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National Radio Institute
October 1942 Popular Mechanics

October 1942 Popular Mechanics
October 1942 Popular Mechanics - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early mechanics and electronics. See articles from Popular Mechanics, published continuously since 1902. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Kirt Blattenberger's National Radio Institute (NRI) Certificate - RF CafeImagine being able to earn $10 ($183 in 2023 money) or more per week in your spare time as an electronics repairman! That was the hope given to guys reading the two-page National Radio Institute (NRI) advertising spread in a 1942 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. The same ad - or ones a lot like it - were also commonly seen in other mechanics and electronics magazines of the day. The Wikipedia entry for National Radio Institute shows a magazine ad from 1926, and they were still in business through the late 1980s, because yours truly took NRI's "Electronic Design Technology" home correspondence courses, and received a certificate ("With Highest Honors"*) in July of 1987. NRI reportedly finally closed its doors in 2002. * The tests at the end of each section were mailed back to NRI for grading. I think I aced every one of them (open book of course since no proxy, so that made it easier).

See National Radio Institute, RCA Institutes Home Training Ad, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Coyne Electrical School, National Radio Institute.

National Radio Institute Ad

National Radio Institute, October 1942 Popular Mechanics - RF CafeBe a Radio Technician

Many Make $30, $40, $50 a Week

J. E. Smith


National Radio Institute

Est. 27 Years

Men I Train Win Success Like This

$10 a Week in Spare Time

"I repaired some Radio sets when I was on my tenth lesson. I really don't see how you can give so much for such a small amount of money. I made $600 in a year and a half, and I have made an average of $10 a week - just spare time." John Jerry, 1126 Mariposa St., Denver, Colorado.

Salary Increased $1,800 Year in Radio

"I have been regularly employed in Radio since my graduation. I have been Chief Engineer of three broadcast stations, and at present time am Chief Engineer of WDOD. My salary has increased $1,800 per year since entering Radio and credit is given you for your excellent training." Julius C. Vessels, Station WDOD, Chattanooga, Tenn.

$200 a Month in Own Business

"For several years I have been in business for myself making around $200 a month. Business has steadily increased. I have N. R. I. to thank for my start in this field." Arlie J. Froehner, 300 W. Texas Ave., Goose Creek, Texas.

I Train Beginners at Home for Good Spare Time and Full Time Radio Jobs

Here's your opportunity to get a good job in a field with a big peacetime future! There is a shortage today of trained Radio Technicians and Operators. If you're in a rut, worried because your present job has no future - find out about Radio!

Mail the Coupon. I will send you free my 64-page, illustrated Book, Rich Rewards in Radio. It describes many fascinating types of Radio jobs; tells how N. R. i. trains you at home in spare time; how you learn by building fascinating Radio Circuits with Six Big Kits of Radio Parts I send!

Act Now! Many Beginners Quickly Make $5, $10 Extra a Week

Many N. R. I. Students make $5, $10 Extra Money in spare time while learning. I send Extra money Job Sheets that tell how to do it!

Right now, probably in your neighborhood, there's room for a spare and full time Radio Technician. Many spare time Technicians are starting their own Full time shops ... making $30, $40, $50 a week!

Others take good-pay jobs with Radio Broadcasting Stations. Many more are needed for Government jobs as Civilian Operators, Technicians. Radio Manufacturers employ trained Technicians to help fill Government wartime orders. Aviation, Commercial, Police Radio and Loudspeaker Systems continue to be live, growing fields. And think of the New jobs Television, Frequency Modulation, and other Radio developments will open up after the war! I give you the Radio knowledge required for jobs in these fields.

Build These Radio Circuits With Parts I Send!

Superheterodyne Circuit. Receives Local and Distant Stations. Build it with parts I supply. Use it to make fascinating tests, experiments, prove what you learn from my illustrated lessons!

Measuring instrument. Built early in Course. Use it to locate defects, service Radios in your neighborhood, earn Extra Money while you learn!

A. M. Signal Generator. Build it yourself. It provides amplitude-modulated signal for testing and experimental purposes. I send all parts, instructions, for building these and other Radio Units!

By the time you've conducted 60 sets of Experiments with Radio Parts I supply - have made hundreds of measurements and adjustments - you'll have valuable Practical experience.

How My "50-50 Method" Paves the Way to Bigger Pay

My "50-50 Method" - half building and testing Radio Circuits, half learning from illustrated lessons - is a tested, proved method. Think how much you'll learn by building the "Superhet" and Measuring Instrument illustrated below - by conducting 60 sets of experiments on these and other circuits you build with parts I supply! Before you know it you are "old friends" with the miracle of Radio. You run your own Spare Time Shop, fix the Radios of your friends and neighbors - get paid while learning!

Extra Pay in Army, Navy, Too

Men likely to go into military service, soldiers, sailors. marines, should mail the Coupon Now! Learning Radio helps men get extra rank, extra prestige, more interesting duties, Much Higher Pay. Hundreds now in service are N. R. I. students. Also prepares for good Radio jobs, after service ends.

A Great School Helps You Toward the Rich Rewards of Radio

In 27 years since N. R. I. pioneered the home study of Radio, I've seen my method help thousands jump their pay. It's not a "miracle cure" nor a "long-chance" operation. It is a time-tested, practical way to prepare for a full time Radio job paying up to $50 a week. Instead of struggling along by yourself, you "team up" with an organization that knows how to help beginners get started.

Find Out What N. R. I. Can Do For You

Mail the Coupon for my Free 64-page book. It is packed with Radio facts, things you never knew about opportunities in Broadcasting, Radio Servicing, Manufacturing, other Radio fields.

You'll read a complete description of my Course - "50-50 Method" - 6 Experimental Kits - Extra Money Job Sheets. You'll see the fascinating jobs Radio offers and how You can train at home: No obligation. If you want to Jump Your Pay - Mail Coupon At Once! J. E. SMITH, President, Dept. 2KP, National Radio Institute, Washington, D. C.

Set Servicing pays many N. R. I. trained Radio Technicians $30, $40, $50 a week. Others hold their regular jobs and make $5 to $10 extra a week in spare time.

Broadcasting Stations employ N. R. I. trained Radio Technicians as operators, installation, maintenance men and in other capacities and pay well.

This Free Book Has Helped Hundreds of Men Make More Money

Training Men for Vital Radio Jobs

Find Out About This Tested Way to Better Pay

Mail this to get 64 page book Free

J. E. Smith, President, Dept. 2KP

National Radio Institute, Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Smith: Mail me Free, without obligation, your 64-page book, "Rich Rewards in Radio;" which points out Radio's opportunities and tells how you train men at home to be Radio Technicians. (No salesman will call. Please write or print plainly.)

Age ______________

Name ___________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________


City ___________________________ State _____________________________



Posted January 31, 2024

Rigol DHO1000 Oscilloscope - RF Cafe
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