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RF Cafe - Coaxial Dynamics Magazine Advertisements

Engineering product companies spend LOTS of hard-earned money on advertising. The most expensive venue by far is magazine advertising. That is no surprise since the costs involved in printing and circulating a magazine is very high; there are staff members to pay, printing costs, mailing costs, overhead costs for facilities, travel expenses, management, finance departments, etc.

As time goes by, fewer engineers are getting their news and exposure to product offerings via printed material, making the return on investment (ROI) lower and lower accordingly. Many companies are directing higher percentages of advertising budgets to online-only venues like RF Cafe and Google AdWords.

More than one RF Cafe advertiser has commented that the only reason magazine advertising is still used because it gives a level of credibility. Hmmm... that's awfully expensive "cred," particularly since the belief is likely not even supportable with empirical evidence. The magazines hope it stays that way. Truthfully, the old fart part of me rues the waning of printed media, but the techie part of me loves the convenience of up-to-the-minute information.

Because so much money is spent generating some really nice-looking ads in magazines, I am going to scan and publish some of the ones I happen to see. Admittedly, I do not see many of the magazines, so there may end up not being very many to see here. The service is being provided only to RF Cafe advertisers due to the time required to do so, for the benefit of RF Cafe visitors who want to see what the people who make the products think are important. The artwork ("creatives" in communications departments parlance) is the property of the individual companies, so copyrights of magazines are not violated in posting it.

Click images for larger versions.

Coaxial Dynamics magazine advertisement - April 2010 QST

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DC-70 GHz RF Cables - RF Cafe
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