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Homepage Archive - March 2019 (page 3)

These archive pages are provided in order to make it easier for you to find items that you remember seeing on the RF Cafe homepage. Of course probably the easiest way to find anything on the website is to use the "Search RF Cafe" box at the top of every page.

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Software Defined Radio Handbook (Pentek) 14th Edition

Software Defined Radio Handbook (Pentek) - RF CafePentek has published the 14th edition of their popular "Software Defined Radio Handbook." The download is free, but you need an account to access it on their website. Written by Pentek vice-president and cofounder Roger Hosking, it is mostly an infomercial for their products, but the first dozen pages contain good background information on topics such as sampling, principles of SDR, and FPGAs. A readily accessible version is available here if you do not like creating new accounts ...

3D Printer Uses Ray of Light to Shape Complex Objects

3D Printer Uses Ray of Light to Shape Complex Objects - RF Cafe"A 3D printing technique from UC Berkeley shapes objects all at once rather than layer by layer, allowing for more complex and smooth objects. A new light-based 3D-printing approach and machine can fabricate complex objects in minutes that are smoother and more flexible than what's currently possible. Dubbed the 'replicator' - a reference to the Star Trek television program - and developed by researchers at UC Berkeley, the printer uses a ray of light to transform liquids into objects all at once rather than layer by layer, which is how typical 3D printers create objects. The replicator was a device on the famous program that would materialize any object on demand ..."

Hams in the FBIS

Hams in the FBIS, January 1945 QST - RF CafeWe hear and read a lot in the news about the electronic surveillance carried out by governments - on both foreign entities and civilians. If you think this is a phenomenon that has only existed since the age of cellphones and the Internet, you might be interested in this article that appeared in a 1945 issue of the ARRL's QST magazine. Long before the entire textual content of the Encyclopedia Britannica could be carried on a USB stick in your pocket - and access virtually all the information in the world on your iPhone, engineers were developing recording media to facilitate the capturing and later analysis of over-the-air and wired communications. They wanted both encrypted and unencrypted conversations. The National Archives has a huge store of magnetic tapes, vinyl discs ...

Smiths Interconnect Looking for an RF Test Coordinator

Smiths Interconnect Looking for an RF Test Technician - RF CafeSmiths Interconnect currently has a job opportunity for an RF Test Coordinator. Smiths is always looking for curious minds. For new colleagues who want responsibility and relish a challenge. Those who would like to use their talents to help make the world safer, healthier, more efficient and more connected. Job Description: Coordinates and performs the operation, training, maintenance and continuous improvement of the BTPA RF lab, Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) & Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) lab, and the MMW Far-Field (FFR) & Near-Field Ranges (NFR). Duties & Responsibilities: Utilize engineer drawings, test procedures, and processes to support Antenna mechanical and test assemblies. Plan performance schedule for various test and measurement needs to support production schedule and SII's internal / external customers. Assist Manufacturing Engineering and Test Coordinators ...

Nanosatellites Could Be Answer to Mobile Not-Spots

Nanosatellites Could Be the Answer to Mobile Not-Spots - RF CafeHa! I've never heard the term "not-spot" before to describe a area with no coverage. "Start-up UbiquitiLink reckons it’s cracked the challenge of affordable satellite connectivity to regular handsets through the use of nanosatellites. You can't use traditional geostationary satellites to fill regular cellular coverage gaps because they're too expensive and are positioned 35,000 km above the surface of the earth, which is way further than cellular signals are designed to go and introduces excessive lag to the signal. An obvious solution is to use satellites at a much lower orbit, but until now that hasn't been economically viable. UbiquitiLink reckons it has the answer to this conundrum and went to MWC last week to tell everyone all about it ..."

PCB Directory: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Assembly

PCB  Directory - RF Cafe

PCB Directory is the largest directory of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturers, Assembly houses, and Design Services on the Internet. We have listed the leading printed circuit board manufacturers around the world and made them searchable by their capabilities - Number of laminates used, Board thicknesses supported, Number of layers supported, Types of substrates (e.g., material, flexible, rigid), Geographical location, and more ...

Sunday 17

RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle for March 17

RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle March 17, 2019This very large crossword puzzle will keep you busy for a while. Since 2000, I have been creating custom technology-themed crossword puzzles for the brain-exercising benefit and pleasure of RF Cafe visitors who are fellow cruciverbalists. The jury is out on whether or not this type of mental challenge helps keep your gray matter from atrophying in old age, but it certainly helps maintain your vocabulary and cognitive skills at all ages. A database of thousands of words has been built up over the years and contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter the name of a movie star like Hedy Lamarr ...


