The American Radiator Delay League
April 1933 QST Article

April 1933 QST

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from ARRL's QST, published December 1915 - present. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

QST, the American Radio Relay League's flagship monthly publication, has been around since December of 1915. It has for decades included Fools' articles in the April editions, as do many other magazines. Each year I peruse April issues with a bit of trepidation for fear that I will not be savvy enough to spot the phony article. Usually there is some aspect that is clearly not right, thereby giving up the scam. This year's April QST arrived a week ago and a quick scan has not revealed to me anything suspicious. Maybe this one requires the knowledge of a seasoned, practicing Ham for detection; book knowledge alone might not cut it this time.

The American Radiator Delay League


(Pronounced "UGH") Published just this once, as its official mouth­organ, by the American Delayed Kick League, Ltd., Zrnp-Xaboflsky Vfplxice, Pffft.

april fool!

Lovingly devoted for the first and last time exclusively to

Liberian Dog-Apple Growing

The American Radiator Delay League is a national non-professional association of radiator delayers, bonded for the more effective delaying of hot-water and steam radiators as may be found from time to time to be in the public interest, convenience or necessity; to advance the art of delaying radiators; for the maintenance of radiator fraternalism and a high standard of delaying amongst radiator delay-men; and to keep the public delayed-radiator conscious as may promote more and better delays to bigger and better radiators .

"Of, by and for" the delayer, it numbs within its ranks practically every worth-while amateur delayer who ever successfully delayed a radiator, and has a history of glorious achievement as the radiator-bearer amongst delayed amateurs.

Inquiries regarding membership are solicited. Ownership of one's own radiators is not a perquisite, but a bona-fide interest in delaying same is an exquisite qualification. Address all correspondence to the Chief Pipe-Bender at Omponpanoosuck.

The American Radiator Delay League

Hellion X-Ray Landslide, (Secretary, A.R.D.L.) Editor-in-Chief and Pipe-Bender-in-Chief; Big Chief Bender, chief bender; Frank Lee Nertz, Most Potent Delayer; I. M. Too, First Assistant Director of Delays; Hooie Loober , Director of Public Inconvenience and Stoppages; N. Whatinhell, Head Degilder; A. Punk Sigg, Vice-Strawboss in Charge.

Messages of the following type may he filed with any of The American Radiator Delay League Stations: CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ CQ

Main Delaying Headquarters:

(For answer, see to-morrow's installment)

And in case you didn't see it above, it's-

April Fool!