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Tech Industry Headlines

Tech Industry Headlines - RF Cafe- Archive -

FCC Grants Temporary Emergency Authority to WISPs Operating in 5.8 GHz Band

Aging Tech Means Raises for Some Who Lose Jobs in Wuhan Flu Outbreak (read this and weep)

• Sell! Sell! BT to Offload French Operations

Power Level of High Frequency GaN Transistors Increased

• Router Phishing Scam Targets Global Fear over Coronavirus

• DoD Concerned Adversarial Capital Threatens Industrial Base

Tech Industry's Tectonic COVID-19 Shift

100 Fabs Taken out of Production in Last Decade (mainly U.S. & Japan)

• Missile Defense Agency's Long Range Discrimination Radar Nears Completion

Keysight Technologies Launches Innovate Anywhere Program

Keysight Technologies Launches Innovate Anywhere Program - RF CafeKeysight Technologies, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, has launched the Innovate Anywhere program in response to COVID-19, spanning three key areas: 90-day software trials, remote learning, and scalable live network testing. "At Keysight, we are committed to helping customers maintain their engineering productivity no matter where they are working," stated Marie Hattar, CMO at Keysight. "We recognize COVID-19 is causing drastic changes across the globe, in our communities, our homes, and our workplaces. We want to help provide a sense of normalcy and enable customers to do what they do best: to innovate, from anywhere..."

Honeywell Soon to Release "Most Powerful Quantum Computer Yet"

Honeywell Soon to Release "Most Powerful Quantum Computer Yet" - RF Cafe"Honeywell says that it will release the world's most powerful commercial quantum computer by mid-2020. The U.S.-based manufacturer of scientific and commercial equipment says that the device is based on trapped ions, which is a different technology than that being pursued by most other commercial developers including Google and IBM. Honeywell researchers have published details of a smaller version of the machine that has a 'quantum volume' of 16 and say that it should be straightforward to scale this up to 64. The fundamental requirement for quantum computation is a set of quantum bits (qubits) that can interact to form quantum logic gates that process quantum information. In principle, quantum computers can perform certain computational task much faster than conventional computers. However, qubits tend to be very fragile so creating..."

Z-Comm 6.75 GHz VCO in MINI Package w/Exceptional Φ-Noise

Z-Communications 6.75 GHz CRO VCO in MINI Package Delivers Exceptional Phase Noise - RF CafeZ-Communications' new CRO6750X2-LF utilizes a doubled CRO oscillator design to cover the frequency range of 6750-6750 MHz within a tuning window of 0.5-4.5 Vdc. This new ceramic resonator VCO features phase noise of -101 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset and is available in Z-COMM's standard MINI-16-SM package measuring 0.5 in. x 0.5 in. x 0.22 in. The CRO6750X2-LF is well suited for radar systems requiring optimal spectral purity. This unmatched VCO is configured to deliver output power of 0±3 dBm into a 50 ohms load and covers the operating frequency with a low Kvco figure of 5 MHz/V all while operating over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C. It is specified to run off a 5.0 Vdc supply while drawing only 30 mA of current. The CRO6750X2-LF suppresses both the ½ and 2nd harmonic to better than -20dBc while limiting pulling...

CB Radio wave Propagation

CB Radio-Wave Propagation, December 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeRaise your hand if you have ever owned a CB (Citizens Band) radio. Waaaaay back before everyone carried a cellphone (pre-late-1990s), the most common form of unlicensed communication was CB radio. Actually, up through the mid 1970s you were supposed to purchase a license from the FCC, although no test was required as it was for amateur radio. My first CB was a 23 channel job that I installed in my 1969 Chevy Camaro SS, during my senior year in Southern Senior High School. It was right in the middle of big CB radio craze with CW McCall's "Convoy" song topping the U.S. Billboard charts. My self-appointed 'handle' was "RC Flyer." Most people had no idea what it referred to (radio-controlled model airplanes). Now that all cellphones use internal antennas, almost nobody even thinks of them as being radios. CB radios reminded you of their true nature by requiring that a 1/4-wave vertical antenna (typically with a loading coil to keep it shorter than its 27 MHz operational frequency...

