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Amateur Radio Theme Crossword Puzzle
May 8th, 2022

This May 8th custom made crossword puzzle has an Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio) theme, compliments of RF Cafe. Clues specifically related to the Ham Radio theme are marked with an asterisk (*). All RF Cafe crossword puzzles are custom made by me, Kirt Blattenberger, and have only words and clues related to RF, microwave, and mm-wave engineering, optics, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other technical subjects. As always, this crossword puzzle contains no names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort unless it/he/she is related to this puzzle's technology theme (e.g., Reginald Denny or the Tunguska event in Siberia). The technically inclined cruciverbalists amongst us will appreciate the effort. Enjoy!

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

acr. = acronym, abbr. = abbreviation, pl. = plural, wds. = words

Amateur Radio Theme Crossword Puzzle for May 8th, 2022 - RF Cafe

1. An area of poor radio communication, too distant for ground wave and too close for sky waves (2 wds., pl.)
6. A series of dots and dashes used for messaging (2 wds.) *
11. Amateur radio operator who is qualified to administer Amateur Radio licensing examinations (abbr.) *
12. Type of logic gate
13. Electronics Industry Association (abbr.)
14. Bandwidth (abbr.)
15. Type of matrix barcode used with laser scanning(abbr.)
17. Unit of liquid measure (abbr.)
18. Type of microwave diode
21. Chemical symbol for lutetium
23. Unix, Linux or Windows (abbr.)
24. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.
25. 2nd level of Ham license
29. Common plastic insulation type (abbr.)
31. Chemical symbol for chlorine
32. Degree of IC sophistication (abbr.)
33. European equivalent to the U.L.
35. Ham's code for "Entire net stand by." *
37. Greek letter used for frequency
39. Unit of admittance (pl.)
41. Chemical symbol for platinum
42. Aerodynamic opposition to thrust
44. Chemical symbol for bismuth
45. Boob tube (abbr.)
46. Amateur radio enthusiast *
47. Silicon transistor type (abbr.)
49. Chemical symbol for gadolinium
50. ampere-hour (abbr.)
52. Chemical symbol for nobelium
54. Internet protocol (abbr.)
55. Test equipment (abbr.)
56. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
57. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
58. The 4th letter in ARRL *
61. Communication type that method makes use of electromagnetic waves
63. Hedy _____, Hollywood actress with first patent for spread spectrum communications
66. Type of data conversion device (abbr.)
67. A BPF specification (abbr.)
68. 2-way conversation, Ham term
70. Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (abbr.)
72. Newest buzz phrase for ubiquitous remote control and monitoring of everything (abbr.)
74. The highest level Amateur Radio license rating
76. A common battery cell size
78. Code for a type of electrical wire insulation
80. Ham's code for "Is my transmission being interfered with?" *
83. Ham abbreviation for "distant station" *
85. Negative temperature coefficient (abbr.)
87. Feature in some waveguides used to increase operational bandwidth
88. International phonetic alphabet letter "O"
91. 2-element, 1/2 wavelength antenna fed at the center
93. Armored cable type
94. Chemical symbol for palladium
95. Chemical symbol for silver
96. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors
97. One type of electron spin
98. Volume unit (abbr.)
100. Switch position
101. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
103. Ham's code for "What is the correct time?" *
105. Related to FM by a differential
106. Type of component package (abbr.)
108. Type of wire used to wind baluns and couplers
110. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
111. Type of capacitor dielectric
112. Ratio of circumference to diameter
113. ___ Enterprises, a major Ham Radio equipment distributor and manufacturer
115. Opposite of a LO
116. Governmental agency that monitors pollution (abbr.)
119. Unit of liquid measure (abbr.)
121. Send Morse Code *
124. Point in an revolving object's orbit that is closest to the body it is orbiting
127. 1e-6 mA
128. Mate to a TX
129. Chemical symbol for rubidium
130. Encased in a protective covering
131. Army-Navy specification prefix
132. Chemical symbol for tin
134. Chemical symbol for thallium
137. Voice of America
138. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr.)
139. Unit of time (abbr.)
140. Ham's term for self-assembled project (pl.) *
141. The "S" in the IEEE's IMS show
1. Chemical symbol for selenium
2. Short for potentiometer
3. Chemical symbol for zirconium
4. Electrical engineer (abbr., pl.)
5. Trigonometric function equal to the ratio between the side opposite a given angle, and the hypotenuse
7. Opposite of I.D.
8. Chemical symbol for antimony
9. Modern battlefield technique (abbr.)
10. Equalizer (abbr.)
11. It's the first letter in 11 Across *
16. Mate to a transmitter (pl.)
17. Ham's code for "Can you acknowledge receipt?" *
18. Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo
19. Amateur radio operator who is qualified to administer Amateur Radio licensing examinations (abbr., pl.) *
20. 10E1 numerical prefix
21. Filter type that blocks upper frequencies (abbr.)
22. PCB mask exposing ray (abbr.)
23. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)
24. Megohm (abbr.)
26. Nordic Mobile Telephone
27. Describes some waveguides that use a longitudinal protrusion to increase operational bandwidth
28. Display type
30. "Calling any amateur radio station" *
34. Unit of energy (pl.)
36. Chemical symbol for niobium
38. PCB mask exposing ray (abbr.)
39. 1/000 of an amp (abbr.)
40. Chemical symbol for tin
41. Silicon transistor type
43. Chemical symbol for gallium
46. Maintaining a voltage for sampling
48. _____-wise linear
51. High electron mobility transistor
53. Chemical symbol for mercury
55. Chemical symbol for tantalum
56. Electrical overstress (abbr.)
59. Engineering Change Order (abbr.)
60. Unit of capacitance (abbr.)
61. Device attached to an antenna mast which rotates it so that the antenna can point in different directions
62. A quantitative measure of a person's mental capacity (abbr.)
64. Ham radio operator *
65. System for guiding aircraft (abbr.)
69. Mathematical table whose entries come from a fixed finite set of symbols (abbr.)
71. Type of distribution, squared
73. Slang for when a professor hints at an exam problem (abbr.)
75. Summed
77. Circuit that reduces interference (abbr.)
78. Sends information
79. High Definition Television
81. Unit of length equal to 5.5 yards
82. 1E6 nanoseconds
84. Greek letter
86. The "E" in 11 Across (pl.) *
89. Constellation : The crab
90. Chemical symbol for silver
92. Chemical symbol for polonium
94. Radio signal route
96. Resistive component of a capacitor's lumped element model (abbr.)
99. Electrical safety organization (abbr.)
102. 1/100 meter (abbr.)
103. Organization requiring 25 years of amateur service for membership (abbr.) *
104. Chemical symbol for tantalum
105. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform (abbr.)
107. 300 kHz to 3 MHz
109. Compress a computer file
110. Be behind in phase
114. Type of flip flop
117. Type of chart
118. Electro-mechanical switching device
119. Ham radio-ese for electromagnetic interference occurring in nature *
120. Mate to an RX
122. Chemical symbol for erbium
123. Chemical symbol for ytterbium
125. Equalizer (abbr.)
126. Official engineering change document (abbr., pl.)
127. Chemical symbol for neodymium
131. Automatic Calibration System (abbr.)
133. Unit of inductance (abbr.)
134. Chemical symbol for terbium
135. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
136. Pure carrier (abbr.)
138. Galilean moon
139. Home state of Los Alamos lab (abbr.)

See solution below


2022 Crosswords Archive

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All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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Amateur Radio Theme Crossword Puzzle Solution for May 8th, 2022 - RF Cafe

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