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RF Cafe Quiz #12

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This quiz tests your knowledge of where the international headquarters are located for some of the world's most famous companies.


1Sanyo logo - click to visit website. SANYO Electric Company
a) China
b) South Korea
c) Japan

Philips logo - click to visit website2. Royal Philips Electronics
a) The Netherlands
b) United States
c) United Kingdom

Motorola logo - click to visit website3. Motorola
a) France
b) United States
c) Indonesia

Samsung logo - click to visit website4. Samsung Electronics
a) Korea
b) Taiwan
c)  China

Nokia logo - click to visit website5. Nokia Corporation
a) The Netherlands
b) Finland
c) Italy

Sony logo - click to visit website6. Sony Corporation
a) Japan
b) New Zealand
c) Germany

VTech logo - click to visit website7. VTech Electronics
a) Israel
b) Hong Kong
c) Australia

Zenith logo - click to visit website8. Zenith
a) Chile
b) Germany
c) United States

LG Electronics logo - click to visit website9. LG Electronics
a) South Korea
b) Canada
c) United States

Pioneer Electronics logo - click to visit website10. Pioneer Electronics
a) Taiwan
b) United States
c) Japan

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