Nova Microwave: RF & Microwave Circulators & Isolators

Nova Microwave Circulators & Isolators - RF CafeNova Microwave is a leader in technically differentiated electronic and radio frequency Ferrite Circulators and Isolators that connect, protect and control critical commercial and military wireless telecommunications systems. Our staff is dedicated to research and development of standard and custom design quality Ferrite Circulators and Isolators from 380 MHz to 26.5 GHz. Available in single or multi-junction topographies, the Nova Microwave product line of is specifically designed for use in varied environmental and temperature extremes.

New Crystron Lapel Radio

New! Crystron Lapel Radio, April 1947 Radio-Craft - RF CafeAdmittedly, with all the reading I have done of vintage electronics magazines, news of this Crystron (crystal-electron) vacuum tube device invented by Mr. Mohammed Ulysses Fips, as reported in the April 1947 issue of Radio Craft magazine, evaded my attention. The article came only a couple months after publication of the 40th anniversary edition that celebrated Dr. Lee de Forest's invention of the Audion tube. According to Mr. Fips, his Crystron one-upped the Audion by virtue of its containing a small amount of radio isotope which obviated the need for the traditional "B-battery" concept also developed by de Forest to supply a high voltage for driving the output stage circuit. While not capable of powering a concert hall audio speaker system, it did make possible use of a small speaker as a nearby personal listening device rather than requiring headphones or earbuds. Without divulging the most critical and closely-held details of the Crystron as the U.S. Patent Office...

High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems

High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems - RF CafeArtech House today announced the publication of High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems, by D.V. Giri, Richard Hoad and Frank Sabath. This is the first book that comprehensively addresses the issues relating to the effects of radio frequency (RF) signals and the environment of electrical and electronic systems. It covers testing methods as well as methods to analyze radio frequency. The generation of high-powered electromagnetic (HPEM) environments, including moderate band damped sinusoidal radiators and hyperband radiating systems is explored. HPEM effects on component, circuit, sub-system electronics, as well as system level drawing are discussed. The effects of HPEM on experimental techniques and the standards which can be used to control tests are described. The validity of analytical techniques and computational modeling in a HPEM effects context is also discussed. Insight on HPEM effects experimental techniques...

Many Thanks to MPDevice for Continuing Support!

MPDevice - RF CafeMPDevice (MPD) has become a trustworthy and reliable company in the global RF market as a manufacturer of passive RF Devices. Included are attenuators and terminations, coaxial connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies, DC blocks, surge arrestors, power combiner / dividers, and directional couplers. The Korean Telecommunication market is now entering into the era of hyperconnected society. With continuous enhancement in R&D capabilities and quality control, MPD will continue in an effort to become the No. 1 technologically innovative company with a focus on the emerging 5G marketplace.

"Chirp" - A New Radar Technique

"Chirp" A New Radar Technique, January 1965 Electronics World - RF CafePulse compression (aka 'chirp') radar was invented in the 1950s by Sperry and a couple other defense contractors. It was new enough by the time the radar I worked on as a technician in the USAF that it was not incorporated. Our MPN-13 and MPN-14 radar systems used simple single-frequency pulses. Pulse compression employs a swept frequency within a fairly narrow bandwidth to exploit the benefits outlined in this 1965 Electronics World article. If you were to listen to the signal used to sweep the RF pulse in frequency, it would sound a lot like a bird's chirp, hence the name. Treatment by author Donald Lancaster is fairly heavy in that it fearlessly presents the mathematical concepts of sin(x)/x waveforms, Fourier transforms, and weighting. He references Skolnik, Ridenour, et al. Even so, it is a quick read that provides a good introduction to chirp radar...

Electro-Photonics Intros 300 MHz-50 GHz RF & Microwave Filters

Electro-Photonics Intros 300 MHz-50 GHz RF & Microwave Filters - RF Cafe

Electro-Photonics LLC, a market leader in RF and Microwave components has released a new series of band pass filters featuring frequencies from 300 MHz – 50 GHz. Our new wide bandwidth filters future high stop band suppression and compact size. These RF/Microwave and mmWave filters can dissipate up to 20 W of continues wave power. Electro-Photonics, LLC, is a global supplier of high-frequency components and services. Our products include, SMT hybrid and directional couplers, high frequency test fixtures, evaluation test boards, and wire bondable passive components.

