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Up until fairly recently ZigBee and WLAN together were believed by pundits to be a low data rate and high data rate, respectively, replacement for Bluetooth. Now, it appears ZigBee will be carving out a niche below and overlapping with Bluetooth integration opportunities. As a cheaper to manufacture and simpler to integrate platform, ZigBee is making rapid advancements. User groups are still hashing out details, and like with Bluetooth, ZigBee will certainly undergo a second round of specification tweaking once enough models are deployed in consumer products to gain significant feedback.

Pricing appears to be in the $1 target range, which does make ZigBee more attractive then Bluetooth where application do not require more than a few 10s of kbps data. One big advantage ZigBee has over Bluetooth is a sleep mode that keeps battery drain to a minimum and allows some applications to go for years between battery changes. The links listed here will get you started in your quest for ZigBee technology information.

According to the ZigBee Alliance, it derives its name from the zigzag path of bees that serves to signal a new food source to other members of the colony. The bee's survival depends on the continuous communication of information between every member of the colony.

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Atmel |
408-441-0311 | San Jose, CA
Atmel's ZigBee-ready product line will include a complete ZigBee and 802.15.4 solution of RF transceivers, tailored microcontrollers, and software and reference designs.

Crossbow Technology |
408-965-3300 | San Jose, CA
Supplier of inertial sensor systems for aviation, land, and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors as well as the leading full solutions supplier in the wireless sensor networking arena and the only manufacturer of smart dust wireless sensors.

Ember |
617-951-0200 | South Boston, MA
Produces ZigBee semiconductor products, software, and development tools.

FlexiPanel |
+44 (0) 20 7524 7774 | London, U.K.
Bluetooth & ZigBee remote control modules for turnkey systems.

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc |
Austin, TX
ZigBee-Ready Platforms.

GreenPeak Technologies |
+31 30 262 1157 | The Netherlands
+1 512 464 1188 | USA
A fabless semiconductor, module and software company offering green ultra low power wireless communication technology for sense and control applications. GreenPeak’s mesh networks are enabled by the use of energy harvesting devices while not compromising in performance like range, data rate or reliability. GreenPeak driven networks powered by energy harvesting bring true maintenance-free operation.

Helicomm, Inc |
858-638-0850 | San Diego, CA
Provides ZigBee compliant wireless networking platform for monitoring and control applications.

Microchip |
480-792-7200 | Chandler, AZ
ZigBee® protocol connectivity solutions including software & RF transceivers.

800-270-2516 | Culver City, CA
ZigBee testing and certification services.

Radiocrafts AS |
+47 970 86 676 | Norway
Offers standard RF modules for operation in the license-free ISM bands at 315 | 433 | 429 | 868 | 915 | 2450 MHz, including ZigBee, provides compact modules that are easy to integrate and easy to use, for shortest possible time-to-market, for applications such as building and industrial automation, telemetry, automated meter reading, home automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking.

Radiotronix |
405-794-7730 | Oklahoma City, OK
A premier manufacturer of high performance wireless embedded radio modules and network solutions design platforms for applications in industrial, medical, commercial, automatic meter reading (AMR) and wire replacement markets.

Renesas Technology Corp |
408-382-7500 | San Jose, CA
Fully-Integrated ZigBee-Compliant Platforms.

Silicon Laboratories Inc |
877-444-3032 | Austin, TX
Offers a family of optimized MCUs, development kits, modules and software to simplify and speed development for 802.15.4 and ZigBee applications.

Telegesis |
+44 (0) 1494 510199 | UK
ZigBee products including modules & development kits.

Texas Instruments, Inc
RF/IF and ZigBee® Solutions.

631-549-2666 | Melville, NY
Manufacturer of application-specific, integrated circuits including WPAN/ ZigBee products.

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