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Used Equipment & Parts
Manufacturers & Services

Used Equipment & Parts Vendors - RF CafeJust as in our personal lives it is often acceptable to procure pre-owned (aka used) equipment and/or component inventories. It is equally acceptable to hold onto older equipment to save money as long as the older equipment can still do the job and does not break down too often. Fortunately, there are companies like the ones listed here that make it easier for you to implement such a plan. They seek out and buy stocks of surplus items to meet your needs. That keeps you from having to buy and store spare parts when you might not ever need them. Of course, there is the risk that if you do not buy and store spares yourself, that none will be available later on.

Surplus Inventory

AG Semiconductor | 203-322-5300 | Stamford, CT

One of the largest used equipment suppliers to the global semiconductor industry.

Akribis Metrology Ltd | 01299871040 | UK

Wide range of quality new, used, refurbished and reconditioned equipment including metrology, laboratory and scientific equipment, vacuum pumps, heating and cooling equipment, engineering and electrical equipment. Also offer consultancy on to help you specify your inspection | lab equipment requirements.

Anderson Lasers | 216-990-0563 | Seville, OH

Laser systems, optical test & measurement equipment, laser & optical components, late model electronic test equipment, vacuum equipment, accessories.

Aptec Electronics | 310-640-7262 | El Segundo, CA

We buy and sell new and used electronic test equipment, aviation related parts, optical, mechanical & electronic components. We are in the aerospace capital of the world and have been able to accumulate quite an inventory of aerospace quality surplus equipment and parts.

Assets2Market | 518-688-0526 | Scotia, NY

Assets 2 Market offers an easy to use, inexpensive, worldwide marketplace designed to help you sell your own new, used, surplus or idle parts and equipment. There are no commissions, transaction or broker fees and you deal directly with your prospective buyer.

Axic | 800-475-2762 | Santa Clara, CA

Used semiconductor production equipment.

Bay Breakers | 800-699-2980 | San Jose, CA

Provides new, used, and obsolete circuit breakers, circuit breaker hardware, motor controls, safety disconnects, bus plugs, panel board switches.

Bell Enterprise | 909-473-7206 | San Bernardino, CA

Supplier of telecommunications equipment, stocking new surplus, out-of-service and used telecom equipment.

Bid-Service LLC | Freehold, NJ

Used semiconductor processing, test and electronics, laboratory equipment, optical microscopes, electron microscopes, high-vacuum equipment.

CAE Online | 650-326-3313 | Menlo Park, CA

Marketplace for the purchase and sale of used, surplus, and refurbished semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment. We have over 18,000 active For Sale listings and over 2,000 active Wanted listings.

Capovani Brothers | 518-346-8347 | Scotia, NY

Refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment including all types of wafer manufacturing tools, vacuum pumps, clean room equipment, inspection microscopes, & sputtering chambers. Our web-site is updated daily and represents our current inventory of over 1,500 items.

ClassOne Equipment | 770-808-8708 | Decatur, GA

Specializes in selling high quality pre-owned equipment to the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries including MEMS, compound semiconductors, optoelectronics, microelectronics, science, and technology. We focus on equipment used for wafer fabrication, metrology, assembly, and test.

CXtec | 800-767-3282 | Syracuse, NY

Over 40,000 computer networking products. In addition to new products, we also sell used and refurbished phones & other products (i.e. business VoIP phones) so that customers have more purchasing power - often find products for much less than retail.

Denver Test Systems | 888-641-8637 | Phoenix AZ

Provides reconditioned automatic test equipment (ATE) to the printed circuit board manufacturing industry.

Duniway Stockroom Corp. | 800-446-8811 | Mountain View, CA

Used and new products for the vacuum equipment market including surplus pumps, valves, baffles & traps, Cryopumps, leak detectors, and more.

Fab-Equipment.com | 858-566-2945 | San Diego, CA

Dedicated to selling used equipment related to the semiconductor and micro machining industries.

Hi-Tech Sources | 858-689-0333 | San Diego, CA

Refurbished used and new electronic assembly equipment.

HiTechTrader | 609-518-9100 | Mount Holly, NJ

Sells new & used, laboratory and process equipment for research, industry & education.

International Equipment Trading Ltd | 800-438-4522 | Vernon Hills, IL

New, used, and refurbished lab equipment including electron microscopes, gas & liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, infrared, UV-VIS, mass, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers from leading manufacturers.

JMC | 856-697-4400 | Newfield, NJ

Purchases all types of semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment.

Laser Resale | 978-568-9988 | Hudson, MA

Provides a marketplace for the purchase and sale of used lasers, laser systems, laser associated equipment, and optical laboratory equipment.

