Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for January 2019

Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for January 2018 - RF Cafe

Note: As a service to RF Cafe visitors, I will post your company's tech-related job openings at no cost. Only direct hiring companies' jobs are posted for free. If you are responsible for hiring in your company, send me an e-mail with the job listing information and I'll be glad to post it for you. The most recent list of jobs can be seen here. Recruiters may submit jobs for posting at a cost of $500 per job.

As a rule, I do not respond to people who contact me about promoting their websites when a quick check of their sites shows no mention of RF Cafe. Everyone in the website search optimization game knows that having inbound hyperlinks from other highly rated websites plays a major role in search results rankings. Job hunting and career website representatives are frequent practitioners of the insult. They send an e-mail telling you how posting a link to their websites will be a real boon to your own website. It really takes a lot of hutzpah to request a favor without demonstrating fair play in return. For the record, I have never in the twenty-year history of RF Cafe ever contacted someone to ask to a link.

It has been a few months since I posted a list of useful articles on engineering and other technology job search and career enhancement topics from around the Web. Very noticeable when reviewing the subjects of most of these websites is a very high concentration on social issues rather than on job performance and competency.

Here is a list of current engineering jobs listed on RF Cafe.

Here are the complete job resource lists for 2018, 2019.



Posted January 28, 2019