Engineering , Math, and Science Graffiti

Engineering , Math, and Science Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool PicI present here an empirically derived mathematical paradox in Boolean algebraic terms: (Intelligent = Smart) AND (Intelligent = Stupid). I performed a search on the Internet for graffiti (aka street art) sporting a theme of engineering, science, and mathematics. Fortunately, not a lot of examples were found, but even one exception to a theory destroys its universality. It might be argued by some people that free expression of ideas on any medium is in itself a form of intellectual acumen, but I would counter that when the chosen medium is public or privately owned (by someone else) property and permission is not granted, the act degrades to vandalism. Math geeks seem to have the highest penchant for creating graffiti if you consider the inordinately large ratio of math graffiti versus engineering and science graffiti. Regardless, there does not seem to be very much artistic aptitude in any of these examples. If the cretins insist on marring other people's property, they could at least make it visually appealing... but then that's what makes them cretins. The complementary proof, Unintelligent = Stupid seems self-evident, BTW.

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Sidewalk Math Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Sidewalk Math Graffiti

Geometry Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Geometry Graffiti

Engineering Building Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Engineering Graffiti

Sparebot Graffiti Figure - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Sparebot Graffiti Figure
(this is great!)

Brick Math Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Brick Math Graffiti

Canvas Math Grafitti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Canvas Math Grafitti
Maxwell's Equations Graffiti on Bathroom Stall Door - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Maxwell's Equations Graffiti

e^(-x)+ e^(x) Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
e-x+ ex Graffiti
(defines the fence's curve)

Internet Graffiti (404 error) - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Internet Graffiti

Overpass Math Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Overpass Math Graffiti

  Euler's Identity Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Euler's Identity Graffiti

Wall Math Graffiti - RF Cafe Cool Pic
Wall Math Graffiti

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Posted May 17, 2012

These images have been chosen for their uniqueness. Subject matter ranges from historic events, to really cool phenomena in science and engineering, to relevant place, to ingenious contraptions, to interesting products (which now has its own dedicated Featured Product category).

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