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RF Cascade Workbook 2005 v1.11

System Requirements: Windows XP, Microsoft Excel 2003
or later.

Still Only $35 - {* ORDER HERE *}
User's Guide is Online


      -- RF Cascade Analysis --
-- Now Includes Filter and Mixer/LO
                 Frequency Calculations --
  • If you purchased RF Cascade Workbook 2003 between September 1, 2004 and November 17, 2004, please send me an e-mail requesting the upgrade and I'll be happy to send you the RFCW2005 file at no charge.

  • Upgrades from any other time period are available for only $20.

  • 50- and 100-component versions are available at no additional cost.

  • NOTE: Macros DO NOT work in Office 365 version of Excel; therefore, RF Cascade Workbook DOES NOT work in Office 365.

Graham Seale has provided an example of RF Cascade Workbook 2005 running under the Linux OS.

RF Cascade Workbook 2005 filter response screen - RF CafeRF Cascade Workbook 2005 (RFCW2005), a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet workbook, is built on the format of RFCW2003, and now includes filter response and frequency conversion. The number of filters and mixers that can be used are limited only by Excel and your computer. Additionally, 2nd-order calculations that were introduced in RFCW2004 are included. A return to the RF Cascade Workbook 2003 format was chosen because the necessary multi-page format makes adding and deleting components simpler. RF cascade analysis.

RF Cascade Workbook 2005 component input parameters screen - RF CafeAll of the formulas used in RF Cascade Workbook 2005 are presented in the highly detailed User's Guide to assist in understanding the operation of the spreadsheet. RF Cascade Workbook 2005 frequency inversion - RF CafeMost calculations are implemented in VBA code, which makes customization more convenient and keeps clutter out of the cells. This is especially helpful in the case of conditional formulas. Expansion of the workbook to include custom calculations is a simple matter.
RF Cascade Workbook 2005 tolerance screen - RF Cafe
Note: The file is saved in a format that accommodates back through Excel 95. If you are using Excel version 2002 or newer, re-saving the file in the newer format will reduce the file to about half its current size.

RF Cascade Workbook 2005 input specification screen - RF CafeRF Cascade Workbook 2005 results screen - RF CafeThe User's guide presents useful system design information such as one of the best graphical explanations of spectral inversion you will see (IMHO). Click here to view the entire User's Guide, and then order the software . I have a PDF version of the User's Guide for owners if you write to request it. Thanks.

See RF Cascade Workbook 2005 in the January 2005 edition of Electronic Products

Note: Version 1.11 changes the value used for testing saturation conditions from
         P[sig]min to P[sig]max. This assures that the worst-case combination of
         power and signal gain are accounted for.
         Thanks to Ken H. for the suggestion.

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