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Tech Industry Headlines

Tech Industry Headlines - RF Cafe- Archive -

• Wireless Carriers Caught Playing Fast and Loose with Location Data

iPhone Sales Plummet by 20%

Verizon Prepares for 3.5 GHz Tests in Boston, Phoenix

• Telesat Taps Blue Origin to Launch Broadband Satellite Fleet

UK GDP Growth Slowing, But So is Europe's

Ericsson Opens 5G Training Center in Texas

Skyworks Quarterly Revenue down 7.6% YoY to $972M

C-Band Alliance Responds to Backlash

U.S. Navy's Newest Defense Radar Aces Its Most Complex Test Yet

RF Cafe Forums Archive

Thousands of old forum topics - still useful.

Guerrilla RF's Automotive-Qualified Ultra-LNA

Guerrilla RF's Automotive-Qualified Ultra-LNA for SDARS, Compensator and GPS Applications - RF CafeGuerrilla RF, a leading provider of high performance MMICs, today introduces GRF2073-W, a new addition to the company's growing list of AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified amplifiers. This ultra-low noise amplifier is targeted at high-volume applications, with first-stage satellite radio LNAs and GPS modules being prime examples. It is offered in an industry-standard, ultra-small 2.0 x 2.0 mm DFN-8 package thus sharing a common pin out with other infrastructure-class devices from Guerrilla RF. "Guerrilla RF is proud to offer this new amplifier for automotive applications which addresses an industry need for a cost-effective, first-stage LNA delivering outstanding RF performance with low power ...

What's Wrong with This Picture?

ARRL Business of the Future (March 2019 QST) - RF CafeYou've probably heard the old saying regarding "getting it into gear," when attempting to motivate a company, person, or group of people who are stuck in an intractable rut to start moving in a new direction. A couple years ago I ran across a drawing similar to the one shown here. It was on a technical venue where whoever used it should have recognized that as shown, the meshed gears would never move due to a rotation direction conflict (see my arrows). I posted a screen shot of it here on RF Cafe. The scheme as depicted is antithetical to the concept of motion. In fact, it is the very epitome of being locked in place with no hope of moving (other than slop between the cogs). Sadly - and I hate to even draw attention to it - the image shown appeared in the March 2019 issue of the ARRL's QST magazine. I know for a fact those guys are way, way smarter than I am, so how it slipped past the editors is a mystery. BTW, the other entity eventually corrected its mistake by "unmeshing" the three gears. ...

San Francisco Circuits Updates Turnkey PCB Assembly Capabilities

San Francisco Circuits Updates Turnkey PCB Assembly Capabilities - RF CafeSan Francisco Components (SFC) has updated its printed circuit board (PCB) turnkey assembly capabilities. Full turnkey PCB assembly through SFC reduces the customer's responsibility to source components (and the surrounding issues), manage the bill of materials (BOM), inventory, and logistics associated that can be encountered when working with a PCB assembly partner. SFC's turnkey and partial turnkey or consigned assembly options are designed to meet the individual needs of their customers, depending on how much of the assembly process they want to manage versus outsource. SFC's turnkey PCB specialists can help guide customers through the benefits of each approach and ultimately deliver the optimal product and service ...

Ultra-Low-Cost Flexible RFID ICS for Smart Packaging

Ultra-Low-Cost Flexible RFID ICS for Smart Packaging - RF Cafe"Designed for use in closed HF RFID systems, PragmatIC's PR1101 and PR1102 flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) are the first products in the company’s ConnectIC family. Developed using PragmatIC's unique platform of patented technologies, ConnectICs deliver connectivity solutions at the lowest cost point in the market, claims the manufacturer, delivering an ultra-thin and flexible solution that can be embedded into a wide range of substrates, including paper and plastic. The devices reduce the complexity of inlays by using single layer antennas, delivering a further step down in cost to brand owners and retailers. These ConnectICs are extremely attractive ..."

KR Electronics: RF & Microwave Filters

KR ElectronicsKR Electronics designs and manufactures high quality filters for both the commercial and military markets. KR Electronics' line of filters includes lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop and individually synthesized filters for special applications - both commercial and military. State of the art computer synthesis, analysis and test methods are used to meet the most challenging specifications. All common connector types and package form factors are available. Please visit their website today to see how they might be of assistance ...