Launch 3 Telecom | 877-878-9134 | Garfield, NJ

An international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecommunications equipment specializing in central office, switching, cellular wireless, fixed wireless, data networking, and other telecom equipment.

MHz Electronics | 602-681-9100 | Phoenix, AZ

Buys and sells test equipment.

Odyssey Technical Solutions | 877-989-7007 | Round Rock, TX

State of the art repair facility specializing in RF microwaves, RF generators, and Automatch Networks. Services include repair, refurbishment, core exchanges, process and equipment engineering, and equipment sales.

Power Quality | 800-877-7844 | Yuma, AZ

Power conditioners (new and refurbished).

Recon.inc | 704-795-6610 | Concord, NC

Pre-owned SMT & PTH assembly equipment.

Rescue Electronics | 860-485-0355 | USA

Surplus website selling Litz Wire, electronic parts, resistors, inductors, coils, semiconductors, antennas, variable capacitors, RF components, low pass filters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, voltmeters and other test equipment for the hobbyist throughout the world.


We let you sell your used and surplus electronics the old fashion way. You communicate directly with the prospective buyer/seller throughout the entire transaction. Trade used transmitters, sell vintage receivers, advertise your antennas; it is all up to you. Ads must be related to radio, television, audio, lasers, hobbyist electronics, etc. Buy & Sell for FREE! No commissions, listing fees, final value fees, or photo hosting fees. Dealers welcome.

SDI Fabsurplus | 830-388-1071 | Boerne, TX

Established in 1998, SDI has now built up an international network of sales agents and offices. Our technical focus is Semiconductor FAB front-end, particularly wafer and reticle QC, photolithography, coating, developing and deposition equipment.

SMC Electronics | 508-801-6622 | Brockton, MA

Sellers of surplus and refurbished electronic equipment including repair | replacement | experimenter parts and accessories. We have many hard-to-find electronic items and parts at reasonable prices. Over 5000 items currently in stock.

Spectra Services | 800-955-7732 | Ontario, NY

Buys and sells used optical equipment, and also services and repairs microscopes and optics.

Spectrum Process Equipment | 610-693-8141 | Wernersville, PA

Specializes in buying and selling used semiconductor equipment, laboratory, research & development equipment, as well as test & measurement equipment.

Sphere Research Canadian Test Equipment | 250-769-1834 | Canada

Used electronic test equipment and repair parts.

Tekmart International | +1 416-385-1956 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Global supplier of quality secondhand SMT/PCB/Thru-Hole & Test equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry worldwide. We have worked closely with top EMS and OEM operations worldwide for over 10 years providing cost-effective production equipment solutions and competitive surplus capital asset recovery options.

Telecom Finders | 800-893-6863 | Tampa, FL

Online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used and refurbished telecom equipment including central office switching, pbx phone systems, networking and wireless.

TelExpress | 800-876-4101 | Archdale, NC

We sell new, used, and refurbished telecom equipment including wireline & wireless equipment, voice & data communications, telecom hardware, cable assemblies, fiber optics, etc. Services also include asset management and recovery programs for redistributing your surplus inventory.

Tempest Telecom Solutions | 805-690-3344 | Santa Barbara, CA

A provider of new and refurbished wireless, landline and networking infrastructure equipment including RF, power, transport, microwave, networking and test and measurement equipment.

Testwall Ltd | +353 (0)1 2190235 | Dublin, Ireland

Pre-owned test equipment and rental including spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, frequency counters, signal generators, synthesizers, data communications test equipment.

TFS Technologies | 800-795-7977

Used vacuum equipment including Cryopumps, cryo pump parts, vacuum chambers, vacuum parts.

TruePulse | 905-770-7571 | Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

TruePulse buys and sells surplus and refurbished telecommunication equipment for telephone companies and cable TV companies. Equipment includes Nortel Optera, Cisco, Lucent WaveStar, Alcatel and Tellabs Titan.

Tyco Electronics | 717-810-2950

We offer two levels of equipment sales, used and reconditioned. We guarantee that each machine sold will operate with the high quality expectations of new Tyco Electronics machines.

Used-Line | Southfield, MI

Search Engine for buyers of used, refurbished and surplus Test & Measurement, Lab and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

Valuetronics | 800-552-8258 | Elgin, IL

Buy, sell, and trade electronic test equipment including spectrum, network, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, power supplies, & signal generators.

XL Technology, LLC | 602-220-0750 | Phoenix, AZ

Buy/sell/refurb/liquidate/decommission/deinstall semiconductor wafer fab equipment & metrology, auxiliary equipment, and spare parts.

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