lectures, teaching classes and seminars PCB layout, including critical microwave and RF layouts! Initial prototypes to market your idea... need a "proof of principle" model to secure funding?
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