Little Known Facts About Dr. Robert M. Page

Little Known Facts About Dr. Robert M. Page - RF CafeJust about everyone who has worked in the radar field for a long time is familiar with the name of Dr. Robert M. Page. He was the first to come up with the concept of monopulse radar, and he invented the familiar Plan Position Indicator (PPI) radar display and the RF duplexer which allows one antenna to be connected to both the transmitter and the receiver. Amazingly, I recently received an e-mail from Dr. Page's son, John Page. An interest in his father's career combined with insight that only growing up under the loving care of Dr. Page can provide has afforded him some unique tidbits of information that many (most, per John) historical accountings omit. Rather than me summarizing his letter, you will want to read it yourself as presented below. World War II aficionados will particularly appreciate the information. John pays homage to his father's co-workers ...

VidaRF Intros Broadband Directional Couplers for 0.5-18 GHz

VidaRF Intros Broadband Directional Coupler for 0.5-18 GHz - RF CafeVidaRF, a manufacturer of high performance RF and microwave high performance isolators, circulators, power dividers, couplers, and other passive components, is proud to introduce the VDC-05180-XX line of Directional Couplers with SMA connector, operating from 0.5 to 18 GHz. It is available with coupling value of 10 dB, 20 dB and 30 dB and can handle up to 50 watts of RF power. VidaRF's product line includes drop-in, coaxial, and waveguide configurations for many items. Custom designs available ...

Electronics-Themed Comics, 1950s Radio & TV News

Electronics-Themed Comics, May 1952 and May 1956 Radio & Television News - RF CafeI don't know about the rest of the country, but this Monday morning in Erie, Pennsylvania, is cold and snowy. That means people going to work had to shovel their driveways, maybe brush snow and ice off their windows, and brave hazardous conditions on the streets on the way to the office. Moods are understandably less than jovial and nerves might be shot. For those of you who identify with this scenario, these electronics-themed comics from a couple vintage Radio & Television News magazines might help assuage your anxieties. The same goes for those who are in Southern California and managed to arrive safely from a commute on the notoriously unfriendly highways there. As with many of these old comics, you have to be privy to the mindset of the day to fully appreciate the topic. TV repair was big business and people were fascinated with the boob tube innovation rapidly consuming the attention of domestic dwellers ...

Circuit Platform Made of Strongly Interacting Microwave Photons

Circuit Platform Made of Strongly Interacting Microwave Photons - RF Cafe"A team of researchers at the University of Chicago has developed a circuit platform for the exploration of quantum matter made of strongly interacting microwave photons. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group outlines their platform and how it might be used. As part of the effort to create a useful quantum computer, scientists have been investigating superconducting circuits, which are controllable, have long coherence times and have strong interactions - characteristics required when studying quantum materials with microwave photons. The researchers note also that photon losses ..."

Innovative Power Products: RF & Microwave Passive Components

Innovative Power ProductsInnovative Power Products (IPP) has over 30 years of experience designing & manufacturing RF & microwave passive components. Their high power, broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, baluns, terminations and attenuators are fabricated using the latest materials and design tools available, resulting in unrivaled product performance. Applications in military, medical, industrial and commercial markets. Take a couple minutes to visit their website and see how IPP can help you today ...

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle for February 17

RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle February 17, 2019Beginning in 2000, I have created hundreds of custom technology-themed crossword puzzles for the brain-exercising benefit and pleasure of RF Cafe visitors who are fellow cruciverbalists. The jury is out on whether or not this type of mental challenge helps keep your gray matter from atrophying in old age, but it certainly helps maintain your vocabulary and cognitive skills at all ages. A database of thousands of words has been built up over the years and contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter the name of a movie start like Hedy Lamarr or a geographical location like Tunguska, Russia, for reasons which, if you don't already know, might surprise you ...

Mac's Radio Service Shop: Unusual New Equipment

Mac's Radio Service Shop: Unusual New EquipmentJohn T. Frye's monthly "Mac's Radio Service Shop" techno-drama, written in story form - was usually an incognito lesson on circuit functionality or troubleshooting, how to deal with customers, industry regulations and news, or an introduction to new components and equipment. As the "Unusual New Equipment" title suggests, this time Mac described a few new items added to the service shop to aid in their work. Often when reading one of the episodes, I do a Google search on specific components or equipment mentioned in the article. He describes a special-purpose CRT (Sylvania's new 5AXP4 Television Receiver Check Tube) that could be used universally for troubleshooting in place of a wide variety of installed picture tubes. I found one for sale on eBay for $39.95. There is not much you cannot find on eBay if you watch long enough ...

