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Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe

Electronics Companies Magazine Ads
July 2022 Microwave Journal
Smorgasbord / Kirt's Cogitations™ #342

RF Cafe University"Factoids," "Kirt's Cogitations," and "Tech Topics Smorgasbord" are all manifestations of my ranting on various subjects relevant (usually) to the overall RF Cafe theme. All may be accessed on these pages:

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All of these advertisements appeared in the July 2022 issue of Microwave Journal (print edition). They appear in no particular order. (See 8/2022)

B&Z Technologies - RF Cafe

B&Z Technologies

Eravant | Sage Millimeter - RF Cafe

Eravant | Sage Millimeter

G.T. Microwave - RF Cafe

G.T. Microwave

AT Microwave - RF Cafe

AT Microwave

Eravant | Sage Millimeter - RF Cafe

Eravant | Sage Millimeter

Fujian Micable Electronic-Technology Group - RF Cafe

Fujian Micable Electronic-Technology Group

Amplifier Research (AR) - RF Cafe

Amplifier Research (AR)

Bosch - RF Cafe


Artech House - RF Cafe

Artech House

Intelliconnect - RF Cafe


KR Electronics - RF Cafe

KR Electronics

LadyBug Technologies - RF Cafe

LadyBug Technologies

Kyocera | AVX - RF Cafe

Kyocera | AVX

Mini-Circuits - RF Cafe


Norden Millimeter - RF Cafe

Norden Millimeter

Quantic | Wenzel - RF Cafe

Quantic | Wenzel 

Pulse Genex - RF Cafe

Pulse Genex 

Reactel - RF Cafe


Richardson RFPD | Analog Devices - RF Cafe

Richardson RFPD | Analog Devices 

Special Hermetic Products - RF Cafe

Special Hermetic Products 

Synergy Microwave - RF Cafe

Synergy Microwave 

Wenteq Microwave - RF Cafe

Wenteq Microwave 

Weinschel Associates - RF Cafe

Weinschel Associates 

Advanced Test Equipment Corp. - RF Cafe

Advanced Test Equipment Corp.

Ciao Wireless - RF Cafe

Ciao Wireless

Comsol - RF Cafe


ES Microwave - RF Cafe

ES Microwave

ET Industries - RF Cafe

ET Industries

Fujian Micable Electronic-Technology Group - RF Cafe

Fujian Micable Electronic-Technology Group

Amcom Communications - RF Cafe

Amcom Communications

AnaPico | Berkeley Nucleonics - RF Cafe

AnaPico | Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.

H6 Systems - RF Cafe

H6 Systems

Herotek - RF Cafe


JQL Technologies - RF Cafe

JQL Technologies

Mician - RF Cafe


OhmWeve - RF Cafe


Nxbeam - RF Cafe


QML | MST - RF Cafe


Quantic | PMI - RF Cafe

Quantic | PMI 

RF Lambda - RF Cafe

RF Lambda 

Rosenberger - RF Cafe


RF Lambda - RF Cafe

RF Lambda 

Tamagawa Electronics - RF Cafe

Tamagawa Electronics 

Synergy Microwave - RF Cafe

Synergy Microwave 

Cernex - RF Cafe

Cernex | CernexWave

Coilcraft - RF Cafe

 - RF Cafe


Coilcraft - RF Cafe


Eravant | Sage Millimeter - RF Cafe

Eravant | Sage Millimeter

Fairview Microwave - RF Cafe

Fairview Microwave

Empire XPU - RF Cafe

Empire XPU

Amplical - RF Cafe


Analog Devices - RF Cafe

Analog Devices

API Tech - RF Cafe

API Tech

HyperLabs - RF Cafe


Impulse Technologies - RF Cafe

Impulse Technologies

Mini-Circuits - RF Cafe


Oleson Microwave Labs - RF Cafe

Oleson Microwave Labs

Pasternack Enterprises - RF Cafe

Pasternack Enterprises

Pulsar Microwave - RF Cafe

Pulsar Microwave

Pasternack Enterprises - RF Cafe

Pasternack Enterprises

Qorvo | RFMW - RF Cafe

Qorvo | RFMW 

Mini-Circuits - RF Cafe


Remcom - RF Cafe


RF Lambda - RF Cafe

RF Lambda 

Signal Hound - RF Cafe

Signal Hound 

Werlatone - RF Cafe


Z-Communications - RF Cafe


It has been my belief† for a long time that the vast majority of print magazine advertisements are never seen by potential customers because very few of those potential customers ever bother to pick up a print magazine. More than a decade ago (around 2007) when I was spending my last days working in a corporate environment, I do not ever recall seeing anyone reading a trade magazine, be it Microwave Journal, Microwaves & RF, Electronic Design, EE|Times, or any of the others. In fact, most of the magazines I saw were deposited in the mail room recycle or trash bin before they ever made it to an engineer's, technician's, or manager's desk. That is not to say or imply the magazines are not excellent - they are, indeed - but even back then most people were getting their needed information online. Being able to show a print version circulation number to advertisers does not in any way correlate directly to the number of potential customers who will ever see their advertisements.

I still like to read through the print versions of magazines to look for useful fodder for posting here on RF Cafe (I do the same thing for my hobby website, AirplanesAndRockets.com). The quality of the advertisements is outstanding; artists and layout folks at the companies do amazing work. It's a shame almost nobody will ever see and appreciate it. I see it, and I appreciate it.

Oddly enough, almost none of these ads (usually full-page or even 2 page) are made available on the companies' websites. I don't know why ... they should be. Online versions of the magazines usually include advertisement placements like in the print versions.

In an effort to make what I consider to be very well done and useful information available to engineers, technicians, managers, students, and hobbyists (who often are a combination of two or more of the aforementioned), I am going to scan and post a sampling of the advertisements here on RF Cafe. With RF Cafe prominence in Internet searches using major search engines, there is a good likelihood that one of the company advertisements will appear - especially in an image search. Images are unaltered from the original scan other than for contrast and lightness in order to minimize noise.

If any company is opposed to having its advertisement displayed here, please send me an e-mail and I will remove it immediately. There is no charge or expectation of an in-kind promotion, favor, or payment of any form. This is a service to RF Cafe visitors and to the companies who keep them employed and supplied with needed products and services. In fact, that is what RF Cafe has always been about since its inception in July of 1999!

† This is my opinion based on personal observation. The situation might change over time without my noticing it.



Posted August 1, 2022

Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe
Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF Cafe

Axiom Test Equipment - RF Cafe

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