Television? ... It's a Cinch!

Television? ... It's a Cinch!, March 1953 Radio-Electronics - RF CafeIf television was "a chinch," in 1953 as this Radio-Electronic article claims, the world would have had it long before then. Just like looking up the work-out solutions to a physics problem in the back of a textbook, a lot of things look simple and obvious once someone else has already done it. I guess that's not really a fair criticism of this piece since author Aisberg's goal is to assuage some of the doubts and misconceptions a lot of people had about the relatively new technology. 1953 is the year that the NTSC formalized its color TV standard, which , BTW, was careful to accommodate B&W transmissions on the same channels - similar to how AM-FM stereo and stereo FM radio can coexists with monaural (mono) broadcasts. Television, in case you are not aware, began as an electromechanical system with picture frames and shutters, spinning discs, and other Rube Goldberg contraptions ...












Is Analog Signal Processing the Future of AI?

Is Analog Signal Processing the Future of AI? - RF Cafe"Gene Frantz may have been the visionary for DSP back in the 1970s, but now he thinks we need to turn our attention back to analog to tackle the big challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). Previously a principal technology fellow at Texas Instruments, Frantz is now a professor at Rice University. He is also the co-founder and chief technology officer at at Octavo Systems, a fledgling semiconductor-in-package (SiP) company based in Austin, Texas. Speaking during the launch of Octavo's OSD32MP1 - the company's first SiP based on the newly announced STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 microprocessor - Frantz told EE Times that he believes SiP and analog processing will be the future. He said AI needs a better solution and suggested that we should consider going back to analog signal processing ..."

America's Undersea Battle with China for Control of the Global Internet Grid

America's Undersea Battle with China for Control of Global Internet Grid - RF Cafe"The undersea West African Cable System links Africa with Europe. Huawei Marine Networks Company made upgrades. A new front has opened in the battle between the U.S. and China over control of global networks that deliver the internet. This one is beneath the ocean. While the U.S. wages a high-profile campaign to exclude China's Huawei Technologies Company from next-generation mobile networks over fears of espionage, the company is embedding itself into undersea cable networks that ferry nearly all of the world's internet data ..."

L-M, Sequans Develop LTE-over-Satellite Solution

LM, Sequans Develop LTE-over-Satellite Solution - RF Caf"The aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is working with Sequans Communications to develop new LTE for satellite technologies. The two companies are enabling LTE end user devices to connect directly to geostationary satellites in what they’re describing as a world-first achievement with wide application. 'Sequans has expertise adapting LTE technology for special purposes such as this one,' said Scott Landis, a director at Lockheed Martin, in a press release. 'Sequans engineers modified their existing LTE chips to enable a new LTE-to-satellite communication specification developed by Lockheed Martin. LTE to satellite represents an important breakthrough in mobility and connectivity ..."

Time Reversal Using Quantum Computer

Time Reversal Using Quantum Computer - RF Cafe"Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology teamed up with colleagues from the U.S. and Switzerland and returned the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second into the past. They also calculated the probability that an electron in empty interstellar space will spontaneously travel back into its recent past. The study is published in Scientific Reports. 'This is one in a series of papers on the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics. That law is closely related to the notion of the arrow of time that posits the one-way direction of time from the past to the future,' said the study's lead author Gordey Lesovik ..."

Microfabrication Modifies Semiconductor Material Atom-by-Atom

Microfabrication Modifies Semiconductor Material Atom-by-Atom - RF Cafe"To keep up with Moore's Law - an observation made in the 1960s that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles about every two years - researchers are finding ways to cram as many transistors as possible onto microchips. The newest trend is 3D transistors that stand vertically, like fins, and measure about 7 nanometers across - tens of thousands of times thinner than a human hair. Tens of billions of these transistors can fit on a single microchip, which is about the size of a fingernail. A modified chemical-etching technique, called thermal atomic level etching (thermal ALE), was used to enable precision modification of semiconductor materials at the atomic level ..."

Quantum Radio Can Detect Universe's Weakest Quantum Signals

Quantum Radio Detects Universe's Weakest Quantum Signals - RF Cafe"A new 'quantum radio' has been demonstrated that can detect the weakest signals allowable under quantum mechanics. Researchers have demonstrated how to detect the weakest radio signals allowed under quantum mechanics, opening the door to advances in radio astronomy and medicine, and physics. The Quanta in the Noise Researchers at Delft University of Technology (DUT) in the Netherlands have built a quantum circuit that allows them to listen to the faintest signal allowable under quantum mechanics, leading to possible advances in radio astronomy, medicine, and attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and relativity ..."

















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