ConductRF Precision D38999 RF & Mixed Signal Cables

ConductRF Precision D38999 RF & Mixed Signal Cables - RF CafeConductRF offers an extensive line of RF and mixed signal cable harnesses and assemblies with custom configurations, lengths and markings. Thousands of combinations of coaxial, power, and digital and analog signal connectors available. Flexible phase-stable, low-loss, phase-matching, high power, and other options per your requirements. Broad insert connector solution choices including BMA, SMPM, for cable sizes #8, #12 & #16 Custom marking and ruggedization enhancements capability. Contact ConductRF today and let us help your project ...

Jean Shepherd on Getting His Class A Amateur Radio License

Jean Shepherd on Getting His Class A Amateur Radio License - RF CafeNot very long ago I mentioned Jean Shepherd (original assignee of W9QWN and later K2ORS call signs) as being one of my favorite old-time radio broadcasters (1960s-1970s). Jean was famous for recounting stories of his own life and for reporting news of the time in a way that could hold you in rapt attention from beginning to end. His humor, wit, and command of the English language was acknowledged by his contemporaries. If you listen to enough of his broadcasts you will notice the frequent mention of electronics and his experiences as a licensed amateur radio operator beginning at a tender young age. Just recently I listened to him recount his first day in high school when a SNAFU in the computer-generated (must have been a UNIVAC) class schedule mistakenly had him reporting to the girls' swimming pool ...

R&S App Note: Group Delay Measurements with Signal and SpecAn

Rohde & Schwarz App Note: Group Delay Measurements with Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - RF CafeRohde & Schwarz USA (R&S USA) has published an application note titled, "Group Delay Measurements with Signal and Spectrum Analyzers." The available bandwidth of RF channels are often limited by the bandpass characteristic of filters, amplifiers and mixers. Detecting amplitude flatness and phase distortion is crucial in characterizing the quality of a transmission channel. The amplitude flatness within the used bandwidth may have an influence on the signal quality. Knowledge about phase distortion is essential to maintain low bit error rates in data transmissions and VNAs (Vector Network Analyzer) commonly perform amplitude flatness and phase distortion measurements. Phase distortions in a transmission channel are determined using group delay measurements, they must be as low as possible to maintain good signal quality ...

New Type of Magnet Discovered

New Type of Magnet Discovered - RF cafe"A team of scientists has discovered the first robust example of a new type of magnet - one that holds promise for enhancing the performance of data storage technologies. This 'singlet-based' magnet differs from conventional magnets, in which small magnetic constituents align with one another to create a strong magnetic field. By contrast, the newly uncovered singlet-based magnet has fields that pop in and out of existence, resulting in an unstable force - but also one that potentially has more flexibility than conventional counterparts. 'There's a great deal of research these days into the use of magnets and magnetism to improve data storage technologies,' explains Andrew ..."

Many Thanks to Bittele Electronics for Continued Support!

Bittele Electronics PCB Fabrication - RF CafeSince 2003, Bittele Electronics has consistently provided low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) and turnkey PCB assembly services. It specializes in board level turnkey PCB assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype multi-layer printed circuit boards. Free Passive Components: Bittele Electronics is taking one further step in its commitment of offering the best service to clients of its PCB assembly business. Bittele is now offering common passive components to its clients FREE of Charge ...

Howard W. Sams and Co., Inc. Photofacts

Howard W. Sams and Co., Inc. Photofact, May 1956 Radio & Television News - RF CafeHaving recently struggled a little with re-stringing the dial cord on a vintage Realistic (Radio Shack) Patrolman−50 Radio, it really became apparent why the Sams Photofact Folders were of such value to electronics servicemen. Unlike the tangled mess of dial cord shown in the ad, I had the advantage of being able to carefully open the chassis and photograph the routing and wrapping of the broken dial cord around pulleys and shafts. Even so, a lack of experience required some trial and error to get the tensioning correct. No doubt many unqualified radio owners attempted to fix their own broken dial cords prior to breaking down and committing to spending a few bucks to have a pro do it correctly. The tight quarters in my portable radio had me using tweezers to do some of the routing ...

Norman Rockwell Paintings with Radio Themes

Norman Rockwell Paintings with Radio Themes - RF CafeMy mother loved Norman Rockwell paintings for their ability to get to the heart of Americana. She was an avid collector of books on Rockwell and decorated plates for display - as avid as one can be on my newspaper classified ad manager father's feeble salary, anyway. I, too, have a great appreciation for Rockwell's great talent to choose his subject matter and models and to, when fitting, include a nearly photographic level of detail within. The Saturday Evening Post magazine featured many of his works spanning from 1916 until 1971 - from the middle of World War I and on through World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Summer, spring, fall, and winter; Christmas, Easter, Veteran's Day, President's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's, and other annual events; experiences of love, happiness, joy, surprise, sadness, and a host of other emotions ...

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