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Disruptive Innovation / Technology Resources

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"Disruptive" is the early-21-century buzzword. Merely placing the adjective in the vicinity of any noun or phrase elevates the topic to a level reserved for only the most out-of-the-box, ground-breaking, awe-inspiring events. Any technology described as disruptive, that is to say, as a "disruptive technology," is certain to cause a hush to fall across the room where it is introduced. Captains of industry are humbled at the announcement. Kings kneel in the presence of said disruptiveness. No amount of adulation, worship, exaltation and praise is sufficient to acknowledge its progenitor(s).

Seriously, though, although the term "disruptive technology" is grossly overused, it is an accurate description of a technology that represents a concept so unique that it literally changes the direction of an industry. Consider these examples in history. The invention of fire was probably the first disruptive technology, since it opened up a whole new career opportunity for prehistoric cookware vendors and chefs. No self-respecting cave man would continue to eat raw meat once fire was available. Next came the wheel: How disruptive was that? (as they’d say in New York). The newfound mobility that the wheel provided meant that Og and his family could finally move from the crime-ridden inner city caves to more spacious caves in the suburbs; the increased commute time was a small price to pay for the safety of his family. Mankind became abundantly fruitful and...(continued)

BitTorrent and RSS Create Disruptive Revolution
From Ziff Davis Media.

Clayton M. Christensen
Coined the term "disruptive technology". Information from Wikipedia.

Dilbert and Disruptive Incrementalism
From Cyberlibris blog.

Disruptive CEOs Combine Vision, Strategy & Technology
Article from FindTech Insights.

"Disruptive" Ceramic Technology Enables Spectrum Management (Part 1)
White paper by Michael P. Busse, in Microwaves & RF.

"Disruptive" Ceramic Technology Stabilizes Spectrum Management (Part 2)
White paper by Michael P. Busse, in Microwaves & RF.

Disruptive Innovation - An Introduction
From Innosight LLC.

Disruption is Good
Interview with Clayton Christensen, by Edward Prewitt, in CIO Magazine.

Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies (DMT)
Provides further information on Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies (DMT).

Disruptive Technologies
From Washington Technology, by Joab Jackson.

Disruptive Technologies: Semantic Web
From Managing Automation, by Alan Alper.
Disruptive Technologies: Software Architecture
Article from FindTech Insights.

Disruptive Technology
Definition & information from Wikipedia.

Emerging Technologies
Skype and Podcasting: Disruptive Technologies for Language Learning, by Robert Godwin-Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Forging Innovation From Disruption
By Scott Anthony with Clayton Christensen, in Optimize Magazine.

Mobile Computing and Wireless
as a Disruptive Technology
From Noblestar, by Phil Bodrock.

RSS: Disruptive Technology Hiding in Plain Sight
Excerpt from: Think Outside The Feed.

The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Designated Organisations within the IT Industry in South Africa
By Anneke C. Windell & Jan H. Kroeze.

The Myth of Disruptive Technology
Article from PC Mag, By John C. Dvorak.

When Business As Usual Intersects with Disruptive Technology: How Organizations Can Optimize their Readiness for RFID
By Dr. Paul Squires and Douglas P. Neary, from the International RFID Business Association.

When Business as Usual Intersects With Disruptive Technology: Using a Work Standards Model to Implement New Technologies
From ZDNet UK.

Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 802.2 - The Disruptive Potential of Wireless Broadband
From TechRepublic.com.

XML: A Disruptive Technology
From O'Reilly XML Online, by Simon St. Laurent.

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