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December 1947 Popular Science

December 1947 Popular Science

December 1947 Popular Science Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Science, published 1872-2021. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

From the 194s through the 1980s, National Radio Institute (NRI) ran full-page and multi-page advertisements in many electronics and technology magazines, including Popular Mechanics, Radio News, and here in this 1947 issue of Popular Science. I don't recall exactly how/where I learned of the NRI when I enrolled in their "Electronic Design Technology" course, circa 1987. At the time I was working as an electronics technician for Simmonds Precision Instruments in Vergennes, Vermont. That was immediately preceding my completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vermont. My formal training in electronics began in the U.S. Air Force while attending technical school at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, for being an Air Traffic Control Radar Repairman. NRI president J. E. (James Ernest) Smith, whose face appeared regularly in the ads, was born in 1881, at the dawn of electronics, and passed away in 1973.

National Radio Institute

I Will Show You How to Learn Radio by Practicing in Spare Time

I Send You Big Kits of Radio Parts

Kit 1

I send you Soldering Equipment and Radio parts; show you how to do Radio soldering; how to mount and connect Radio parts; give you practical experience.

Kit 2

Early in my course I show you how to build this N. R. I. Tester with parts I send. It soon helps you fix neighborhood Radio and earn extra money in your spare time.

Kit 3

You get parts to build Radio Circuits; then test them; see how they work; learn how to design special circuits; how to locale and repair circuit defects.

Kit 4

You get parts to build this Vacuum Tube Power Pack; make changes 'which give you experience with packs of many kinds; learn to correct power pack troubles.

Kit 5

Building this A. M. Signal Generator gives you more valuable experience. It provides amplitude-modulated signals for many tests and experiments.

Kit 6

You build this Superheterodyne Receiver which brings in local and distant stations - and gives you more experience to help you win success in Radio.

Men I Train at Home Get Good Jobs Like These

Made $612, in 12 Months, Spare Time

Soon after I finished my experimental kits lessons I tackled my first Radio service job. The the neighbors were very cooperative. I soon had all the repair Jobs I could handle in spare time. I have made $612 In the past 12 months in spare time. " - J. W. Clark, Wilmington, N. C.

Minister Makes $10-$20 Weekly Spare Time

"I am a minister. I am in a county seat now trying to serve the people in my church, also trying to keep their Radios playing. I have been making from $10 to $20 per week in spare time." - L. H. Smith, Benton, Tenn.

Knew Nothing About Radio

I knew nothing about Radio when I enrolled. At present I am doing spare time work. I have more than paid for my Course and I have about $200 worth of equipment which has paid for itself." - Raymond Holtcamp, Vandalia, Ill.

Doing Good Spare Time Business

I have been getting receivers to repair right along lately, and by using the methods taught me in the NRI Course. I don't have to spend much time on any of them. " - Stanley N. Strickland, 191 Dale Homes, Portsmouth, Va.

Sample Lesson Free

Gives hints on Receiver Servicing, Locating Defects, Repair of Loudspeaker, I.F. Transformer, Gang Tuner, Condenser, etc. Mail Coupon

My Radio Course Includes

Television • Electronics

Frequency Modulation

Know Radio

Win Success

I Will Train You at Home

Do you want a good-pay job in the fast-growing Radio Industry - or your own Radio Shop? Mail the Coupon for a Sample Lesson and my 64 page book, "How to Be a Success in Radio - Television, Electronics," both Free. See how I will train you at home - how you get practical Radio experience building, testing Radio circuits with big kits of parts I send!


You can get this training in your own home under G. I. Bill. Mail coupon for full details.

Many Beginners Soon Make Extra Money in Spare Time While Learning

The, day you enroll I start sending Extra Money manuals that show how to make Extra money fixing neighbors' Radios in spare time, while still learning. It's probably easier to get started now than ever before, because the Radio Repair Business is booming. Trained Radio Technicians also find profitable opportunities in Police, Aviation. Marine Radio, Broadcasting, Radio Manufacturing, Public Address work. Think of even greater opportunities as Television, FM, and Electronic devices become available to the public! Send for Free books now!

Find Out What NRI Can Do For You

Mail Coupon for Sample Lesson and my Free 64-page book. Read the details about my Course: letters from men I trained; see how quickly. easily you can get started. No obligation! Just Mail Coupon Now in envelope or paste on penny postal. J. E. Smith, President. Dept. 7NP3 National Radio Institute, Pioneer Home Study Radio School, Washington 9 D. C.

Our 33rd Year of Training Men for Success in Radio

Mail Now

Mr. J. E. Smith, President,
Dept. 7NP3
National Radio Institute
Washington 9, D. C.

Mail me Free, your Sample Lesson and 64·page book. (No salesman will call. Please write plainly.)

Age ______

Name ___________________________________

Address ___________________________________

City ___________________________ State ___________________

(Please include Post Office zone number)

Approved for Training under GI Bill



Posted May 16, 2024

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