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RF Diagnostics - RF Cafe

Wireless Energy Harvesting System Components & Experimenter Kits

June 25, 2020 - RF Diagnostics, LLC, designs and sells surface mount RF to DC converters and other building block modules for energy harvesting systems. With our products you can harvest ambient AC/AM/FM/Wireless Energy to power your IoT battery-free system. We also provide custom designs for RF/microwave and general electrical engineering products and design contracting services to clients in the commercial wireless and defense electronics businesses. We strive to be a high quality and cost effective design resource for your design team.

RF Energy Harvesting Experimenter Kit RFDKIT−01

RF Disgnostics RFDKIT-01 Energy Harvesting Experimenter Kit - RF CafeThe RFDKIT−01 RF Energy Harvesting Experimenter Kit is intended for energy harvesting developers and hobbyists. This energy harvesting design kit is intended for low power system developers and hobbyists. The kit contains parts to collect and manage the power from wireless energy from 1 Hz to 6 GHz. Users can connect to the modules using the included 4-pin headers with a little soldering and clipping. Get started quickly with your application or research with this kit: Get started quickly with your application or research with this kit that includes:

• RFD102A RF−DC Converter Module  • RFD103A AC−DC Converter Module  • RFD88A Energy Harvesting Engine Module  • RFD102A−TB Evaluation Board for the RFD102A w/ test data at 915 MHz/0 dBm  • Please see details on the RF Diagnostics website.

RF Diagnostics' RF Energy Detector RFD102A-DET - RF Cafe


RF Energy Detector RFD102A-DET

Now you can "see" microwave energy in the 2.4-2.5 GHz range with this fully assembled and pretested microwave detector. No batteries needed! The microwave power is harvested and rectified to create a DC voltage that powers the LED. Use this battery-free detector near your microwave oven or wireless LAN router to detect if the power level is greater than 1 milliwatt at 2.4-2.5 GHz. The LED will light up if there is wireless energy and will become brighter if the input power is increasing. RFD102A-DET is great for high school teachers, technology teacher, college professors, hobbyists and HAM radio enthusiasts. The antenna can be extended with alligator clips and longer wires to detect lower frequencies.


RFD199A RF-DC Converter

RF Diagnostics' RFD199A RF-DC Converter - RF CafeThe RFD199A−PCB is a compact energy harvesting system converts RF/microwave signals to 4.2 V - 5.3 VDC for mobile phone and other charging applications. Converts 10 MHz to 2.5 GHz signals to a regulated DC output voltage that may be pulsed in low power conditions or continuous in high power conditions. The design consists of an RF-DC converter and a power management system that switches the DC output on when the internal voltage of the RF−DC converter and storage capacitor reaches 5.3 V. The DC output switches off when the RF−DC converter voltage and storage capacitor voltage falls below 4.2 V. When connected to an antenna, the module can extract power from wireless sources and produce an intermittent or continuous DC output voltage depending upon how much power is available.



Energy Harvesting Module & System Design

Any of our standard products can be customized for your application. We can support your application with matching, testing, antenna design, assembly and many other tasks. Have a new idea for a product? We can help you realize it. We are developing new products and are always interested in your feedback to guide our product development.

MMIC Design

At RF Diagnostics we use Keysight's Advanced Design System for MMIC design and PCB design. Previous designs completed are quad-band GSM power amplifier modules, 2.4-2.5 GHz/5-6 GHz wireless LAN power amplifiers, broadband power amplifiers, switch-filter designs, RFID detectors, RF/DC converters and filter designs.

Front End Module Design

We use Keysight's Advanced Design System and Orcad PCB Editor for Front-End Module designs. Previous design examples are high-volume switch filter modules, dual-band 802.11a/b/g front end modules, 76 GHz car radar module, RFID card design.

RFID Detector System

On an NSF Phase I & II grant to one of our clients, operating as a subcontractor, the RF Diagnostics design team created a complete RFID MEMS resonator detection system. Both hardware and software were developed under this contract. The work was published at an SPIE conference in July 2010.


RF Diagnostics' WiFi Energy Harvesting: RFD102A-DET

About RF Diagnostics

RF Diagnostics, LLC was founded by Thomas Budka, Ph.D. in June 2005 with a mission to provide high quality microwave engineering design services and systems to the microwave industry. Since inception, we have worked with top tier commercial wireless suppliers on high volume front end module designs, electromagnetic modeling, power amplifier design, printed circuit board design and many other projects. We also sell wireless energy harvesting modules and microwave energy detectors using our own proprietary designs. Our services and systems include:

  • Gallium Arsenide Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Design
  • Front-End Module design & Chipscale Package Design
  • Electromagnetic Modeling Using Keysight's Momentum
  • Printed Circuit Board Design Using Orcad PCB Designer/Orcad Capture
  • PCB Prototype Assembly and Test
  • RF Testing up to 6GHz (S-parameters, Power Amplifier Testing, Harmonics, Pulsed Power)
  • RF System Hardware Integration and Test
  • Windows Based Software Development in C++
  • Filter Design
  • General RF Design Using Keysight's Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • IC Layout Using Keysight's Advanced Design System (ADS)

RF Diagnostics is a small business located in Niskayuna, New York with experienced RF/Microwave/GaAs MMIC design engineers. We are always open to challenging projects and strive to be a cost effective design team option for your company. We'll match the right talent for your application.



RF Diagnostics

Thomas Budka, Ph.D.

Owner / Engineer

Niskayuna, New York 12309 USA

Phone: 518-810-6560

E-Mail: tbudka@rfdiagnostics.com



Posted July 10, 2020

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