Sylvania Electric Peanut Tube Radio Advertisement
May 1949 Radio & Television News

May 1949 Radio & TV News

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When this May 1949 issue of Radio & Television News was being written, Messrs. Bardeen. Shockley, and Brattain had recently announced to the world their invention of the point contact germanium transistor. Sylvania Electric here is touting a miniature pocket radio featuring their line of subminiature (aka "peanut") tubes. Tubes like the 1AC5 'only' needed about 60 volts for operation as opposed to 300 volts or more for standard tubes. This required a voltage multiplier circuit that consisted of inductors, diodes, and capacitors for implementation, which added significant volume to the radio. It was in the Autumn of 1954 that Regency began selling its TR-1 transistor radio - the world's first.

Sylvania Peanut Tube Radio Advertisement

In a Radio Set

How small can you get?

Sylvania's four tiny new tubes hold the answer

The miniature radio set shown here is an example of what can be done through the use of Sylvania's new subminiature tubes.

Sylvania Electric Peanut Tube Transistor Radio Advertisement, May 1949 Radio & Television News - RF Cafe

These specially designed and engineered T-3 subminiatures are battery-type receiving tubes perfect for very small radios or amplifiers. Short tube leads provided in conventional pin arrangement permit these tubes to be plugged into appropriate sub-miniature sockets. They can be operated over a wide range of battery voltages. Low current requirements result in battery economy.

Send for complete ratings and characteristics.

Sylvania Electric Products Inc., Advertising Dept., R-1005, 500 Fifth Ave., New York18, N. Y.

Four new Sylvania subminiatures shown in place in tiny radio set. Note size in relation to pencil.

Sylvania Electric


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