PCB Directory: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Assembly

PCB  Directory - RF CafePCB Directory is the largest directory of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturers, Assembly houses, and Design Services on the Internet. We have listed the leading printed circuit board manufacturers around the world and made them searchable by their capabilities - Number of laminates used, Board thicknesses supported, Number of layers supported, Types of substrates (FR-4, Rogers, flexible, rigid), Geographical location (U.S., China), kinds of services (manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, prototype), and more. Fast turn-around on quotations for PCB fabrication and assembly.

Spot Radio News 

Spot Radio News, April 1957 Radio & TV News - RF CafeTwo major radio events were covered in this 1954 issue of Radio & TV News magazine's monthly "Spot Radio News" column - the rapid advance of microwave technology for building out high capacity voice and television transmission systems, and the ever-increasing number of new TV station operation license grants since the ending of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moratorium in 1952. In 1944, the FCC stopped issuing broadcast permits due to serious unforeseen interference from co-location interference issues as post-war households enthusiastically adopted TV. Unlike today's microwave relay networks, in the 1950s most systems were still analog in nature. Coaxial cable installations were good, but use over extra long distances and in difficult to access areas limited their applicability. Line-of-sight limitations between relay towers required building more sites than might otherwise be required, but the advantage...

Receiver Noise from Antenna to Detector

Receiver Noise from Antenna to Detector, August 1965 Electronics World - RF CafeHere from a 1965 issue of Electronics World magazine is a really nice write-up on electrical noise, both how it originates and how it affects receiver systems. Although vacuum tubes were still the predominant active amplification components in 1965 (the date of this article), semiconductors were already solidly ensconced in the signal detector role. I have to confess to learning a new term that I probably should be familiar with: Equivalent-Noise-Sideband-Input, or ENSI. It appears also in Reference Data for Engineers: Radio, Electronics, Computer, and Communications. Interestingly, this is the first time in a long time I have seen noise referred to as "grass;" the drawings make it clear why the moniker was created. We were taught to use "grass" in USAF radar tech school and used it in common parlance...

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Ham Radio on TV, in Movies, & Documentaries

Ham Radio on TV, in Movies, & Documentaries - RF CafeThe first video below is my favorite. It is a one-minute clip from a 1960s episode of "The Twilight Zone" television show. It is an outrageous slam on amateur radio operators by a family whose radio and TV shows are being interrupted by interference. Dad looks out the window and sees what are actually television antennas on the guy's roof and when Mom asks if there is anything they can do about the neighbor, he walks toward the telephone saying he can at least check to find out whether neighbor man has a license to operate. Mom then says, "Do you think you should, Stu? Those men seem kind of...threatening somehow." Those d**n evil Hams! As you might expect if your are familiar with the series, it turned out to be aliens making contact with Earthlings...

Millimeter-Scale Transceiver Boosts Ingestible Sensors

Millimetre-Scale Transceiver Boosts Ingestible Sensors - RF Cafe"Sensing from the inside A mock-up of an ingestible pill containing the wireless transceiver. Researchers at Imec, a Leuven, Belgium-based center for nanoelectronics and digital technologies, have developed a wireless receiver and transmitter small enough to fit inside a millimeter-scale capsule. The transceiver, which was presented at the International Solid-State Circuits conference in San Francisco, U.S., last month, is 1/30th the size of today's state-of-the-art systems and could be used in a broad range of so-called 'ingestibles' - sensors that monitor health conditions from inside the human body. Like their external, wearable cousins, ingestible sensors..."

Empower RF Systems: RF & Microwave Power Amplifiers

Empower RF Systems - RF CafeEmpower RF Systems is a global leader in power amplifier solutions. Empower RF Systems is an established and technologically superior supplier of high power solid state RF & microwave amplifiers. Our offerings include modules, intelligent rack-mount amplifiers, and multi-function RF Power Amplifier solutions to 6 GHz in broadband and band specific designs. Output power combinations range from tens of watts to multi-kilowatts. Unprecedented size, weight and power reduction of our amplifiers is superior to anything in the market at similar frequencies and power levels.

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle for March 29

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle March 29, 2020 - RF CafeThis March 29, 2020, tech-themed crossword puzzle contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc., which I have personally built over nearly two decades. Many new words and company names have been added that had not even been created when I started in the year 2002. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter the name of a movie star like Hedy Lamarr or a geographical location like Tunguska, Russia, for reasons which, if you don't already know, might surprise you...

Triad RF Systems
Windfreak Technologies
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