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As with most venues provided to the public at no direct charge, RF Cafe relies on the generosity of independent advertisers to underwrite the production costs of the endeavor. It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank the companies who have chosen to support RF Cafe.

Of course, without visitors (you), both regularly returning and new arrivals, there would be no incentive for companies to spend their hard-earned money on advertising. My job is to see to it that advertisers and visitors always have a reason to maintain a presence on the website.

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Fairview Microwave, Inc.
(formerly S. M. Electronics LLC )
1130 Junction Drive
Allen, TX  75069
Telephone: 1-800-715-4396
Fax: 1-972-649-6689

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Fairview Microwave Inc.
1130 Junction Dr., Allen, TX
Tel: 1-800-715-4396
Fax: (972) 649-6689
Globally renowned as a leading provider of high-quality RF and microwave components, same day shipping, and no minimum purchase requirements.
RoHS Compliant Products Available
APC7, BMC, BMA, C, HN, MCX, MHV, MMCX, QMA, SC, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, N, TNC, 7-16, 3.5/2.92/2.4/1.85mm, UHF, ZMA
DC BlocksDetectorsLimitersIsolators
Circulators MixersPhase Shifters
Power DividersRotary Joints & Switches
TerminationsTimes Microwave Products
Waveguide Components

SMA, RF, & Microwave Cables in various lengths and types are available. Custom Cables Assemblies!
RF Torque Wrenches
SMP, GPO, & Mini-SMP Tools
Crimp Tools
Fairview Microwave Fairview Microwave
(formerly S.M. Electronics)
"Value added" distributor of RF, microwave, wireless & fiber optic passive coaxial components - compliance screening available. RF cables & connectors, crimp tools, calibration kits, torque wrenches.
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RF Cascade Workbook is a very extensive system cascaded component Excel workbook that includes the standard Gain, NF, IP2, IP3, Psat calculations, input & output VSWR, noise BW, min/max tolerance, DC power cauculations, graphing of all RF parameters, and has a graphical block diagram tool. An extensive User's Guide is also included. - Only $35.
RF system analysis including
frequency conversion & filters

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