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Engineering & Science Tattoos #2

A couple years have passed since I posted my first collection of science and engineering themed tattoos (#1). It does not take long these days for many more examples to appear on the Internet. One of the biggest challenges is verifying that the tattoos are real, and not Photoshopped or penned on. One guy liked the Moog synthesizer active ladder filter so much that he had it permanently emblazoned on his arm. Another has a binary ASCII code on his side (I decoded it for you).

Links back to the originals are provided if available. If you own the body on which any of these tattoos are imprinted, please send me a link to your website and I will link the thumbnail to it.

Please send me an e-mail if you have a good photo.

RF Cafe - Woman Tattoos Facebook Friends on Her Body
FaceBook Friends
click pic to see video
Tattoo of Schematic Brings Geek-Chic to New Level - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Guitar Amp Schematic
RF Cafe Cool Pic - "Science for Life" Tattoo
"Science for Life"
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Salty Tattoo Tattoo
Salty Tattoo
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Golden Spiral Shell  Tattoo
Golden Spiral Shell
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Moog Ladder Filter Tattoo
Moog Ladder Filter
Moog makes music synthesizers
RF Cafe Cool Pic - HTML Code Tattoo
do View Code on this page
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Electrical Ground Tattoo
Electrical Ground
appropriately placed
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Born Oppenheimer Approximation Tattoo
Born Oppenheimer Approximation
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Robotic Hand Tattoo
Robotic Hand
RF Cafe Cool Pic - ASCII "Peaceful Frustration" Tattoo
"Peaceful Frustration"
that is the binary-to-ascii translation
01010000  01100101
01100001  01100011
01100101  01100110
01110101  01101100
01000110  01110010
01110101  01110011
01110100  01110010
01100001  01110100
01101001  01101111
RF Cafe Cool Pic - Organic Chemistry Skeletal Formula Tattoo
Organic Chemistry Skeletal Formula
not sure what it is

Check out Discover's Science Tattoo Emporium
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