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Analog Devices Press Release - March 1, 2011

Analog Devices' RF Transceiver Enables Secure, Robust and Reliable
Transmission of Remote Data for ARIB STD-T96 Systems

- ADI's new ADF7023-J RF transceiver operates in the 902 to 958 MHz frequency band and offers
  best-in-class radio performance and power consumption; effective for smart grid data transmission.

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NORWOOD, Mass.--( BUSINESS WIRE)-- Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications and a leading provider of RF ICs (radio frequency integrated circuits), today announced a new RF transceiver that addresses the ARIB STD-T96 protocol for wireless data transmission. Established by Japan's ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses), the ARIB STD-T96 is specified for the automatic transmission and measurement of data from remote sources by low-power radio equipment. Remote data transmission is being used increasingly in smart grid energy measurement applications; metering systems for electric, water and gas utilities; the HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems) industry; and home and building applications.

Based on leading, field-proven RF transceiver technology that has been optimized specifically for ARIB STD-T96, ADI's new ADF7023-J RF transceiver delivers best-in-class radio performance and low power consumption at 12.8 mA receive current. To optimize the system power consumption, the ADF7023-J RF transceiver is equipped with a robust, very low-power, custom 8-bit processor that supports a number of RF functions, including radio control and packet management. The 8-bit processor is firmware-programmable with the ability to execute firmware modules or system upgrade patches from internal RAM. This provides designers with the flexibility to respond to protocol standard evolution and maintain system robustness. The ADF7023-J may be used either in autonomous packet mode or bypass mode when an external controller can implement enhanced protocols.

ADF7023-J RF transceiver block diagram

This capability is particularly important for applications, such as smart grid systems, which measure how much power is consumed and at what time and price to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability for the delivery of electricity from utility companies to consumers. RF transceivers are needed for the secure and robust transmission of this information over short distances and across noisy environments, for storing measurement data, and communicating with utility computers over wireless networks. According to recent analyst reports, the global smart grid market is expected to grow to over $70 billion in 2020, almost a five-fold increase from the estimated $15 billion in 2010.

“Smart grid networks are becoming more pervasive throughout the world and RF technology is required at the heart of many of these systems in order to control and monitor these systems,” said Peter Real, vice president for the Linear and RF Group, Analog Devices. “ADI's ADF7023-J transceiver offers a complete radio solution that has been optimized for the ARIB STD-T96 standard and features the performance, integration and low power consumption required to ensure the transfer of critical data for the Japanese smart grid market. Combined with the reliability of its underlying field-proven RF technology, the ADF7023-J offers a robust RF transceiver that reduces risk, lowers systems cost and eases system design.”

Complete Short Range RF Transceiver for 902 to 958 MHz Frequency Range
The ADF7023-J RF transceiver is a low-power, low-IF transceiver designed for operation in the ARIB STD-T96 band at 902 to 958 MHz. Based on ADI's popular ADF7023 RF transceiver for ISM bands at alternative frequencies, introduced in 2010, the ADF7023-J RF transceiver includes enhanced baseband features and offers a low transmit-and-receive current, as well as data rates in 2 FSK/GFSK up to 300 kbps. It offers industry-leading blocking resistance and receive sensitivity with very low receive and transmit currents, allowing the radio to operate in environments where interfering signals are greater than four times stronger than the source signal. It operates with a power supply range of 1.8 V to 3.6 V and has low power consumption in both transmit and receive modes, enabling longer battery life. Furthermore, when compared to alternative solutions, the ADF7023-J RF transceiver offers better transmit filtering and lower phase noise and enables ARIB STD-T96 system designers to develop systems that transmit at maximum transmission power while still meeting standard requirements with good margin.

Pricing, Availability and Complementary Products
The ADF7023-J RF transceiver is sampling now with full volume production scheduled for later this quarter and is priced at $2.62 in 1,000-unit quantities. The ADF7023-J is well-suited for use with the Analog Devices Blackfin® Processor and power management products including the ADM6320 supervisory circuit, as well as the ADP120, ADP150 and ADP160 linear regulators.

RF IC Portfolio Covers Entire RF Signal Chain
Using a unique combination of design skills, system understanding and process technologies, Analog Devices offers the broadest portfolio of RF products covering the entire RF signal chain from industry-leading high-performance discrete RF function blocks to highly-integrated multi-functional single-chip RF solutions. These products are also supported by a wide range of free design tools, evaluation boards and other design resources to ease the development of RF systems. For more information, visit: http://www.analog.com/rf.

Follow ADI on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ADI_News

Download NI Multisim Component Evaluator - Analog Devices Edition:

Analog Circuit Simulation Tutorial:

ADI DiffAmp Calculator : http://www.analog.com/en/amplifiers-and-comparators/differential-amplifiers/products/over_diff_amp_calculator/fca.html


Analog Devices, Inc.
Colleen Cronin

Date Posted  3/1/2011

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