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January 1946 Radio News Article

January 1946 Radio News
January 1946 Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

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100 Pc Security BIT Tamper Proof Bit Set - RF Cafe

I have one of these sets ($15). It comes in handy at times.

Clutch head screws were one of the original 'security' or 'tamper-proof' type fasteners. United Screw and Bolt Corporation undoubtedly hoped their patented design would become the new standard in screw heads and drivers. Clutch head screws are still available today, but many do not include the round shape in the middle of the 'bowtie' shape. Fortunately for Mr. Henry Phillips, his eponymous screw head design, first introduced a decade earlier than when this advertisement appeared in Radio News, won out in the battle to replace the straight slot screw type. Any kind of screw head that captures the driver to prevent it from slipping off the head and stabbing into and/or scratching the work piece is a welcome improvement.

United Screw and Bolt Corporation Ad

United Screw and Bolt Corporation Advertisement, January 1946 Radio News - RF CafeSeven Major Features have established Clutch Head as the most modern screw on the market ... for safer, speedier production and lower final cost.

I The wide roomy Clutch, an easy-to-hit target, inviting operator confidence and speed.

II Center Pivot entry to prevent canting; deep positive engagement for protection against slippage ... safeguarding manpower and materials.

III No end pressure. The straight-walled Clutch matched by straight-sided driver disposes of "ride-out" tendency as set up by "tapered" drive home.

IV Clutch Head's exclusive Lock-On unites screw and bit as a unit ... substituting easy one-handed reaching for fumbling with mechanical fingers.

V The rugged Type "A" Bit delivers a longer uninterrupted spell of service ... and may be repeatedly reconditioned to original efficiency by a 60-second application of the end surface to a grinding wheel.

VI Simplified field service ... because Clutch Head is the only modern screw operative with the ordinary type screwdriver, or any flat blade, of proper width.

VII Here again the Clutch Head Lock-On saves the day. With the Type "A" Bit, rusted-in and frozen-in screws may be withdrawn undamaged and held secure against dropping for re-use.

Because Clutch Head is "The Screw That Sells Itself," we invite you to personally examine and test these features. Your request will bring you, by mail, a package assortment of Clutch Head Screws and sample Type "A" Bit; also fully illustrated Brochure.

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