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Radio Corporation of America Radiograms
June 1947 Popular Science

June 1947 Popular Science

June 1947 Popular Science Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Science, published 1872-2021. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Long distance radio communications made significant advances during World War II. It had to. With as widespread and intense as fighting was, war rooms needed as much and as accurate information as possible from land, sea, and air forces. Satellite systems were more than a decade away when this news item on RCA Radiograms appeared in a 1947 issue of Popular Science magazine. While improved transmitters, receivers, and antennas were extremely important, perhaps the most significant factor in achieving reliable, predictable long distance communications was a better understanding of the Earth's upper atmosphere and how it affected the transmission of electromagnetic waves. No direct measurements of ionospheric heights and conduction levels had been made at the time, so it was a combination of theoretical and operational experience that determined parameters necessary for success. After the war, when some strategic secrets were divulged to the public, businesses and even private citizens were able to enjoy the newfound benefits. Many of the companies that helped develop the wartime technology were able to exploit that effort afterward.

Radio Corporation of America Radiograms

Radio Corporation of America Radiograms, June 1947 Popular Science - RF CafeRCA Communications' new world-wide automatic tape relay radio system speeds Radiograms.

New wings for words around the world!

Radiograms "Via RCA" to and from overseas points now are processed by automatic machines which speed your messages through such gateway cities as New York, London, San Francisco and Manila, without delay.

This advanced technique in international radiotelegraphy is the result of wartime research and development. It gives to private messages the same speed, accuracy and dependability which were attained through its use by the U. S. Army Communications Service during the war.

RCA Laboratories - one of the world's foremost centers of radio and electronic research - is continually pioneering and advancing radio communications in service to the Nation and the public.

When you buy an RCA Victor radio or television receiver, Victrola radio-phonograph, or phonograph record, you are getting, thanks to RCA research and engineering, one of the finest products of its kind science has achieved.

"Victrola" T. M. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.

Radio Corporation of America, RCA building, Radio City, New York 20. Listen to the RCA Victor Show, Sundays, 2:00 P. M., Eastern Daylight Saving Time, over NBC.

At RCA Communications, "Package Sets" contain an automatic sending and receiving unit for a foreign gateway city. Messages in tape form and received through these machines, are ready for delivery or immediate transmission to any part of the world.

Radio Corporation of America



Posted December 8, 2023

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